Why “DI Not Available For This Package” and How to Fix It

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Receiving a package delivery error that says “DI not available for this package” can be frustrating and confusing. DI stands for “Delivery Instructions”, which means special instructions for the carrier regarding where and how to deliver a package.

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When DI Not Available for This Package, it typically means one of two things:

  1. The delivery service does not allow custom delivery instructions for that particular package.
  2. There is an issue with the delivery instructions that were entered, so the carrier cannot follow them.

This often happens if signature is required upon delivery, but no one will be available to sign for the package. While annoying, a DI not available error can usually be resolved with a few simple steps. This article will explain common reasons for the DI not available message, and provide tips on how to troubleshoot the issue.

Common Causes of “DI Not Available for This Package” Errors

There are a few main reasons why you might see a DI not available error from a carrier like USPS, UPS, FedEx or Amazon:

1. Package Value is Over $500

Most delivery services require a signature for any package valued at $500 or more, for the sender’s protection against loss or theft. If they are unable to obtain that signature, the carrier cannot leave the package. This often results in a DI not available error if no delivery instructions were provided.

2. Signature Required by Sender

Even for packages under $500, the sender can request signature confirmation upon delivery. If the recipient does not provide delivery instructions for an alternate drop-off or authorized signer, DI will not be available.

3. Invalid Delivery Instructions

Sometimes DI instructions get entered incorrectly or are incompatible with the carrier’s policies, so they cannot be followed. For example, requesting overnight delivery for a ground shipping method. The carrier then disregards the instructions, resulting in no DI available.

4. Unacceptable Request

Carriers will not allow DI instructions that violate their policies or laws. Requests like delivering to a P.O. Box when the package requires an adult signature will get ignored.

Troubleshooting Tips for “DI Not Available for This Package”

If you receive a DI not available error for a package you’re expecting, don’t panic. Here are some troubleshooting steps to get your delivery back on track:

Check Tracking Details

First, pull up the tracking details for your package. Look for any status updates, delivery exceptions, or error messages that might explain why DI is unavailable. The tracking history can provide clues, like if signature is required or the package is over the insurance limit.

Contact Carrier

If the tracking details are unclear, reach out to the shipping carrier directly via phone, chat, or their website. Ask them to explain why DI is not available for your package and what signature or delivery options exist. They can look up additional info on their end and may be able to resolve it.

Request Online Signature

For packages that require a signature, most carriers offer an online delivery signature option today. This allows you to digitally pre-authorize release of the package without being physically present. Look for this option on the carrier’s website or mobile app to avoid delivery delays.

Update Delivery Instructions

If your original DI requests are incompatible, modify them to align with the carrier’s policies. Remove any invalid or prohibited requests. For high-value packages, have the recipient or a trusted person be available to accept and sign for delivery.

Pick Up Package

As a last resort, you may need to pick up the package yourself from the carrier’s local facility. This is an option if no one will be available to accept delivery and online signature is not possible. Just confirm the location and pickup times with the carrier beforehand.

FAQ About “DI Not Available for This Package” Errors

What does the “DI not available” message mean?

It means the carrier is unable to follow the delivery instructions that were provided for that package. This could be due to an invalid request, required signature, high value, or other delivery restriction by the carrier.

Why would the delivery service not allow custom instructions?

Carriers do not allow DI requests that conflict with their policies, such as delivering to a P.O. Box that requires an adult signature. They may also restrict certain instructions based on the package’s value, service type, or destination.

How do I give an authorized person permission to sign for my package?

You can call the carrier and give verbal authorization for an adult to sign for your delivery. Or use their website or app to add a digital signature and release on file for a trusted person at your delivery address.

What if I’m not going to be home for the delivery?

If no one will be available to accept the package, use the carrier’s online signature option to authorize release without a physical signature. You can also request the package be held at their facility for pickup or set up vacation hold if you’ll be away.

Why would changing my delivery instructions fix the issue?

If your original DI requests were invalid or conflicted with the carrier’s policies, modifying them to comply can help resolve a DI not available error. Remove any problematic instructions.

In Conclusion

Seeing “DI Not Available for This Package” can be concerning but is usually easy to remedy. Start by checking the tracking status and contacting the carrier to understand why DI is unavailable. Then explore options like online signature authorization, updating your instructions, or picking up the package to get around the delivery hurdle. With a few simple actions, you can successfully claim your package delivery.

What are some common causes of the “DI Not Available for This Package” error message?

Some common causes are the package requiring a signature or exceeding $500 value, invalid or prohibited delivery instructions, and requests that conflict with the carrier’s policies.

What should I check first when troubleshooting a “DI Not Available for This Package” error?

You should first check the tracking status and history for the package. Look for updates, exceptions, or notes that explain why DI is not available.

How can I give someone else permission to sign for a package if I won’t be available?

Call the carrier or use their website/app to add an authorized signer on file. This allows an adult at your address to sign for packages in your absence. You can also pre-authorize release online.

What if I need to change my delivery instructions to comply with the carrier’s policies?

If your original instructions were invalid, contact the carrier to remove or modify them appropriately. Make sure the new instructions align with service type, package value, signature requirements, etc.

If the carrier won’t leave my package unattended, what are my options?

If no one is available to sign for it, request to pick it up at their facility. Or use online signature authorization to approve release without being present. You can also have the package held until someone is home.

What might cause the carrier to disregard my delivery instructions?

Reasons they may ignore DI include prohibited requests like overnight delivery for ground service, needing an adult signature when only a P.O. Box was provided, or invalid destination addresses.

Can I have a package rerouted somewhere else if I won’t be home?

Yes, you can call the carrier and request package redirection to an alternate delivery address. Some may charge a fee for this. Make sure someone is available at the new address.

What information should I have ready when contacting the carrier about a “DI Not Available for This Package” error?

Have the tracking number, your delivery address, full name, phone number, and any reference codes ready. Also be ready to verify your identity if needed.

If I’m not satisfied with the carrier’s explanation, what should I do?

You can request to speak to a supervisor for additional assistance. As a last resort, contact the sender to let them know about the delivery issue in case they need to intervene or file a claim.

What if I need to sign for a package, but I’m disabled and homebound?

Inform the carrier of your situation and request an accommodation like curbside or threshold delivery where you can sign from the doorway. Some may require medical documentation.

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