Five Secrets From Apple

Large companies like Apple usually have trade secrets only shared with the closest circle. Many things don’t get out, so few people know about them. However, “simple” secrets have been revealed over time, and they are pretty interesting. Who knows, maybe there will be more in the future.

That’s why the Apple logo is bitten.

Everyone knows the bitten Apple logo. The company didn’t have this from the start, but you can’t imagine a different design today from the iPhone manufacturer. According to Steve Jobs’ biography, designer Rob Janoff presented two prototypes, and Steve Jobs then chose the incomplete apple because the other logo looked too much like a cherry. But unofficially, there were other reasons. For example, the Apple logo was also shown on the so-called booting cassettes; due to the turning cut-outs, this incompleteness then automatically occurred. In addition, Apple used a font at the time where the “a” had a rounded appearance. Thus, it fits perfectly into the “gap”, resulting in a round picture.

The “disappeared” Apple employees

Several Apple employees “disappeared” in the 2000s. It is not entirely true because they were “merely” never seen again. Today, the reason is known because it was about the development of the first iPhone. In this major project, only the best employees were selected and informed about them; everyone else knew nothing about it. And in order not to endanger the secret project or to protect it from the public, the employees in the know were separated. So they were never seen again after that conversation. Such secrecy is almost impossible today.

The legendary Mac sound

Every Mac user knows the legendary boot sound “DUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHM”. It is unmistakable and has been slightly modified over time. However, almost no one knows who invented it. His name is Jim Reekes, and he worked as a sound designer at Apple back in 1988. Reekes needed several weeks for the “gong” because it couldn’t just be “any” tone. Minor tones, for example, were too sad for him. It was a series of natural techniques that the sound designer used as a template.

That’s what the Apple stickers are all about

Admittedly, the stickers are no longer as important today. Things looked very different in the early days of Apple because back then, it was a stroke of genius in the truest sense of the word. It is because the buyers advertised for free. As a rule, two stickers are always included, one of which you should keep, and the other should pass on. But there are also exceptions, so sometimes, no stickers are included. That’s because Apple doesn’t rely that much on free advertising anymore.

It is what the “SE” stands for on the iPhone SE.

If you want a cheap iPhone, the iPhone SE is the first port of call. The series is now available in several generations. But what does the “SE” actually stand for? The speculation has been quite extensive for a long time, including “Standard Edition”, “Slightly Economical”, and “Student Edition”. At some point, however, the riddle was officially solved by Phil Schiller; SE stands for “Special Edition” on the iPhone. It is also interesting that Apple has already used the suffix “SE” for earlier devices, such as the Mac SE.

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