How To Play The Outer Worlds

Mastering The Outer Worlds: A Guide to Excelling in the Far Reaches of Space

The Outer Worlds is a critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment that offers players expansive worlds to explore, complex character builds to customize, faction dynamics to navigate, and storylines that shift based on the choices you make. Excelling at The Outer Worlds requires tactful gameplay decisions – this comprehensive guide covers fundamental tips for mastering the expansive interstellar adventure.

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Choosing the Optimal Difficulty

Selecting the right difficulty level impacts how achievable or challenging progression will be. There are four settings:

Story Mode

Designed to focus gameplay on narrative with easy combat and progression. Choose if you want to casually enjoy the story and world.


Enemies pose little threat. Resources are abundant. Best for beginners focused on exploration over challenge.


Balanced experience where enemies match the player’s level. Supplies must be well-managed. Most popular for first playthrough.


Enemies are more threatening. Resources are scarcer. Choose for an extreme challenge requiring tactical ability.

Hard mode is widely recommended as the “real” Outer Worlds experience – it makes gameplay more strategic while keeping the world perilous and tense compared to easier settings.

Constructing an Effective Character Build

Customizing your character’s skills and attributes directly impacts their battle competency and how interactions unfold.

the outer worlds
the outer worlds

Prioritizing Core Attributes

There are six attributes to upgrade when leveling up.

Focus first on:

Strength: Increases melee damage and carrying capacity.

Dexterity: Improves ranged weapon accuracy and defense scores.

Intelligence: Boosts XP gains and effectiveness of science weapons and technical skills.

Specializing Character Skills

There are various skills to develop.

Consider what gameplay style appeals most:


Invest points to access unique narrative paths from expanded dialogue options. Allows peaceful solutions to many quests and conflicts.


Enables hacking of computer systems. Lets you remotely manipulate security systems, robots, and mechanical equipment. Invaluable for stealthy players.


Essential for accessing locked containers with precious loot inside – from ammo and money to high-end weapons and gear.


Avoid fights when possible and enable tactical surprise attacks. Heavily focused on melee combat. Pairs well with hacking skills.

Utilizing Companions

Recruit companions to complement your abilities – when their skills are higher in areas you haven’t invested in, it balances out your party’s capabilities.

Navigating Faction Dynamics

There are various factions vying for power and influence. Be aware your actions affect how factions perceive you.

The BoardGoverns colonies on Halcyon. Keep them allied for business opportunities.
Spacer’s ChoicePrivatized colony program. Can be leveraged for resources.
IconoclastsRebel group wanting to overthrow corporations. Give anti-Board allies.
SubLight SalvageUnderground cartel. Useful for less reputable endeavors.

Quests and dialogue choices shift your reputation scores. Focus on factions suiting your interests and style of play.

Optimizing Game Progression

How you navigate the expansive world impacts your development.

Complete Town Quests First

When starting out, avoid the vast frontier. Stick to structured town quests to quickly amass XP, gear, money, and followers without excessive danger. This establishes a firm foothold.

Loot Every Location

Search desks, shelves, containers. Valuable items are everywhere waiting to be found and sold. Looting prevents gear shortages and keeps money flow steady for better equipment.

Only Travel With Companions

The wilderness holds unknown threats. Always travel with multiple companions – if caught alone, retreat to the ship or settlements. Extra members distract enemies and amplify damage.

Mastering Combat Situations

When violence erupts, tactical prowess is vital.

Utilize Cover and High Ground

Favor positions of defense – duck behind structures and terrain for protection, secure elevated positions to gain the accuracy advantage when firing down. Defensive bonuses bolster survivability.

Know When to Flee Conflicts

If too outmatched, don’t hesitate to retreat. Flee combat and return later when better equipped. Dying derails progress significantly more than temporary withdrawal.

Exploit Enemy Weaknesses

Study foes for vulnerability insights – robotic enemies are prone to hacking, armored beasts weak to plasma damage. Customize attack strategies accordingly.

With these tips, you are ready to expertly navigate the peril and promise of The Outer Worlds. Boldly venture forth, explorer, opportunity and glory await! Just be wary of marauders lurking in asteroid belt shadows along the way…


The Outer Worlds offers immense depth through impactful choices, rewarding progression, and rich worldbuilding. Adapt the guidance in this guide to best experience the game’s diversity based on your preferred playstyle. maximum enjoyment comes from embracing the freedom – boldly explore, dynamically evolve your character, tactfully interact with factions, strategically traverse combat encounters, and most importantly, play how you desire! Now claim your own path among the stars.

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