Is tnt rayren forum Safe And Secure Platform


TNT Rayren Forum is an online platform that provides information and discussion related to foreign currency exchange, primarily focused on the Iraqi Dinar. With promises of potential wealth through currency speculation, forums like these often attract attention. However, the legitimacy and security of such platforms are frequently called into question. This article will examine the TNT Rayren Forum in detail to determine if it is indeed a safe and secure platform for its users.

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Overview of TNT Rayren Forum

The TNT Rayren Forum is an online discussion board hosted at It is associated with the TNT Tony Renfrow radio show which discusses investment opportunities and insights related to the Iraqi Dinar. The forum has been active since at least 2014 and features various boards on different topics including:

  • General discussion
  • Dinar / New IQDS
  • LOPster / NAYSAYER Corner
  • TNT TONY’s TRUTH Gems!
  • TNT Member Projects & Adventures
  • Polling Booth

The forum requires registration with a username, email and password to access most areas. There appears to be active discussions from members dating back over several years. Overall the tone of the forum is very positive about the potential for wealth from the Dinar.

Management and Ownership

The TNT Rayren Forum is owned and operated by Anthony “Tony” Renfrow, better known as TNT Tony. Renfrow is a controversial figure who hosts a radio show focused on potential investment opportunities with the Iraqi Dinar currency. He has been promoting the Dinar since at least 2010.

Critics have accused Renfrow of running a pump and dump scheme by aggressively promoting the undervalued Dinar. However, Renfrow maintains he provides information only and does not directly sell the currency.

Very little other information is available about the management and ownership of the TNT Rayren Forum itself. Registration only requires a username and email address with no identity verification.

Safety and Security Concerns

While the TNT Rayren Forum has been active for many years now, there are some safety and security concerns potential users should consider:

  • No independent moderation – The forums are moderated solely by TNT Tony and his team. There appears to be no independent or community-led moderation.
  • Anonymous administrators – No information is provided about who is administering the site other than TNT Tony. The technical team is anonymous.
  • Aggressive promotion – The tone across the forums is overwhelmingly positive about buying Dinar. Critics or more balanced views are likely rejected.
  • No verification – No identity verification is required during registration. There are risks of fake accounts and scams.
  • No transparency – Very little information is provided about the company, management, or security measures. There is no transparency report.

While these concerns do not indicate definitive fraud or scams, they should give potential users pause when considering signing up for the forum. As with any anonymous crypto forum, users should exercise great caution.

Scam and Fraud Risks

Although no large scale fraud or scams have been reported stemming directly from the TNT Rayren Forum itself, users still face risks:

  • Pump and dump schemes – Critics contend TNT Tony uses forums like this one to promote the Dinar aggressively, influencing prices.
  • Predatory exchanges – Some recommended exchanges linked on the forum have been accused of predatory practices and excessive fees.
  • Fake deals – Anonymous users on forums like this have been known to promote “deals” and special offers that turn out fraudulent.
  • Phishing attempts – Scammers may send messages or emails attempting to get login details to steal accounts. Clear privacy policies and moderation can reduce this risk.

While most users seem to have positive intentions, a minority take advantage of the anonymous and tightly focused nature of such niche forums to attempt frauds and scams. New users should be cautious of any investment advice or special offers.

Best Practices for Safe Use

If you do choose to join and participate in the TNT Rayren Forum, here are some tips to stay safe:

  • Use unique credentials – Never reuse passwords or usernames from other sites to avoid credential stuffing attacks.
  • Enable multifactor authentication – Add an extra layer of security like biometrics or authenticator apps to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Watch for phishing – Check that all links go to legitimate sites and be wary of any requests for information.
  • Use a disposable email – Consider registering with a temporary email address to avoid spam.
  • Don’t buy based on ads – Thoroughly vet any currency exchanges, deals or investment offers promoted on the forum.
  • Report suspicious posts – Alert the moderators to any activity you find suspicious to help keep the community safer.
  • Never share personal information – Be very wary of requests for personal information like bank details or copies of ID documents.

Proceeding with caution and following security best practices can help mitigate risks when using niche forums like the TNT Rayren Forum. But users should always be aware that anonymous platforms carry inherent risks.


The TNT Rayren Forum hosts active discussions related to investment in the Iraqi Dinar currency. While no major frauds associated directly with the forum have been uncovered, there are reasonable safety and security concerns to consider. These include lack of independent moderation, full anonymity, aggressive promotional tone, and risk of phishing or fraud attempts. Users are advised to proceed with great caution, following best practices for safely using crypto and investment forums. Ultimately there are safer platforms for investment research and currency speculation than unregulated anonymous forums like this one.

Table: Safety and Security Checklist for Anonymous Investment Forums

Security MeasureStatus on TNT Rayren Forum
Independent ModerationNo
Identities VerifiedNo
Transparency ReportingNo
Multifactor AuthenticationUnknown
Activity LoggingUnknown
Staff Background ChecksUnknown
Advertising Vetting ProcessUnknown
Cryptographic Password StorageUnknown
DDoS ProtectionUnknown


Is TNT Rayren Forum owned by TNT Tony?

Yes, TNT Rayren Forum is owned and operated by Anthony “TNT Tony” Renfrow, a controversial figure who hosts a radio show focused on the Iraqi Dinar currency. Very little other information is known about the forum’s ownership and management.

Do you have to register to use TNT Rayren Forum?

Yes, you need to register with a username, email and password in order to access most areas of the TNT Rayren Forum. No identity verification is required beyond providing a working email address.

What are the risks of fraud or scams?

While no major frauds have been directly attributed to TNT Rayren Forum itself, common risks on anonymous crypto forums include pump and dump schemes, phishing attempts, fake deals, and predatory exchanges being promoted. Users should be very cautious of any investment offers or advice provided.

Is it risky to buy Iraqi Dinar?

There are inherent risks in any currency speculation, especially with a currency as volatile as the Iraqi Dinar. While some expect eventual appreciation, there are safer investments than speculating on the Dinar if you hope to build long-term wealth. Always research thoroughly before buying.

Should I use my real email when registering?

No, it’s recommended to use a disposable or temporary email address when registering for forums like this to avoid spam. Never reuse credentials across sites.

Is there moderation on the forum?

The forum is moderated solely by TNT Tony and his associates. There is no community or independent moderation noted. Critics contend the moderation is biased and aggressive in removing dissenting views.


In summary, while the TNT Rayren Forum provides a platform for discussions around the Iraqi Dinar, its anonymous and lightly moderated nature means users should approach with extreme caution. Applying security best practices, being wary of scams, and thoroughly vetting any investment advice is recommended for anyone who chooses to use forums like this one. Safer and more regulated forums are available for investing and currency speculation.

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