Is It Safe To Download Free GGSans Font for Desktop & Web Use?


GGSans is a new, modern, and versatile font that has quickly become popular since its release in December 2022. This sleek, gaming-inspired font was created through a collaboration between Discord and a fan who recreated their previous font.

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As GGSans gains popularity, many users are interested in downloading the font for free for use on their desktop or websites. However, an important question arises – is it safe to download GGSans font for free? In this article, we will dive into the origin of GGSans, its different styles, and most importantly, the safety and legality of downloading free GGSans fonts from different sources online.

What is the Origin of GGSans Font?

GGSans font was created by Discord, the popular voice, video and text communication service platform. Discord worked together with a fan who recreated their previous font to design GGSans.

The name GGSans is derived from the gaming phrase “good game” which is abbreviated as “gg”. This is an ode to Discord’s gaming origins. The “Sans” in the name refers to the simple, legible sans-serif style of the font.

GGSans was officially released on the 1st of December 2022. It is a modern, stylish and versatile font that contains influences from other popular fonts like Helvetica, Futura, Gotham and Brandon Grotesque.

With its array of styles and sleek appearance, GGSans has quickly become a popular font choice for designing gaming or tech related projects. Discord has adopted GGSans as their new universal font across their brand, website and apps.

What are the Different Styles Available for GGSans Font?

GGSans impresses with a robust collection of 10 different font styles. This allows designers and users to pick the perfect weight and style for their needs.

The 10 different styles available in the GGSans font family are:

  • GG Sans Light
  • GG Sans Regular
  • GG Sans Medium
  • GG Sans Semibold
  • GG Sans Bold
  • GG Sans Extrabold
  • GG Sans Black
  • GG Sans Light Italic
  • GG Sans Italic
  • GG Sans Bold Italic

This includes a range of upright and italic styles, from light to black weights. The variety of weights and styles make GG Sans extremely versatile for designing interfaces, websites, mobile apps, posters, branding projects and more.

Is It Safe to Download GGSans Font for Free?

GGSans is classified as a donationware font. This means that while the font is free to download and use for personal or commercial projects, the creator encourages users to make a donation if they find the font useful.

However, it is important to note that GGSans should only be downloaded from the official website or reputable font websites. Here are some key points on safely downloading free GGSans font:

  • Download from the official website – For guaranteed safety, opt to download GGSans font from the official website The creator will receive donations and you can ensure the font file is legitimate.
  • Use trusted font websites – Reputable font websites like Font Squirrel, Font Fabric and Creative Market are generally safe options for downloading free fonts like GGSans. However, always double check the licensing information.
  • Research unfamiliar websites – If you come across GGSans font on an unfamiliar website, research the site’s reputation and licensing policies thoroughly before downloading the font. Avoid websites with multiple font downloads in one zip file.
  • Watch for misleading “free” tags – Some websites may claim to offer GG Sans for “free” but are actually charging for it or bundling adware/malware in the download. Don’t automatically trust “free” labels.
  • Mind the EULA – Whether a font is free or paid, always review the End User License Agreement carefully before downloading. It will outline usage rights, number of users/computers allowed, etc.
  • Use at your own risk – Ultimately, downloading from unknown or illegitimate sources is at your own risk. It could either be an unauthorized copy or contain viruses. Err on the side of caution.

Is It Legal to Use Free GGSans Fonts?

The usage rights for a free font depend on its license.

Here is an overview of how GGSans’ license affects legal use:

  • GGSans is distributed under a custom license that permits free personal and commercial use. This applies to fonts downloaded from the official website or reputable distributors.
  • However, the GG Sans license prohibits redistribution of the font without permission. You cannot re-host or re-share the GG Sans download file without consent.
  • The license also disallows modifying or corrupting the font data. Any edits would make your usage illegal.
  • As a donationware font, the GGSans license encourages but does not mandate a donation. Not donating does not make use illegal.
  • Using GGSans fonts from unauthorized distributors or torrent sites is illegal. The licenses on such copies are nullified.
  • Web embedding of GGSans using @font-face must abide by the number of pageviews outlined in the license.

As long as you abide by the terms outlined in the GG Sans End User License Agreement, using GGSans fonts downloaded for free from official or authorized sources is perfectly legal for personal and commercial work. Handle redistribution and modifications carefully.

FAQs About Downloading and Using GG Sans Font

Is it 100% safe to download GG Sans from free font websites?

No, not completely. While many reputable free font websites are safe, there is no 100% guarantee. It is best to download directly from the official GG Sans website for maximum safety and legality. Always inspect downloads closely.

What happens if I use a corrupted GG Sans font?

Using corrupted or malware-infected GGSans fonts can lead to issues like dataloss, crashes, and security breaches. It is crucial to vet your font downloads and scan them for potential viruses. If your downloaded font seems corrupted, delete it immediately.

Can I legally embed GG Sans fonts into a website with @font-face?

Yes, GG Sans can be legally self-hosted and embedded into websites with @font-face CSS rules. However, you must abide by the pageview limit stated in the EULA. Usage stats should be closely monitored.

Is it legal to modify or adapt GGSans font for my own purposes?

No, the GG Sans license strictly prohibits modifying, adapting or corrupting the font data in any way, even for personal use. Any manipulations or edits would contravene its usage terms.

How do I make a donation for using GG Sans if I want to?

You can make a donation to the GGSans creator via PayPal at Any amount is appreciated, though $10 USD is recommended. Donations are not mandatory but encouraged.

Can I use GG Sans in logos, company branding and commercial products?

Yes, one of the best parts of the GG Sans license is that it permits both personal and commercial usage without paying upfront. You can safely use GGSans fonts in logos, branding, products etc.


GGSans is a sleek, modern font that is rapidly growing in popularity in digital design. While there are many sources offering GGSans free download, special care should be taken to avoid pirated or corrupted files. Your best bet is to download directly from the creator’s official website or trusted font platforms.

Thoroughly reviewing font licenses, scanning downloads, and avoiding unauthorized distribution are key to staying on the right side of the law. When used responsibly, the free GG Sans fonts can be immensely versatile and useful for all your projects. So download GG Sans today to elevate your typography to the next level!

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