How To Extract an DMZ IFAK MW2 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 DMZ Mode


How To Extract dmz ifak mw2? But first you need to know what is ifak and how does it work. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 introduced a brand new game mode called DMZ, which stands for Demilitarized Zone. DMZ is an open-world style extraction mode where players are dropped into various maps with the goal of collecting valuable loot and successfully extracting via helicopter.

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One of the items players can find and extract is the IFAK, or Individual First Aid Kit. IFAKs can be sold for $100 each, so extracting them can be a good way to earn some quick cash. This guide will go over where to find IFAKs in DMZ and how to successfully extract with them.

What is an IFAK?

An IFAK is a first aid kit designed for use by individual soldiers in combat situations. IFAKs contain basic medical supplies like bandages, gauze, tourniquets, and other essentials to treat injuries in the field. The term IFAK started being used by the U.S. Army in the early 2000s when they began issuing these kits to troops deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

In Call of Duty DMZ, the IFAK items serve no actual medicinal purpose – they cannot be used to heal your operator. The only function they have is being sold for $100 each when successfully extracted. So players wanting to maximize their profits in DMZ will want to seek out and extract as many IFAKs as possible.

How to Get the Health Conscious Mission

To be able to find and extract IFAKs in DMZ, you first need to have the “Health Conscious” mission unlocked. This is one of the missions that unlocks as you increase your player level and complete other missions.

Once Health Conscious is unlocked, you need to activate it from the “Missions” tab at the main DMZ menu. This will start tracking your progress for objectives like extracting IFAKs. The Health Conscious mission is required for IFAKs to start spawning in DMZ maps.

IFAK Spawn Locations

With the Health Conscious mission activated, dmz ifak mw2 can spawn in various medical locations across DMZ maps. However, they do not have guaranteed set spawns. The loot in DMZ spawns randomly each match. This means you’ll have to search through multiple medical areas and get lucky to find IFAKs.

Some of the best places to search for IFAKs include:

  • Hospitals/Medical Centers – The various hospitals and medical clinics scattered around DMZ maps commonly have first aid cabinets that can contain IFAKs. Check bathrooms, patient rooms, doctor’s offices.
  • Pharmacies – Behind the counters at pharmacies and drug stores can spawn first aid kits with IFAKs.
  • Ambulances – Check the backs of ambulances parked around the maps. Medical bags inside often have IFAKs.
  • Medic Tents – The white medic tents found at some objectives may have bags or boxes with IFAKs.
  • First Aid Stations – Wall-mounted first aid kits at shops and other buildings can also contain IFAKs.

Thoroughly searching all of these types of medical locations around the map gives you the best chance at finding those valuable dmz ifak mw2 for extraction.

Extracting the IFAK

Once you’ve secured an dmz ifak mw2 either in your backpack or hands, you’ll need to successfully extract via helicopter to get it out of the DMZ.

Extraction points open up at set times during the match. When one becomes available, a flare will fire into the sky marking the extract zone on your map. You have a short window to reach the extraction point before the helicopter leaves.

With the IFAK in your inventory, sprint to make it to the extract zone in time. Survive against any enemies or AI combatants along the way. Once inside the helicopter, you’ll need to stay alive as it flies you out of the map.

If you can survive the extraction process with the dmz ifak mw2 still in your inventory, you’ll complete the Health Conscious mission objective and earn $100 for selling the IFAK to your faction.

Tips for Extracting IFAKs

Here are some tips to help maximize your IFAK extracts:

  • Bring a large backpack – The more room you have, the more IFAKs you can collect in a match. A duffel bag or large ALICE pack helps.
  • Search early – Don’t wait too long into the match to start checking medical locations. Grab IFAKs quickly so you have time to extract.
  • Avoid combat – Focus on looting over fighting. Engaging enemies reduces your chances of successful extraction.
  • Watch the map – Know which direction extractions will come from. Get to them quickly when they open.
  • Play medic teammates – Having a squad where everyone shares IFAKs helps get more out each match.

Extracting IFAKs takes some luck with loot spawns but can be extremely lucrative. With the right strategy, you can maximize your profits.

Frequently Asked Questions About IFAKs in DMZ

Where can I find all the IFAK and AFAK items in DMZ?

IFAKs and AFAKs can spawn across all DMZ maps, but the locations with greatest chances are hospitals, clinics, ambulances, pharmacies, first aid stations, and medic tents. The Al Mazrah map likely has the most medical locations to find first aid kits. They can spawn in cabinets, bags, boxes, and wall-mounted cabinets in these areas.

What’s the difference between IFAK and AFAK in MW2 DMZ?

IFAK stands for Individual First Aid Kit while AFAK means Advanced First Aid Kit. The AFAK contains more advanced medical gear like IV fluids, airway tools, NARCAN, extra tourniquets, chest seals, etc. IFAKs have more basic supplies like bandages, gauze, and tourniquets. Both can be found and extracted in DMZ for cash.

Can I use IFAKs to heal in DMZ?

Unfortunately no – IFAKs in DMZ cannot be used to heal your operator or replenish health. They serve no actual medicinal purpose. The only use for IFAKs is extracting them to complete mission objectives and sell for $100 each.

Do IFAKs always spawn in the same fixed locations?

No, IFAKs do not have set spawns in DMZ. The loot across maps is randomized each match so IFAKs will not be in the exact same spot every time. You have to search through various medical areas until you get lucky finding some.

What’s the maximum number of IFAKs I can extract in one match?

There is no limit to the number of IFAKs you can secure and extract in a single DMZ match. The limiting factor is your backpack space. The more room you have with a large bag, the more you can potentially take out.

What’s the best strategy for extracting multiple IFAKs per match?

Bring a large backpack so you can carry many. Drop into the map quickly, skip fighting, and efficiently loot medical areas. Extract as soon as a helicopter becomes available. Play with a coordinated squad that shares dmz ifak mw2 with each other.


Extracting dmz ifak mw2 in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s DMZ mode can be an easy way to earn major profits towards upgrading your loadouts. With the Health Conscious mission unlocked, focus your drops on efficiently looting hospitals, clinics, ambulances and other medical locations to find IFAKs. Extract them quickly and safely to maximize your cash. Use large backpacks, avoid combat, and utilize squadmates to increase your IFAK counts. Follow this guide to become an IFAK extracting expert in DMZ!

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