Payday 3 PS5 Not Working? Will Get The Update For PS5 Or Not


Payday 3 PS5 not working, the highly anticipated co-op FPS heist game, was finally released on August 23, 2022 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, many PS5 players quickly ran into issues trying to play the game. Including matchmaking errors, inability to access in-game rewards and bonuses, and overall poor performance. These issues sparked confusion and frustration among PS5 gamers who had been eagerly waiting for Payday 3’s launch.

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In this article, we’ll break down the problems Payday 3 PS5 Not Working users faced. Explain the underlying causes, and discuss whether the game has received the necessary patches. And updates to now properly function on PS5 consoles.

Common Issues Faced by PS5 Players

Based on player reports, here are some of the most common issues experienced with the PS5 version of Payday 3:

  • Matchmaking errors – Many players faced “version mismatch” errors when trying to join online co-op games, preventing matchmaking.
  • Unable to access rewards/bonuses – Some in-game content like weapon skins and XP boosts were inaccessible on PS5.
  • Poor performance – The PS5 version had frame rate drops, texture pop-in, and other performance issues.
  • Crashes/freezes – Some users faced game crashes or complete freezes requiring force quit of the application.

These problems made it impossible for many PS5 gamers to properly enjoy Payday 3 and caused widespread complaints online. The root cause seemed to stem from the PS5 version being an older build.

The Cause – Outdated PS5 Build

After investigating the Payday 3 PS5 Not Working issues. The developers provided an explanation – the disc version of Payday 3 had apparently shipped with an outdated. Pre-release build of the game.

This outdated build was behind the latest version available on other platforms, leading to the matchmaking and rewards errors. It also had not undergone full performance optimization, resulting in the framerate and crashing problems.

Essentially, PS5 physical copies were stuck on an older development version and could not access. The proper up-to-date release build required for online multiplayer and full functionality. This was an embarrassing mistake by the developers and release teams involved.

Solution – Patching PS5 to Latest Version

To their credit, Payday 3’s developers Starbreeze Studios acknowledged the problem soon after launch. And stated they were working urgently on a solution with Sony.

The lead producer at Starbreeze, Mats Juhl, confirmed they were handling the situation:

“We are aware of an issue affecting PAYDAY 3 on PS5…Sony are rolling out a patch that will resolve the problem and make sure everyone is playing the right build…Thanks again for your patience and support”Mats Juhl, Lead Producer at Starbreeze 2

Finally, on September 19, 2022, the necessary patch was rolled out by Sony on PS5. Prompting players to update to the latest version of Payday 3.

This patch brought the PS5 build in sync with other platforms, enabling proper online matchmaking. Access to missing content, and optimization for 4K 60fps on PS5 consoles.

The Verdict – PS5 Issues Now Resolved

Based on player reports following the latest patch, it appears Payday 3 is now working properly on PS5. The matchmaking errors are gone, gameplay performance has smoothed out, and players can unlock all advertised content.

So in summary, while the PS5 release of Payday 3 was riddled with issues due to an outdated build. Consistent developer communication and patching efforts have now resolved the problems. PS5 owners should feel comfortable purchasing and playing the game knowing it has been updated to work as intended.

Going forward, this debacle serves as a lesson for developers to rigorously test console. Game builds prior to launch to avoid mistakenly shipping the wrong versions and facing backlash at release. But thanks to their quick actions and the latest patch. PS5 players can now rob banks with their friends in Payday 3 just like PC and Xbox users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions around the PS5 issues with Payday 3 and if they have been fixed:

Q: Does Payday 3 work properly on PS5 now?

A: Yes, with the latest patch (version 1.04) rolled out on 9/19/2022. Payday 3 has been updated on PS5 to match other platforms. And should now function correctly.

Q: What if I bought a disc copy, will I still get the update?

A: Yes, PS5 disc copies receive the necessary patches to upgrade to the latest version just like digital copies.

Q: What exactly was fixed in the new PS5 update?

A: Key fixes include proper matchmaking and connectivity with other platforms for online co-op. Access to missing in-game content like weapon charms, and optimizations like 4K 60fps support.

Q: Are there any remaining known issues on PS5?

A: There are no major widespread issues reported at this time. Some minor glitches may still occur but the game is now confirmed to be in a playable state.

Q: How do I manually check for and install the latest update?

A: On your PS5 dashboard, go to Payday 3, press the Options button. Select “Check for Update” and install any available patches.


In closing, the rocky PS5 launch of Payday 3 underscored the importance of extensive pre-release testing for console games. But despite the early setbacks, the developer’s quick acknowledgment of the issues. And rollout of corrective patches turned things around for disappointed PS5 players. The PS5 now runs the latest proper build of Payday 3 with full functionality and optimizations.

For heist enthusiasts on PlayStation 5 who were waiting for Payday 3 PS5 Not Working. The path is now clear to assemble your crew and pull off daring robberies together. Just be sure to update to the latest version first. This ordeal serves as a cautionary tale in game development and publishing. But also highlights the capability to rectify mistakes post-launch.

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