Cookie Run Kingdom Codes in 2023: Do They Still Work?

Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes in 2023, took the mobile gaming world by storm when it was released in early 2021. The colorful kingdom builder game from developers Devsisters and publishers LINE Games, based on the popular Cookie Run franchise, has amassed over 50 million downloads worldwide.

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The game allows players to build their own cookie kingdom by collecting and upgrading a variety of cookie characters, designing structures, and competing in various game modes. While completely free to play, unlocking certain features and characters faster can require in-app purchases. This is where Cookie Run: Kingdom codes come in handy.

What are Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes?

Cookie Run: Kingdom codes are essentially coupons that reward players with in-game currencies and items for free when redeemed. These codes are usually released directly from the game’s developers to celebrate occasions like new updates, collaborations, or reaching player milestones.

Players can redeem these Cookie Run: Kingdom codes in-game to receive various rewards like diamonds, coins, stamina, exp jellies, soulstones, and more without spending real money. This allows players to advance faster in the game by upgrading their cookie kingdom quicker with resources they would otherwise have to grind for slowly over time.

Why You Should Use Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes

Here are some of the biggest reasons to take advantage of Cookie Run: Kingdom codes whenever possible:

  • Free diamonds: Diamonds are the premium currency used to unlock new cookie characters and other rare items. Diamonds can be difficult to obtain for free in the game. Codes often reward dozens or even hundreds of free diamonds.
  • Free coins: Coins are the common currency which are easier to obtain, but still essential for upgrades. Codes can provide thousands of coins.
  • Free soulstones: Soulstones are used to increase cookie character stars and power. Codes sometimes give soulstones for rare epic or legendary cookies.
  • Free exp jellies: These jellies help level up your cookie characters faster. Codes can reward exp jellies worth thousands of EXP.
  • Free stamina: Stamina recharges slowly over time, limiting play sessions. Codes give free stamina to allow more continuous play.
  • Special collab items: Codes to celebrate collaborations often give exclusive costume pieces.
  • Limited availability: Codes typically expire after a week or two, so redeeming them early is key.
  • Overall, Cookie Run: Kingdom codes offer rewards that would otherwise require significant grinding or spending real money to obtain. They allow both free and paying players to speed up their kingdom building and collection of characters.

How to Redeem Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes

Redeeming codes in Cookie Run: Kingdom only takes a few simple steps:

  1. Tap the menu button in the top right corner of the kingdom overview screen.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Tap on the Coupon button.
  4. Input the active code exactly as written without extra spaces. Confirm by tapping OK.
  5. The rewards will automatically be added to your inventory right away.
  6. Tap the back arrows to return to the kingdom view.

Codes are always case-sensitive so make sure to input them exactly. Also, each code can only be redeemed once per account. Make sure you haven’t already used a code before attempting to redeem it.

List of All Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes (Active and Expired)

Here is a full list of all Cookie Run: Kingdom codes that have been released so far, with their rewards and status:

Active Codes

Here are the currently available and valid codes as of September 2023:

CRK1STBIRTHDAY – Rewards TBA for 1st anniversary

Recently Expired Codes

These codes have expired in the past couple months:

  • cb2xw7gt3x – Rewards: 500 Crystals & 5 Fireworks (Expired August 31, 2023)
  • cbquq7tgm6 – Rewards: 500 Crystals & 1 Egg Breaker Pickaxe (Expired August 15, 2023)
  • cb7gq5tgm2 – Rewards: 300 Crystals (Expired July 31, 2023)
  • cb3fbq690x – Rewards: 500 Crystals (Expired July 15, 2023)

Previously Expired Codes

Here are some other notable expired codes from the past:

THANKYOU4SUPPORT – Rewards: 300 Crystals, 5 Rainbow Cubes, 1 Epic Cookie Cutter (Expired June 2022)

  • cb2epq690x – Rewards: 500 Crystals (Expired June 2022)
  • cbquq7tgm6 – Rewards: 500 Crystals & 1 Egg Breaker Pickaxe (Expired May 2022)
  • GuildBattleSeason2 – Rewards: 300 Crystals (Expired April 2022)
  • cb2fbq690x – Rewards: 500 Crystals (Expired April 2022)
  • cbquq7tgm2 – Rewards: 300 Crystals (Expired March 2022)

As you can see, Cookie Run: Kingdom codes generally expire within 1-2 months, so make sure to redeem active ones sooner rather than later. Also follow the game’s official social channels for announcements of new codes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cookie Run Codes

Here are answers to some common questions about using Cookie Run: Kingdom codes:

Q1. How often are new Cookie Run codes released?

New Cookie Run codes are released irregularly. They usually coincide with major game updates, collaborations, or milestones. On average, expect 2-3 new codes per month.

Q2. Where do you get Cookie Run codes?

Codes are announced directly by the game developers through official channels like the in-game notices, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Fan-run community channels may also share codes.

Q3. Can you use expired Cookie Run codes?

Unfortunately no. Once a code expires, it can no longer be redeemed by any player. Make sure to use active codes before they expire.

Q4. Can you use Cookie Run codes on multiple accounts?

Codes can only be redeemed once per account. However, you can use the same working code across multiple accounts you own to get the rewards on each.

Q5. Do Cookie Run codes work on iOS and Android?

Yes, codes are universal and can be redeemed on both iOS and Android. Codes work on mobile and PC.

Q6. How do you get more Cookie Run codes?

Checking the game’s official social media regularly is the best way to find new codes as soon as they release. Also follow fan community channels for faster notifications.

Keep an Eye Out for New Codes

Cookie Run: Kingdom codes provide a variety of helpful free rewards like premium currencies, resources, and exclusive items. Make sure to redeem any active codes quickly before they expire for a nice boost. Also check back frequently for latest codes around major game updates or events for the best rewards. Following the official Cookie Run accounts is the easiest way to stay on top of fresh codes. Happy kingdom building!

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