How To Find smuggling tunnels dmz In Warzone 2 DMZ Location [Review]

Smuggling Tunnels dmz, Warzone 2 DMZ introduces a new feature – smuggling tunnels. These tunnels can provide valuable loot but can be tricky to locate. This comprehensive guide will walk you through exactly how to find the smuggling tunnels in Warzone 2 DMZ.

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Overview of Smuggling Tunnels

The smuggling tunnels are a network of underground caves and passages located around the map of Al Mazrah. They contain rare loot like gold, keys, and intel that can’t be found anywhere else. However, the tunnels are not marked on the map and the entrances can be difficult to spot.

Mastering the smuggling tunnels is an essential skill for succeeding in DMZ. This guide will teach you their locations, the different entrances, and tips for navigating the tunnels successfully. Follow along carefully and you’ll be able to consistently track down these elusive smuggling routes.

Exact Location of the Smuggling Tunnels

The smuggling tunnels are situated in the northern region of Al Mazrah, near the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dam. Specifically, they can be found at the coordinates E3/F3 on the map. This places them along the cliffs north of the dam, overlooking the lake.

Once you learn the general vicinity of the tunnels, you’ll need to locate the discreet entrances and access points scattered around the nearby area. There are a few major options for entering the tunnels that we’ll cover now:

1. Main Stronghold Building

One straightforward access point is through the main stronghold structure itself. This building is on top of the cliffside directly above the smuggling tunnels. Inside you’ll find a ladder that provides direct access down into the tunnels below.

Clearing the stronghold of enemies first is advised. Then sweep the interior until you locate the ladder entrance leading down underground. This will place you directly inside the tunnel network.

2. Red Circle Entrances

Another method is to locate the gates around the red circle area on the map. These marker gates indicate tunnel access points.

Specifically, there are two gates along the northwest road that have stairs leading down into the smuggling tunnels. Approach these gates and use them to enter underground.

3. Network of Caves

Finally, the most direct but challenging way is to rappel down the cliffside itself. As mentioned earlier, the tunnels form a network of caves inside the northern cliffs surrounding the dam.

If you carefully scale down these cliffs, you can spot cave openings scattered across the rock faces. Enter them to gain immediate access to the smuggling tunnels. But watch out for falling damage!

Navigating the Smuggling Tunnels

Once you’ve entered the smuggling tunnels, there are a few key tips for navigating them effectively:

Equip a flashlight – The tunnels are very dark, so having a flashlight or laser is essential. This lets you see loot and avoid getting lost.

Watch for traps – The smugglers have rigged traps in the tunnels like tripwires and mines. Move slowly and look for signs of traps.

Follow the rails – Many of the tunnels have minecart rails. Following these can help you navigate between chambers and loot stashes.

Open grates – Some passages have locked grates blocking them. Find keys scattered through the tunnels to open these grates and access more rooms.

Listen for sounds – Use audio cues to find nearby loot chambers, enemies, or objectives.

Check your Tac Map – Your Tac Map gives an outline of the overall shape of the tunnel network. Use it to maintain your bearings.

Loot and Rewards

Successfully exploring the smuggling tunnels offers some exceptional loot opportunities.

Here are some of the rewards you can find inside:

  • Gold Bars: These shiny gold bars are very valuable and can be extracted or sold for huge profits.
  • Keys: Special keys unlock hidden stashes and grants that provide lucrative weapons and gear.
  • Intel: Gather intel to reveal the locations of high value targets for additional DMZ missions.
  • Weapon Blueprints: Certain chests contain rare weapon blueprints you can’t acquire anywhere else.
  • Exfils: Some tunnels provide underground exfil opportunities you can use to safely escape.

In general, the deeper you delve into the smuggling tunnels the more rewarding the loot becomes. But risks also increase, so come prepared!

Survival Tips

Here are some additional survival tips when exploring the smuggling tunnels:

  1. Bring armor and ammo – The tunnels contain enemies and hazards so gear up appropriately.
  2. Watch your radiation – Portions of the tunnels have radioactive contamination that can quickly kill you. Have a radiation pill ready.
  3. Keep moving – Don’t linger too long or you may get cornered by enemies trailing you.
  4. Use silenced weapons – The sound echoes loudly in the tunnels, so silenced guns are preferable.
  5. Drone ahead – Utilize a recon drone to scout ahead and mark enemies and traps.
  6. Choose your entrance wisely – Some entrances are safer than others. Use the red circle gates when possible.
  7. Play co-op – Having teammates makes navigating the tunnels much easier and safer.

Mastering the smuggling tunnels of DMZ takes practice and skill. But the payoff for locating rare loot is extremely rewarding. Use this guide to consistently track down the tunnel entrances and plunder their treasures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where are the entrances to the smuggling tunnels?

The main entrances are located around the northern cliffs near the Zarqwa Hydroelectric Dam at coordinates E3/F3. Look for the stronghold building, red circle gates, and cliffside caves.

Q2. What kind of loot can you find in the smuggling tunnels?

Some of the top loot includes gold bars, weapon blueprints, keys, intel, and high value items for extracting. The deeper you go, the better the rewards.

Q3. How can you navigate the tunnels without getting lost?

Use tools like a flashlight, listening for audio cues, following minecart rails, opening grates with keys, and frequently checking your Tac Map.

Q4. Is it better to tackle the smuggling tunnels solo or with a squad?

Having a coordinated squad makes exploring the tunnels much easier. However, solo players can still navigate them successfully with extra care.

Q5. How do you deal with radioactive areas in the smuggling tunnels?

Come prepared with radiation pills you can take. They will temporarily protect you from radioactive contamination found in some parts of the tunnels.

Q6. What tactics should you use when fighting enemies in the smuggling tunnels?

Close quarters combat favors silenced SMGs, shotguns, and melee weapons. Flashbangs and gas grenades are also very effective in the tight tunnels.

Q7. If you die in the smuggling tunnels, can you recover your loot?

Unfortunately no. Any loot you gathered will be permanently lost if you die. You must successfully extract to keep anything found in the tunnels.

Q8. Do the smuggling tunnels change or get random layouts?

No, the overall layout remains static. However, certain gates/rooms may be randomly opened or closed across matches.

Q9. Can you use smuggling tunnels as an extraction point?

Yes! Some of the tunnels have exfils that allow you to extract and keep your loot secured.

Q10. Is there a limit to how deep you can explore the smuggling tunnels?

No limits are currently known. Keep pushing deeper to find the most valuable rewards!


The smuggling tunnels of Warzone 2 DMZ provide an exciting underground loot opportunity. But locating the hidden entrances and navigating the dark tunnels can be extremely challenging. Use this comprehensive guide to master the tactics and reap the epic rewards.

The key lessons are learning the common access points, moving slowly to avoid traps, using tools like flashlights wisely, and playing co-op with squadmates. Acquire valuable blueprints, keys, intel and extracted loot consistently once you master the smuggling tunnels!

This advantage will propel your DMZ progression to stand out from other Operators. So venture underground and secure legendary gear that other players can only dream of finding in Al Mazrah’s mysterious smuggling network.

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