What Is genius kadungure net worth In 2023, Bio And More

genius kadungure net worth – $100 Million dollars

Who is genius kadungure?

Genius Kadungure, known by his alias Ginimbi, was a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and socialite. He was born on October 10th, 1984, in Domboshava, which is in Zimbabwe. He established “Pioneer Gases” and served as its Chief Executive Officer.

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It is a large gas firm with a significant presence in several African countries, including South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and many others.

In addition to that, he is the proprietor of the well-known Dreams Nightlife Club. On the other hand, Ginimbi was the moniker he used for his Facebook profile at one point, but due to its immense popularity, this became his primary nickname.

In addition to that, the Harare International Carnival appointed him as their brand ambassador. Before he passed away, he was survived by two sisters named Juliet and Nelia.

Ginimbi Business Career

Ginimbi is said to have launched his first company when he was just 17 years old, according to some reports. During this time, he worked as a middleman and negotiated gas prices for domestic customers. Additionally, he had a buddy who worked for Angolan Airways, which made it simple to obtain his first gas contract through his friend’s connections within the company.

His income increased as a direct result of his numerous sales to individuals residing in the country. Ginimbi had only been in the industry for three years when he decided to purchase a Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

In addition to this, he went on to found the corporation known as “Pioneer Gases.” He is the sole owner of Piko Trading Group, of which this company is a subsidiary. The company supplies gas to a variety of businesses, including individual shops.

Ginimbi Fraud Allegations

Ginimbi was taken into custody in 2014 after being accused of engaging in fraudulent activity. It was alleged that he was involved in a scheme to defraud a Zanu-PF MP working for the Managing Director of Badon Enterprises (Chegutu West Dexter Nduna).

In addition, it was said that he had taken advantage of a miner in Kadoma named Gatawa. It was reported that he had taken more than R1.5 million from the mining in fraudulent activities.

According to the reports, Ginimbi created a fictitious business under Transco Civil Engineering and claimed the company was headquartered in South Africa.

In addition to that, he established a banking relationship for this company with ABSA Bank. After he had everything in place, he contacted the people who had filed the complaints and pretended to be the Chief Purchasing for Marabags Resources.

At this juncture, he made it plain that he was searching for mining pumps offered at reasonable prices. According to the information gathered, the victim sent his brother to South Africa to buy these pumps.

After that, he was instructed to submit a deposit of R1,046,890 to purchase 10 light pumps. After that, the funds were deposited into their ABSA Bank account. After completing this transaction, Transco Civil Engineering provided the victim’s brother, Enoch, instructions to return to Zimbabwe for three days to inspect the box DHL had delivered. DHL for a length of time, encompassing three days.

genius kadungure Tax Controversies

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority leveled claims against Ginimbi’s company, Piko Trading, between 2009 and 2016.

They were accused of evading their tax obligations.

It was reported that his company made a total sale of more than nine million dollars when value-added taxes were considered.

Another time, he was taken into custody after being accused of participating in a scheme to evade paying taxes.

Ginimbi Life And Relationships

Rumors were circulating in 2014 that Ginimbi was engaged to be married to Zodwa Mkandla. They were content together even though she was around 11 years older than he was during their relationship.

Ginimbi announced in 2018 that the couple had ended their relationship. In a different interview, he also disclosed that he maintained a positive relationship with her and that they continued to work together professionally.

Ginimbi Lifestyle

Before he passed away, Ginimbi was frequently called the King of Nightlife. He enjoys lavishing others with pricey celebrations and enjoys flashy items in general.

In 2010, he planned a lavish birthday bash in Harare that featured only white attire. It was said that he had spent approximately $17,000 on this party. This celebration features a large number of visitors that hail from a variety of countries. Ginimbi hosted yet another extravagant birthday celebration not even two years after she had previously hosted this one.

Botswana played host to the event this time around. It was reported that this party set him back a whopping 32,000 dollars. In 2013, he repeated his previous practice and hosted another party.

At Domboshava, this one lasted an entire week’s worth of days. In reality, it was a party to celebrate the brand-new mansion he had constructed at that location.

Ginimbi Affairs

It was said that Ginimbi had romantic relationships with multiple ladies simultaneously. In addition to this, he is notorious for carrying on affairs with married women.

It was originally said that he had been beaten by the spouses of several women with whom he had sexual connections. Specifically, it was alleged that the woman’s husband had beaten him. Ginimbi stated that commenting on these reports was nothing out of the ordinary.

What is Ginimbi’s Net worth?

Ginimbi is a successful businessman from Zimbabwe who is well-recognized throughout Africa. It is common knowledge among all of us. To this day, he is considered one of the wealthiest young men in Zimbabwe, taken together. Before he passed away, he was estimated to have a total net worth of about 100 million dollars.

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How And When Did Ginimbi Die? Ginimbi Death

Ginimbi was killed in a car accident on November 8th, 2020. The year was 2020. His Rolls Royce vehicle collided with a Honda Fit vehicle and then crashed into some trees in the area. Almost instantly, this vehicle was engulfed in massive flames after it had caught fire.

Ginimbi was extracted from the vehicle in a short amount of time with no problems. Sadly, he passed away a few seconds later away from the vehicle. Because the remaining victims were entrapped within the Rolls Royce, all their bodies were fully consumed by fire. Moana, the Fitness Bunny, was another passenger in this vehicle during an accident.

Casket Discovery

There were allegations that an expensive casket was discovered in one of Ginimbi’s rooms in the mansion a few days after he passed away, and those reports appeared online. Because of this, many people began to speculate that he had prepared for his own demise. As a result of our lack of knowledge of the veracity of these assertions, we cannot endorse this report as being genuine.

Final Thoughts on Ginimbi’s Net Worth

You may be certain, after reading this essay, that Ginimbi’s life is, in fact, one that is filled with several mysteries if you consider the fact that it is. It isn’t easy to speculate on the true identity of this man. However, the only thing we know about him is that he was an extremely successful businessman who frequently took pleasure in spending obscene amounts of money.

Because the report of his passing went viral on the internet, it brought him a level of popularity far exceeding anything he had previously enjoyed while living. It appears that Ginimbi had many famous friends, based on the number of messages broadcast by various celebrities from around the world. Ginimbi had a broad network of friends that included various people, ranging from world-famous musicians to models and more.

After this individual’s passing, several different narratives have surfaced on the internet. While some accounts present a variety of hypotheses on the circumstances surrounding his passing, others assert that bullets caused the marks on his Rolls Royce vehicle.

Genius Ginimbi Kadungure Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ginimbi/?hl=en

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