Fixing the ps5 error code ce-10005-6 for Download & Install Games

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) ps5 error code is the latest and greatest gaming console from Sony. With incredible graphics, super-fast loading times, and innovative features like haptic feedback, it represents a major leap forward in gaming technology. However, as with any new hardware launch, some users have experienced technical issues and error codes when trying to set up and use their new PS5. One common error is the CE-10005-6 code that appears when trying to download or install games on the console.

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What Causes the ps5 error code ce-10005-6?

The ps5 error code CE-10005-6 indicates that there is a problem communicating with the PlayStation Network (PSN) servers when you attempt to download or copy a game to your PS5.

Some potential causes include:

  • Slow or unreliable internet connection preventing complete downloads
  • PSN server outages or maintenance
  • Corrupted data on the game disc
  • Hard drive errors or faulty sectors on the PS5 SSD
  • Software bugs or glitches

Essentially, it means there is an issue transferring the necessary game data from the internet or disc to your console. The error can be frustrating as it stops you from playing new games on your eagerly anticipated PS5.

5 Solutions to Fix the ps5 error code ce-10005-6

Fortunately, there are some steps you can try to resolve the CE-10005-6 error:

1. Restart Your PS5

As with any electronic device, a simple restart is often the first troubleshooting step to try. Completely power down your PS5, either through the main menu or by holding the power button on the console until it shuts off. Unplug the power cable from the back of the PS5 for at least 30 seconds. This clears any temporarily cached data and resets the console. Plug the power back in, wait for the PS5 to reboot, and try downloading or installing your game again.

2. Rebuild the PS5 Database

Rebuilding the database helps clean up any corrupted data that may be causing problems.

Here’s how:

  1. Fully power off your PS5 using the power button, not rest mode.
  2. Once powered down, press and hold the power button again. Release it after you hear the second beep.
  3. Connect your DualSense controller with a USB-C cable and press the PS button.
  4. Select Rebuild Database from the safe mode menu options.

This scans the drive and creates new database files, fixing any errors. After it completes, restart your PS5 normally and test if the CE-10005-6 error persists.

3. Check PSN Server Status

Since the error indicates a network issue, make sure the PSN servers are up and running smoothly. The PlayStation Network Status website shows the real-time status of PSN services. Check it to see if downloading and account management show any reported issues or maintenance downtime for your region.

If you see major outages for services related to downloading games, you may have to wait until Sony resolves those backend problems. You can also check their social media accounts for updates on any known issues.

ps5 error code ce-10005-6
ps5 error code ce-10005-6

4. Troubleshoot Internet Connection

A slow, unstable internet connection can also prevent completing downloads from PSN.

Try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Reset your router and modem by unplugging them for 60 seconds. This refreshes the connection.
  • Connect your PS5 directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable instead of over WiFi. This provides a faster, more reliable connection.
  • Run an internet speed test on your PS5 at or to check for any issues.
  • Try closing other network-connected apps on devices that may be using bandwidth.

Addressing any internet connection problems could allow game downloads to complete properly without the CE-10005-6 error.

5. Clean Discs and Reinstall

If you are trying to install a game from a physical disc and face the error, the disc itself may be dirty or damaged in some way. Try these steps:

  • Gently clean the bottom of the disc with a soft cloth moving outward from the center. Never wipe in circles.
  • Inspect the disc for any cracks, deep scratches or other physical damage. A damaged disc cannot be read properly.
  • Install and test a different game disc if possible to isolate the issue.

If the disc seems fine but the error persists, you may need to delete the corrupted data and attempt a fresh install:

  1. Go to Settings > Storage > Games and Apps.
  2. Select the game causing issues, press Option and choose Delete.
  3. Once deleted, eject and reinsert the game disc to trigger a new install.

This should overwrite any corrupted data with a clean install of the game files.

ps5 error code ce-10005-6
ps5 error code ce-10005-6

When to Contact PlayStation Support

If you have tried all of the above solutions thoroughly and the ps5 error code ce-10005-6 keeps appearing, it’s time to seek additional help from the experts. Contact PlayStation Support through their website or live chat for troubleshooting advice.

Provide the error code and detail all steps you have attempted. The support team can investigate and provide specialized fixes or request a system repair if needed.

They may have you reinitialize your PS5 which resets the console to factory settings. This will erase all data, so make sure anything important is backed up externally. Reinitialization can fix software issues causing the error.

Frequently Asked Questions About ps5 error code ce-10005-6

Here are answers to some common questions about the ps5 error code ce-10005-6 consoles:

What games are mainly affected by this error?

The error seems most prevalent when trying to download or install large AAA titles that require significant bandwidth. Games like Call of Duty, NBA 2K, and Grand Theft Auto often trigger CE-10005-6 errors during initial installation.

Can I still play games normally if I get this error?

Yes, any games you have already fully installed should still work fine. The error only prevents properly downloading new games over the network.

Will my saved games be deleted if I have to reinitialize the system?

Unfortunately, the full system reinitialization will wipe all data on the internal SSD, including saves. Make sure to backup saves externally before resetting your PS5.

I keep getting the error when connected wirelessly. Should I connect via Ethernet instead?

Yes, a wired Ethernet connection from your router is generally faster and more reliable for large game downloads. The wired connection may resolve the CE-10005-6 issue if wireless is the cause.

Can third-party external hard drives cause this error?

It’s unlikely an external drive is directly related to this particular error as it involves networking. But some users have reported external drive issues causing similar installation problems. Try disconnecting them as part of your troubleshooting.

In Conclusion

The ps5 error code ce-10005-6 can certainly be frustrating when excited to play new games on your shiny PS5 console. But in many cases, the issue can be resolved through troubleshooting your network connection, rebuilding the PS5 database, cleaning discs, and reinstalling games. Check the PSN server status routinely while downloading.

If basic fixes don’t work, contact Sony support to investigate other causes and possibly reset your console. With proper troubleshooting, you should be back to enjoying uninterrupted game downloads and installs on your PS5.

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