Why Anonvault Website Is Not Legal and Trustworthy?


Anonvault is a file hosting and sharing website that allows users to upload and share files anonymously. With its anonymous upload feature, the site has become popular among certain communities for sharing controversial or explicit content.

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However, over the years, concerns have been raised about the legality, safety, and trustworthiness of using the Anonvault website. In this article, we dive deep into an analysis of Anonvault, examine the potential risks and downsides of using the site, look at more reliable alternatives, and explore the legal implications involved.

Overview of Anonvault Website

Anonvault, located at Anonvault net, is a file hosting service launched in 2018 that allows users to upload and share files without having to create an account or provide any personal identification.

The website states that it uses “military-grade encryption” and that all files are encrypted locally before they are uploaded to guarantee anonymity. Once a user uploads a file, the website provides a unique URL to access that file which can then be shared with others.

Some of the features highlighted on the Anonvault website include:

  • 100% anonymous uploading: No account creation required and no tracking of personal information
  • Strong encryption: Files encrypted locally with AES-256 before uploading
  • No limits on size or type of files: Any files can be uploaded as long as they are under 50GB
  • Ad@lt section: Separate section for legal NSFW/ad@lt content

On the surface, Anonvault seems like a useful website for securely and privately storing and sharing files of any kind. However, there are good reasons to be cautious of the platform.

Concerns About Safety and Trustworthiness of the Website

Despite claiming to be 100% anonymous and secure, doubts have been raised over the years about how safe and trustworthy the Anonvault website really is.

Possibility for Abuse of Anonymity

The biggest concern around Anonvault is the potential for abuse of its anonymity feature. By allowing completely anonymous uploading of any file up to 50GB in size without moderation, the website leaves itself open to intentional misuse.

While anonymity can be useful for protecting privacy, it also makes tracking and stopping malicious activity much more difficult. Harmful and unethical files such as malware, hacked data, child abuse media could potentially be uploaded and shared on Anonvault without accountability.

Without scrutiny of uploads or user identities, the site facilitates the sharing of inappropriate and illegal content.

Privacy and Security Risks

In addition to the content-related risks, experts have also highlighted privacy and security vulnerabilities in Anonvault’s systems.

Cryptography researchers have expressed doubts about the efficacy of the site’s locally-run encryption before upload. Some have suggested that the website may retain keys to decrypt files, meaning the encryption would not be fully end-to-end.

If true, this would allow website administrators access to all files stored on Anonvault’s servers, contradicting its claims around military-grade encryption and anonymity. There is also no clarity provided on who runs Anonvault, where their servers are located, or details on other security practices.

Together, these encryption and architecture concerns mean that Anonvault may pose data breach and privacy violation risks for anything users upload onto it. Administrators could potentially access, monitor, or modify files, despite claiming otherwise.

Availability of Alternatives Sites

Given the major red flags around Anonvault’s security, ethics, and operations, most cybersecurity experts recommend avoiding its use for any sensitive data storage or communication need.

Fortunately, there are alternative anonymous file sharing platforms available that address some of the concerns associated with Anonvault:

OnionShare– Uses Tor network to preserve anonymity<br>- Open source project with good reputation– Only accessible via Tor browser <br>- Smaller user base
SecureDrop– Created by Freedom of the Press Foundation <br>- Focus on security– Mainly for whistleblowers/journalists <br>- Complex setup
Firefox Send– Encrypted sharing from Mozilla <br>- Easy to use– Files only available for limited time <br>- Max 1GB file size

The most recommended alternatives are focused on anonymity alongside ethics and accountability around potential content sharing. They also tend to provide more details on their encryption implementations for better evaluation of security practices.

While no system is completely foolproof, options like OnionShare and SecureDrop offer more confidence through open source transparency and vetted operations. For most everyday users, Firefox Send strikes the best balance between ease-of-use and content protection.

Legal Implications of Using Anonvault

Given all these ethical and technical concerns around Anonvault as an anonymous file sharing platform, there are also legal risks for users to consider.

The website’s terms of service absolve the platform from almost any responsibility around monitoring content or user behavior. All liability is placed on users for any illegal activity conducted through the site.

Some notable legal terms highlighted include:

  • Users take full responsibility for any losses by the website due to unauthorized use of their accounts.
  • Anonvault will comply and share user data with authorities if legally forced to. User anonymity depends on the site’s policies only until compelled otherwise.
  • Uploading plagiarized or copyrighted material can lead to account suspension and penalties under DMCA policies.
  • While child abuse media uploads are banned, responsibility lies fully on the uploading user.

Effectively, these terms confirm that Anonvault provides zero protection against law enforcement or copyright violation consequences for users. If prosecuted, any illegal uploads or account misuse will be traced back to individual users.

Additionally, regional laws related to data protection, anonymity, and content restrictions will apply based on user locations and where Anonvault servers exist. Issues can arise if users run into conflicts between personal law jurisdictions and where website infrastructure operates.

Without clarity on who runs Anonvault or where it is based, assessing these legal risks for usage can prove even more challenging. For any improper or illegal data upload and access, individual user liability supersedes website responsibility.

Conclusion: Exercise Extreme Caution

In summary, while the Anonvault website markets itself as an ultra-secure and anonymous file hosting and sharing platform, genuine concerns exist around its ethics, safety, and legality.

The potential for allowing dangerous and illegal content sharing, combined with questionable encryption standards and privacy protections, make Anonvault a platform to avoid for most law-abiding internet users.

Safer and ethical alternatives for anonymous communication and file sharing are available in the market without such significant downsides. And legally, Anonvault takes zero accountability for user content or activity on its platform through its extensive terms of use.

So if you do choose to use Anonvault, exercise extreme caution – any improper usage or data breach implications will land fully on your shoulders alone. For most regular data storage and sharing purposes, regulated cloud platforms and encrypted messaging apps remain the best options.


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Table Summary of Analysis

Here is a summary table highlighting the key pros, cons, risks, and alternatives related to usage of the Anonvault net website:

Anonvault Website
ProsEnd-to-end encryption of files<br>No account signup required <br>Share files anonymously
ConsQuestionable encryption & privacy standards<br>Allows dangerous content sharing<br>Zero accountability for illegal uploads<br>Unclear ownership or operations
RisksPrivacy violations<br>Data breaches<br> Copyright penalties <br>Law enforcement prosecution
AlternativesOnionShare<br>SecureDrop<br>Firefox Send

The table above condenses the detailed analysis provided in the article to capture all the factors one should weigh when evaluating whether to use the Anonvault website. Given the more significant cons, risks, and availability of safer alternatives, avoiding Anonvault is highly recommended for average digital citizens while exercising great caution if accessing controversial content.

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