How to Extract IFAK DMZ Without Failing the Mission

Here we will learn how to extract the IFAK in DMZ “extract ifak dmz” without failing the mission. So lets go through the information and complate update available here…

The IFAK (Improved First Aid Kit) is a new item that was recently added to Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0’s DMZ mode. Extracting the IFAK is one of the missions you may receive, but it can be tricky if you don’t know where to look. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the best practices for locating and extracting the IFAK from DMZ’s Exclusion Zone without failing the mission.

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Overview of the IFAK Extraction Mission

The IFAK extraction mission requires you to find and pick up an IFAK somewhere within DMZ’s large map. Once you have it, you need to successfully extract out of the Exclusion Zone with the IFAK still in your inventory. If you die before extraction, you will fail the mission.

The IFAK spawns randomly throughout the map, so you won’t know exactly where to find it ahead of time. However, there are some tips and strategies you can use to optimize your search and extraction.

Locating the IFAK

When trying to locate the IFAK, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Search medicine cabinets – Medicine cabinets have the highest chance of spawning the IFAK. Prioritize buildings with bathrooms and check all medicine cabinets.
  • Focus on the southern regions – The IFAK seems to spawn more frequently in the southern half of the Exclusion Zone. Areas near the Smuggler’s Cove, Maazrah City, and Sa’id City exfil points are good places to concentrate your search.
  • Open crates & loot bags – Sometimes the IFAK spawns randomly on the ground near crates and bags. Be sure to open containers as you explore.
  • Check supply drops – The IFAK can occasionally spawn in the blue supply drops that get dropped into the zone. Grab a drop if you see one nearby.
  • Kill AI enemies – AI enemies may sometimes drop an IFAK when eliminated. Taking out groups of enemies can help you locate it.

Once you finally find the IFAK, be sure to pick it up right away. It will then be in your inventory until you extract or die.

Extracting with the IFAK

Now that you have the IFAK, you need to successfully extract out of the Exclusion Zone without dying.

Here are some tips:

  • Plan your extraction route – Before grabbing the IFAK, scout nearby extraction points and plan your route. Avoid hot zones and groups of enemies.
  • Use an SUV for mobility – Having an SUV allows you to quickly drive to the extraction point without being exposed on foot.
  • Pop smoke at the exfil – Activate a smoke grenade at the extraction point to conceal your entry and obscure enemies’ line of sight.
  • Watch your six – Be vigilant for enemies pursuing you, especially when waiting for the helicopter. Defend yourself but don’t go chasing kills.
  • Leave immediately when able – As soon as the extraction helicopter arrives, get aboard immediately. Don’t risk dying at the last second.

Extracting with the IFAK before time expires will complete the mission!

Tips for Locating & Extracting the IFAK

Here are some final tips to keep in mind when trying to locate and extract the IFAK in DMZ:

  • Drop into areas of the map with multiple nearby extraction points, such as the areas south of the map near Smuggler’s Cove and Maazrah City. This gives you flexibility.
  • Equip perks like Tracker that can highlight enemies nearby and help you avoid unwanted fights. Focus on surviving rather than chasing kills.
  • Have a silenced weapon to quickly take out lone enemies without drawing attention. Move stealthily between buildings.
  • Come prepared with armored SUVs, smoke grenades, and weapons to fend off enemies at the extraction point. Don’t let your guard down.
  • Keep moving between buildings and areas of the map. Don’t spend too long looting in one spot. Finding the IFAK quickly is key.
  • If you come under heavy attack near extraction, it may be better to exfil at a different, safer extraction point instead of risking death.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about locating and extracting the IFAK in DMZ:

Q: Where is the IFAK most likely to spawn?

A: Medicine cabinets have the highest IFAK spawn chance. Also check supply drops, loose loot bags, and eliminate AI enemies. Areas near southern extractions are more likely.

Q: Should I use an armored SUV or truck?

A: Yes, having an armored vehicle can help you quickly traverse the zone safely and fend off enemies if attacked at extraction.

Q: What if enemies ambush me at the extraction point?

A: Pop smoke to obscure visibility, get in cover, and try to take out attackers from a distance. Alternatively, exfil at a different extraction site if heavily overwhelmed.

Q: Do I need to extract at a specific extraction point?

A: No, you can extract from any of the exfil sites once you have the IFAK. Pick the closest or safest option.

Q: Can I find the IFAK in Strongholds or Black Sites?

A: No, the IFAK only spawns in random loot drops out in the main Exclusion Zone of the map. It won’t be inside buildings.

Q: If I die in the zone, can I retry the mission in the same match?

A: Unfortunately no. Dying at any point before extracting with the IFAK will fail the mission, and you’ll have to retry in a new match.


Extracting the IFAK in DMZ can be challenging but very doable with the right strategy. Focus on locating it quickly by checking medicine cabinets, supply drops, and eliminating AI enemies. Have an extraction plan ready, use tools like armored vehicles and smoke to your advantage, and exercise caution when exiting. Avoid unnecessary fights and extract promptly once you have the IFAK secured. With some practice, you’ll be completing this mission consistently without failing. Just stay patient, move carefully, and keep the extraction point in mind with every decision.

Table of Key IFAK Extraction Tips

Search medicine cabinetsHighest IFAK spawn chance
Focus on southern locationsAreas near extractions more likely to spawn IFAK
Open crates and loot bagsIFAK can spawn randomly on the ground
Check supply dropsBlue drops may contain IFAK
Eliminate AI enemiesEnemies may drop IFAK when killed
Use armored SUVQuickly traverse zone and defend at extraction
Pop smoke at extractionObscure visibility when exfilling
Watch your sixBe vigilant for pursuers
Leave ASAP when ableDon’t risk dying at the last second

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