What is TRHlive and is it Safe to Access Texas Roadhouse Sign In?


TRHlive is an online portal created by Texas Roadhouse for its employees to securely access their work-related information and manage their employment details. This article will explain what TRHlive is, the features it offers, and whether it is safe for employees to use their Texas Roadhouse login credentials on the portal.

Texas Roadhouse is a popular steakhouse chain with over 600 locations across 49 states in the United States. The company launched TRHlive to provide a one-stop platform for its restaurant staff to view their pay information, request time off, enroll in benefits, and more.

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For employees, having access to TRHlive allows them to take control of their work life and efficiently manage employment details. However, it also raises questions around privacy and security of personal data. This article will provide an in-depth look at TRHlive, how it works, and steps Texas Roadhouse takes to ensure safety on the portal.

What is TRHlive?

TRHlive is an HR portal exclusively created for Texas Roadhouse employees. It serves as an online hub to access and manage all work-related information in one place.

Some key features offered by TRHlive include:

  • View Pay Information – Employees can view their pay statements, tax documents, pay history and more. All pay related details are available through the portal.
  • Request Time Off – The portal allows staff members to request PTO (paid time off), view schedules, and swap shifts. Managers can also use TRHlive to handle time-off requests.
  • Access Company News – Important workplace announcements, newsletters, and notices are shared on the portal. This keeps all employees updated.
  • Manage Health Benefits – TRHlive enables employees to view health plan details, enroll family members, and handle other insurance matters.
  • Access Work Forms – Tax and employment-related forms such as W-2 can be accessed through the portal.

In short, TRHlive serves as a one-stop self-service HR platform for Texas Roadhouse employees. It eliminates paperwork and manual processes by taking them online.

Is TRHlive Safe to Use?

Whenever personal data is available online, questions around privacy and security arise. Texas Roadhouse recognizes this concern and has taken steps to make TRHlive a safe portal.

Here are some of the measures taken by Texas Roadhouse for safety on TRHlive:

  • Secure Login – Accessing TRHlive requires a unique username and password. This ensures that only authorized employees can view information.
  • Data Encryption – Sensitive employee data on TRHlive is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. SSL/HTTPS protocols are used.
  • Limited Access – Employees can only access their own information on TRHlive. The data is not shared across the organization.
  • Audits – Stringent audits are done to regularly evaluate and improve TRHlive’s security. Vulnerabilities are quickly addressed.
  • Privacy Policy – Texas Roadhouse has a privacy policy clearly stating how TRHlive user data will be handled. It can be viewed online.

By taking these steps, Texas Roadhouse reassures employees that TRHlive is a reliable and risk-free platform. Employees should therefore feel comfortable using their Texas Roadhouse login credentials on the portal.

TRHlive Login Process

To start using TRH live, employees must first login using their unique credentials. Here are the steps to access the TRHlive login page:

  1. Go to the Texas Roadhouse employee portal at https://www.txrhlive.com/. This will open the TRHlive homepage.
  2. Alternatively, you can go to https://takesurvery.com/txrhlive-employee-login/. This is a direct link to the login page.
  3. On the login page, enter your unique TRHlive username provided by Texas Roadhouse HR.
  4. Next, enter your password. This would also have been shared by the HR department.
  5. Click on ‘Login’ and you will enter the TRHlive portal.

If you are logging in for the first time, use the initial password provided by HR. You will be asked to change it immediately after logging in. Going forward, use your self-created password.

If you forget your password, use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page. This will allow you to reset credentials.

Key TRHlive Portal Sections

Once logged in to TRHlive, employees have access to the following sections and features:


The home page shows a summary of upcoming shifts, time-off requests, pay information, and benefits coverage. It provides a quick glance of key details.

My Schedule

This section displays the weekly work schedule. Employees can check timing, request swaps, ask for time-off, and more.

My Pay

My Pay provides access to latest pay statements, past pay history, tax forms, and documents. Employees canalso change direct deposit details and more.

My Benefits

Details of health insurance plans along with coverage for family can be viewed here. Life insurance, disability, and other benefits are also shown.

My Career

Employees can find details related to job title, transfers, performance reviews and promotions under the My Career section.

My Requests

All requests such as time-off or shift change made by employees are tracked under the My Requests tab. Status of approval can also be seen.

Forms & Files

HR documents, workplace policies, tax forms, and other downloadable work files are available here.

By navigating between these sections, Texas Roadhouse employees can find all their work-related information easily on TR Hlive.

TRHlive Mobile App

For additional convenience, TRHlive can also be accessed via mobile app. Texas Roadhouse provides iOS and Android apps for TRH live that offer similar features.

Employees can view schedules, request time-off, read company news, and more on-the-go using the TRHlive app. The login credentials remain the same as the web portal.

The app provides easy access to TRH live even when employees are not physically present at the restaurant location. Key highlights include:

  • Mobile-friendly interface
  • Push notifications for updates
  • Touch ID and Face ID login
  • Quick access to timesheets and schedules
  • Submission of documents through mobile camera
  • Easy navigation and summaries

Together, the TRH live website and mobile app make work management simpler for Texas Roadhouse employees.

Customer Login on Texas Roadhouse Website

While TRHlive is an employee-exclusive portal, Texas Roadhouse does have a customer login section on its main website. This allows guests to access order information and manage their dining accounts.

The key features of the customer login section include:

  • Saving payment information for quicker checkout
  • Viewing order history and re-ordering favorites
  • Signing up for email discounts and Texas Roadhouse rewards
  • Providing feedback on restaurant experience
  • Writing food allergy information for safer dining
  • Finding Texas Roadhouse locations nearby

This login is specifically meant for customer convenience. It is separate and unrelated to the TRHlive employee portal. The customer login credentials do not grant access to TRH live.

Guests should be careful not to confuse the two logins. TRH live should only be accessed using unique employee credentials shared by the Texas Roadhouse HR department.


TRHlive is an online portal launched by Texas Roadhouse that enables employees to conveniently manage all their work details digitally through a secure login.

It is a safe HR platform that takes privacy seriously by encrypting data and having strict access controls. Employees should feel at ease accessing personal information using their Texas Roadhouse login on TRHlive.

With useful features like schedule management, pay details, company announcements, and benefit enrollment, TRH live simplifies work administration for Texas Roadhouse staff. It is a valuable resource that keeps employees informed, engaged, and empowered.


Q1. What information can be accessed on TRHlive?

Employees can access work schedules, compensation details, performance reviews, company news, benefits information, HR documents, and other employment-related data. Personal information is limited to what is required for work.

Q2. Is TRHlive available as an app?

Yes, native iOS and Android apps allow accessing TRH live via mobile devices. The login credentials remain the same.

Q3. Can customers login to TRHlive?

No, TRHlive is an internal employee portal. Only staff members who are issued login credentials by Texas Roadhouse HR can access it.

Q4. What should I do if I forget my trh live password?

Use the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page. You can reset your password after answering some security questions.

Q5. Who can see my information on TRHlive?

Access permissions are role-based. Only you and authorized HR staff can view your personal data. Information is not visible across the organization.

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