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Finding the Best LoLdle Answer Solutions in 2023

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the world. With a massive player base and thriving esports scene, LoL continues to captivate gamers with its strategic gameplay and ever-expanding cast of unique champions. What is the loldle answer solution today august 2023? Let’s discuss!

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In 2022, a new LoL-themed guessing game called LoLdle gained popularity within the LoL community. Similar to the hit word puzzle Wordle, LoLdle challenges players to guess the correct League of Legends related word within six tries.

As LoLdle requires extensive knowledge of LoL vocabulary, many players turn to websites and online communities to find hints or solutions. This article will provide an overview of LoLdle, its daily format, and the best websites to find LoLdle solutions in 2023.

An Introduction to LoLdle

LoLdle is a daily word guessing game created by League of Legends fans. Each day a new LoL-related word is chosen, and players have six attempts to guess what the word is.

The LoLdle word could be:

  • A champion name (e.g. Yasuo, Teemo, etc.)
  • An ability name (e.g. Chronoshift, Explosive Cask, etc.)
  • A famous League of Legends quote (e.g. “Hasagi!”)
  • A LoL-related acronym (e.g. AD, AP, MOBA)
  • An emoji/emoticon used in LoL (e.g. :^) )

After each guess, LoLdle will indicate which letters are correct or in the wrong position. Using these clues, players can strategically narrow down the possible options until they guess the right word.

The daily LoLdle puzzle resets at midnight in respective time zones, allowing LoL fans globally to participate. Successfully solving each LoLdle requires extensive game knowledge and clever deductive reasoning.

Where to Find Hints and Solutions for Daily LoLdles

With over 150 unique champions and hundreds of abilities, items, and phrases to guess, LoLdle can be challenging even for seasoned League players. When stuck on a puzzle, many players turn to online LoL communities and cheat sites to find hints or the full solution.

Here are the best websites to find daily LoLdle hints and answers in 2023:

1. GGRecon

GGRecon publishes daily LoLdle solutions prominently on their homepage. Their posts clearly state the LoLdle answer without any clickbait or ads obstructing it.

They also provide hints and tips underneath the solution if you prefer to solve each LoLdle yourself. As a trusted esports and LoL news site, their LoLdle solutions are reliable and accessible.

2. EarlyGame

The esports app EarlyGame shares each day’s LoLdle solution on their LoL news feed. EarlyGame is a clean and minimalist site, so the LoLdle answer will be easy to find without any clutter.

In addition to the solutions, EarlyGame publishes LoL articles and interviews daily, making it a great site to visit for all your LoL news needs.

3. UpPolice

UpPolice offers a full database of past LoLdle solutions in addition to posting each day’s new word. Their cleanly organized LoLdle answer archive makes it easy to lookup any past solutions you may have missed.

UpPolice focuses specifically on Wordle and its various spinoffs, so their LoLdle solutions are reliable. Bookmark their site to access both new and old LoLdle answers.

4. Gfinity Esports

Popular esports site Gfinity Esports shares daily LoLdle solutions in their social media posts and Esports news articles.

While you may need to scroll a bit to find the LoLdle answer mixed in with their general LoL and Esports coverage, their solutions are accurate and posted promptly each day.

5. offers a convenient LoLdle answer page that compiles each day’s new solution along with hints and tips. Their ad-free site makes accessing the LoLdle solutions quick and painless.

In addition to LoLdle, World3dmap provides Wordle solutions and a 3D world map with interesting geography facts. Their LoLdle solutions page is reliably updated daily.

Tips for Solving LoLdle Puzzles Yourself

While seeking out solutions online can be useful when stuck, solving each LoLdle puzzle using your own League of Legends knowledge is much more satisfying.

Here are some tips to improve your LoLdle guessing skills:

  • Focus first on newer champions – With over 150 champs, it helps to narrow down the options. LoLdle tends to pick newer and more popular champs.
  • Consider abilities, items, phrases too – Don’t just guess champion names. Read each clue carefully and think outside the box.
  • Use strategic first guesses – Starting with a vowel-heavy word like “Aurelion” can eliminate more options.
  • Deduce using previous letters – Look for letter patterns and frequencies to narrow down the remaining possibilities.
  • Make an educated guess – If stumped between two options, pick the more likely choice based on past LoLdle answers.
  • Review your gameplay – Brush up on champions and abilities you aren’t as familiar with. More LoL knowledge leads to more correct guesses.

With practice and dedication, you can become a LoLdle pro! Each puzzle solved by yourself will be incredibly rewarding.

LoLdle Strategy Guide

To master LoLdle, it helps to be strategic and methodical with each guess. Here is a step-by-step process to increase your chances of solving each puzzle:

Step 1: Brainstorm Potential Answers

Upon seeing the new LoLdle, brainstorm all the potential champions, abilities, items or phrases that could fit. Consider the most popular and likely options first.

Step 2: Make a Vowel-Heavy First Guess

Try starting with a word containing lots of vowels like “Aurelion” or “Rammus.” This will eliminate common vowels and narrow down options quicker.

Step 3: Analyze the Clues

See which letters are marked correct (green), present (yellow) or incorrect (gray). Eliminate any contradicting options based on these clues.

Step 4: Make Your Next Best Guess

Based on the clues, guess a new likely word that fits with the correct and present letters.

Step 5: Repeat Steps 3-4 Strategically

Keep deducing the clues on each turn to make better guesses. Think of words that fit the most clues.

Step 6: Make an Educated Final Guess

If you’re down to 1-2 possibilities, pick the choice that seems most probable based on past LoLdle answers.

Follow this process, and you’ll be consistently solving LoLdles in just 3-4 guesses with a bit of practice.

Frequently Asked Questions About LoLdle

LoLdle may seem confusing or intimidating for new players. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q1. How do I play LoLdle?

  • Go to a site like each day for a new LoLdle puzzle
  • You have 6 guesses to try to figure out the LoL-related word
  • After each guess, color coded clues will indicate correct/present/wrong letters
  • Use these clues to strategically make better guesses until you solve the word

Q2. What kind of words are used in LoLdle?

  • Champion names (e.g. Zed, Ezreal)
  • Ability names (e.g. Mystic Shot, Jinx E)
  • Famous League quotes (e.g. “An enemy has been Swain”)
  • LoL abbreviations (AD, AP, Baron)
  • LoL emojis (e.g. :^) )

Q3. Are there any hints for today’s LoLdle?

  • Websites like EarlyGame and GGRecon provide subtle hints with each day’s solution
  • Hints guide you towards the answer without fully spoiling it
  • Pay attention to word lengths, common letters, and other clues provided

Q4. What happens if I don’t guess the LoLdle word?

If you fail to guess the word in 6 tries, you will have to wait for the new LoLdle puzzle the next calendar day

There is no penalty for failing to solve a LoLdle!

Q5. Why are some LoLdle puzzles so difficult?

With over 150 champions, there are many obscure name choices

Uncommon ability names can also be very challenging

Consider studying League of Legends lore and vocabulary to improve


LoLdle offers League of Legends fans a fun new way to test their game knowledge with daily word puzzles. While solving each LoLdle on your own is ideal, reliable websites like GGRecon, UpPolice and EarlyGame offer both hints and solutions when you’re stuck.

Start each LoLdle by brainstorming options, making strategic guesses and deducing the clues. With practice, you’ll be solving most puzzles in just 3-4 tries! Keen LoL knowledge will also give you an advantage.

Stay updated each day for a new and exciting LoLdle challenge. And remember, there is no shame in looking up hints when a puzzle truly stumps you. The most important thing is having fun and learning a bit more about League of Legends in the process.

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