Direct Method To Find dmz smuggling tunnels location? Review

How to Find and Clear Out Smuggling Tunnels in Call of Duty: DMZ

Smuggling tunnels are an integral part of the Al Mazrah map in Call of Duty’s new DMZ mode. These tunnels allow enemies to move between key locations unseen, and can be used to ambush players as they move through the map. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to find the dmz smuggling tunnels location entrances, clear out the enemies inside, and utilize them for your own movements.

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Locating Smuggling Tunnel Entrances

The first step is identifying where the smuggling tunnels are located. There are a few main entrances scattered around Al Mazrah:

Between Stronghold and Hydroelectric Dam

One of the largest tunnel networks can be found in the area between the Stronghold and Hydroelectric Dam points of interest. Specifically, there is a gathering of AI combatants between the two locations that marks one of the entrances. This entrance emerges on the west side of the road leading north from the Stronghold.

Clearing out this entrance allows access to a winding network of tunnels that connects the Stronghold to the Hydroelectric Dam. Be warned – the tunnels are populated with dangerous AI, so come prepared for a fight.

South of Al Mazrah City

Another major entrance to the smuggling tunnels can be found just south of Al Mazrah City. There is a large opening in the terrain clearly marked by a well structure. Dropping down the well provides access to a heavily populated section of the tunnels with interconnects that reach towards the city center.

This entrance sees a lot of traffic, so expect substantial resistance. But fighting through it gives you an opportunity to flank Al Mazrah City from the south.

Near Zarqwa Hydroelectric

The northernmost entrance can be found close to the Zarqwa Hydroelectric point of interest, around coordinates E3. This entrance is more isolated but still connects to the larger tunnel networks underneath Al Mazrah.

Approach this entrance with caution, as the isolated nature means enemies may not be expecting you.

Clearing Out Smuggling Tunnels

Once you’ve located a tunnel entrance, it’s time to clear it out. Here are some tips for efficiently sweeping through:

Utilize Tactical Cameras

Place tactical cameras at one or two tunnel entrances before heading underground. This allows you to monitor enemy movements from the safety of the tunnels, giving you advanced warning if reinforcements are on the way.

Bring CQC Weaponry

The tight tunnel spaces means lots of close quarters combat. Bring a shotgun or SMG to quickly mow down enemies in the narrow passageways.

Use Suppressors

Suppressed weapons allow you to thin enemy ranks without alerting others in the tunnels. Slowly sweep through each section, using suppressors to maintain a stealth advantage.

Toss Flashbangs Around Corners

When pushing into new tunnel sections, cook and toss flashbangs around corners to stun enemies before you emerge. This helps avoid nasty surprises as you advance.

Listen for Movement

Sound whores rejoice – crank up those headphones. Listening for enemy movement in the tunnels gives key awareness of where threats are located.

Utilizing Smuggling Tunnels

Once cleared, the smuggling tunnels offer quick, concealed transit between points of interest. Here are some ways to take advantage:

Flank Enemies

Use the tunnels to pop up behind enemies and catch them off guard. The element of surprise from an unexpected tunnel flank can quickly win you firefights.

Escape Danger

Being chased by a squad through the streets above ground? Duck into a tunnel entrance and lose them in the maze below.

Rotate to New POIs

Rotating between points of interest through the tunnels allows you to avoid exposing yourself above ground.

Hide Resources

Stash extra guns, ammo, and killstreaks in the tunnels to retrieve later when gearing up for engagements.

Smuggling Tunnel Locations Summary

  • Between Stronghold and Hydroelectric Dam
  • South of Al Mazrah City
  • Near Zarqwa Hydroelectric at E3

Clearing Tunnels Checklist

  • Place tactical cameras at entrances
  • Equip CQC weaponry
  • Use suppressors
  • Flashbang around corners
  • Listen for footsteps

How to Use Tunnels

  • Flank enemy squads
  • Escape dangerous situations
  • Travel safely between POIs
  • Stash extra resources

The smuggling tunnels of Al Mazrah provide unique gameplay opportunities. Learn their locations and master clearing them out to gain a tactical advantage in DMZ matches. Move stealthily between objectives and surprise enemies from below to dominate the map.

Frequently Asked Questions About Smuggling Tunnels in DMZ

Q1. Where are the smuggling tunnel entrances located?

The main entrances are between the Stronghold and Hydroelectric Dam, south of Al Mazrah City, and near the Zarqwa Hydroelectric point of interest around coordinates E3.

Q2. What’s the best way to clear out enemies inside the tunnels?

Use suppressors, flashbangs, and CQC weapons to quietly eliminate enemies section by section. Place tactical cameras at entrances to monitor reinforcements.

Q3. Should I explore the whole tunnel network in one match?

It’s very difficult to fully clear out all the tunnels in a single match. Consider clearing sections over multiple matches to learn the layouts.

Q4. Can I respawn inside the tunnels if I die?

Unfortunately no – if you die in the tunnels, you will respawn above ground. You have to re-enter through one of the tunnel entrances.

Q5. Is it possible to extract resources from the tunnels?

While you can’t call in extractions from inside, you can stash resources in the tunnels to retrieve later. They make good hidden caches between matches.

Q6. Do the tunnels connect directly to every POI?

Not every POI has direct tunnel access. However, the networks do connect major hotspots like the Stronghold and Al Mazrah City.

Q7. Can I ambush enemies from the tunnels?

Yes! Flanking enemies by popping out of unexpected tunnel entrances is an effective ambush strategy.

Q8. Are the tunnels a reliable way to traverse the map unseen?

The tunnels provide concealed routes between areas, allowing you to avoid exposed travel above ground. Just be ready to clear them out first!

Q9. What if I get lost in the tunnels?

It’s easy to become disoriented. Refer to the maps above ground to maintain your bearings. Alternatively, follow a tunnel to the exit nearest your objective.


The smuggling tunnels of Al Mazrah are complex, but extremely useful once mastered. Learning the major entrance locations, sweeping tunnels room-by-room, and utilizing them for stealth traversal and flanking maneuvers will give you a huge tactical advantage. Information is power when dominating DMZ matches, so be sure to employ the intel in this guide during your next session. Get underground and start owning the opposition from below!

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