Connect Android 13 TV Box With Panasonic TV 43 Inch [Fix Error]

Connecting Android 13 TV Box with Panasonic 43-inch TV: A Complete Guide


Fix error Android 13 TV Box With Panasonic TV 43 Inch, Android TV boxes are becoming increasingly popular due to the vast content and apps they provide on the big screen. However, connecting an Android TV box to your existing non-smart TV is not always straightforward.

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In this article, we will discuss how to connect an Android 13 TV box specifically with a Panasonic 43-inch TV.

We will cover the following topics in detail:

  • Steps to connect Android 13 TV box with Panasonic 43-inch TV
  • Common errors and issues
  • Troubleshooting connectivity problems
  • Compatible Android TV boxes

By the end of this guide, you will be able to successfully connect your Android 13 TV box with your Panasonic 43-inch TV and troubleshoot any errors that arise.

Steps to Connect

Follow these simple steps to mirror your Android 13 TV box content onto your Panasonic 43-inch TV:

Ensure both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network

This is an absolute necessity for the screen mirroring function to work properly. Both your Android TV box and the Panasonic TV need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi router. Use the SSID and password to connect both devices to the same network.

Turn on Screen Mirroring on Android TV box

In the settings of your Android TV box, turn on the Screen Mirroring function and make it discoverable. This allows the TV to detect your Android box for initiating screen mirroring.

Access Screen Mirroring on Panasonic TV

Using your Panasonic TV remote, navigate to the Screen Mirroring option in the Menu. Select to turn on Screen Mirroring mode.

Pair Android TV box

Your TV will now display available devices for screen mirroring. Select your Android 13 TV box to initiate pairing. Confirm any prompts that appear and accept the connection request.

Mirror & Stream Content

Once successfully paired, your Panasonic 43-inch TV will now mirror the display of your Android 13 TV box. You can proceed to access and stream any apps and content on your TV box seamlessly on the big screen.

Common Errors and Issues

Despite following the correct method for connecting, users sometimes encounter issues in pairing an Android TV box with a Panasonic TV. Some common errors include:

Wi-Fi Connection Issues

If your Android box and Panasonic TV are not on the same Wi-Fi network, screen mirroring functionality will not work. Ensure both are using the same Wi-Fi SSID and password.

Screen Mirroring Function Not Working

At times, the screen mirroring option may be turned on but the pairing between devices fails. Turn off and restart both devices and try pairing again in this case.

Video Quality Issues

If the video quality is poor or glitchy, check if the output resolution of the Android box matches the display resolution supported by your Panasonic 43-inch TV.

No Sound

Audio issues like no sound or audio lag can arise sometimes. Check the sound settings on your TV and Android box to correct this.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues

If you still face pairing issues between your Android 13 TV box and Panasonic 43-inch TV, try these troubleshooting tips:

Update Firmware

Outdated firmware often hinders connectivity features. Update your Android box OS and check if new firmware updates are available for your Panasonic TV.

Toggle Bluetooth

Even for screen mirroring over Wi-Fi, toggling the Bluetooth option off and on again can help resolve connectivity glitches in some cases.

Third Party Apps

As a workaround for screen mirroring issues, install third party display mirroring apps like AirScreen on both devices. This provides an additional software medium to establish connection.

Factory Reset

For Android TV box connection issues that persist, perform a factory reset on your box to wipe out any software bugs. Backup your data and reconfigure the device afterwards.

Compatible Android TV Boxes

The Panasonic 43-inch TV runs on a certified Android TV OS platform. This ensures compatibility with most Android TV boxes available in the market, including:


With high-end flagship specifications and home entertainment capabilities, the NVIDIA Shield TV is a great pairing for your Panasonic 43-inch Android TV.

Xiaomi Mi Box S

For budget users, the Xiaomi Mi Box S with Google Assistant voice search and Chromecast built-in provides good value.

SkyStream Two

The SkyStream Two comes preloaded with popular apps and provides fast video streaming with 2GB RAM and internal storage.

Formuler GTV

With dual band Wi-Fi 5 and HDR10 support, the Formuler GTV is designed especially for 4K streaming at an affordable price point.


Connecting your Android TV box for content streaming on your existing television doesn’t need to be a complicated process, even though issues can arise. We have provided specific steps for pairing an Android 13 TV box with Panasonic’s 43-inch TVs in this guide, along with troubleshooting help for errors you may face.

Carefully going through the Wi-Fi network, screen mirroring, resolution, and firmware requirements will ensure fast pairing between your smart Android box and the Android-based Panasonic TV. With the right guidance, you can kick back and enjoy all the entertainment options available through the power-packed combination.

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