Korean Pop Singer & Actor – Lee Jihan, 24, dies during Seoul Halloween party

Losing Lee Ji was a huge blow to the K-pop industry. Over 150 individuals, including the young performer, were killed in a mass suicide during a Halloween party in Seoul, South Korea on October 29. He was 24.

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In the sad crowd crush that took place in Itaewon, Seoul, one of the casualties was Lee Jihan, a well-known singer and actor in South Korea. On Sunday, the star’s two agencies, 935 Entertainment and 9Ato Entertainment, confirmed the news (Oct. 30). He was 24.

The message read, “We are heartbroken to deliver such news today, but Lee Ji-han has gone abruptly among the crowd in Itaewon last night,” ET reports. Those of us who knew and cared about him are devastated by the terrible news, and we want his family to know how sorry we are.

The agency went on to say, “Every time Lee Ji-han welcomed us, he did so with a dazzling grin.” He was a whirlwind of positive energy who took his work very seriously. It’s hard to believe that we’ll never hear from him again. Share your sadness with Lee Ji-han. We will always carry his memory with us.

Among the 101 singers who competed in the second season of the Korean singing competition Produce 101 was the future superstar Lee Jihan, who burst into the scene on August 3, 1998. All of the contestants wanted a spot in a boy band of 11.

Several future K-pop events and album releases have been cancelled or postponed due to the Seoul Halloween Stampede on 10/30/2022.

Mob violence in Seoul over the weekend resulted in the deaths of at least 153 people, including popular actor Lee Jihan. The Korean government has proclaimed a three-day national mourning period, from today to November 5. A number of upcoming K-pop events, including concerts and album releases, have been postponed or cancelled since the incident.

Following the tragic news that “Lee Jihan, a member of the group Produce 101, was a victim of the Itaewon Stampede and has now passed away,” Twitter was swamped with heartfelt condolences to the late K-pop star Ji-han. You are the most amazing, great, and lovely person in the world, and we shall miss you so much.

I didn’t believe that Lee Jihan had been killed in the Itaewon disaster at first; I didn’t believe it even after I stopped seeking; and when the agency confirmed the awful news, I broke down in the small hours of the night. To the oppa, my sincerest sympathies.

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