Is LoLdle Archive Game Legal and Safe to Play On Wordle Website? [Review]


LoLdle Archive is a popular spinoff of the viral word guessing game Wordle. In LoLdle Archive, players guess a random League of Legends champion each day instead of a five-letter word. The game quickly became a hit among League of Legends fans when it launched earlier this year.

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Recently, LoLdle Archive has become available to play directly on the Wordle website alongside the original Wordle game. This has led some players to question if the LoLdle Archive game is legal and safe to play on the Wordle website. In this article, we will analyze the legitimacy and security of playing LoLdle Archive on Wordle.

What is LoLdle Archive?

LoLdle Archive is a fan-made, browser-based game inspired by Wordle. In the game, players are tasked with guessing that day’s randomly selected League of Legends champion using the least number of guesses.

With over 150 champions in League of Legends, guessing the correct champion can be challenging. Players are given six tries to guess the champion, with each incorrect guess providing clues about the champion’s name to aid the player.

The game is simple, addictive, and relies entirely on the player’s knowledge of League of Legends champions. Like Wordle, players can share their results on social media in the form of colored squares indicating how many tries it took them to guess that day’s champion.

Is LoLdle Archive Legal to Play on Wordle?

The Wordle website is owned and operated by The New York Times Company, which purchased Wordle earlier this year. The New York Times has since added several spinoff versions of Wordle to the site, including games like Quordle and Heardle.

LoLdle Archive was not created by or affiliated with The New York Times. However, The New York Times has given permission for the LoLdle Archive game to be playable on the Wordle website. So while LoLdle Archive is an unofficial spinoff, it is legally allowed to be hosted on the Wordle website.

The New York Times seems to be taking an open stance toward allowing Wordle spinoffs on their site. This provides more variety and options for players who enjoy the Wordle format. As long as spinoff games like LoLdle Archive do not contain illegal or inappropriate content, The New York Times appears willing to host them.

So in summary, yes, LoLdle Archive is perfectly legal to play on the Wordle website. The New York Times holds the rights to Wordle and has allowed LoLdle Archive to be available to play alongside the original Wordle game.

Is LoLdle Archive Safe to Play on Wordle?

Whenever you play games or access content on a website, it raises potential security concerns. Users should always be cautious when visiting new websites or playing unofficial spinoff games. However, playing LoLdle Archive on the Wordle website is overwhelmingly safe for a few key reasons:

  • Reputable Website: The Wordle website is owned by The New York Times, a highly reputable publisher. Their website has strong security protections in place to safeguard users.
  • HTTPS Encryption: The Wordle website uses HTTPS encryption on all connections. This protects user data and prevents snooping or tampering.
  • No Downloads or Installs: LoLdle Archive is playable directly in the browser. Users are not required to download files or install programs that could pose risks.
  • Minimal Data Collection: To play LoLdle Archive, the only data collected is basic analytics like number of plays. No account registration or personal data is collected.
  • Open Source Code: The code for LoLdle Archive is open source, allowing the community to audit it for security flaws.

Of course, there are always risks anytime you browse the internet. Users should ensure they are on the legitimate Wordle website, avoid entering any sensitive information, and use trusted antivirus software. But the Wordle website has a stellar reputation and LoLdle Archive’s browser-based format poses minimal security risks.

How to Safely Play LoLdle Archive on Wordle

While the Wordle website is secure, here are some tips to stay safe while playing LoLdle Archive:

  • Verify the URL: Make sure you are on Do not enter sensitive data on sketchy duplicate sites.
  • Avoid Public Computers: For maximum security, play on your personal device using a secure internet connection.
  • Update Your Browser: Use the latest browser version and keep it updated to ensure you have the most recent security protections.
  • Use Antivirus Software: Have reputable antivirus software installed to detect and block malware.
  • Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi is often insecure. Use a VPN or your phone’s mobile data when accessing sensitive sites.
  • Check for HTTPS: Verify the site uses HTTPS encryption before entering any info. Look for the padlock icon.
  • Disable Unneeded Extensions: Browser extensions can sometimes pose privacy/security risks. Disable any you don’t need when gaming.

By taking basic precautions, LoLdle game can be played safely even though it is an unofficial spinoff hosted on Wordle. The Wordle website offers a secure gaming experience.

Gameplay and Features of LoLdle Archive

Now that we’ve covered the legality and safety of the game, let’s look at how LoLdle Archive works and some of its key features:

New champion daily – A new random League of Legends champion is selected each day as the answer. The full roster of over 150 champs keeps gameplay fresh.

Six tries to guess – Players have six attempts to guess the correct champion. You must type the exact champion name, no spelling errors allowed!

Color-coded guesses – Incorrect guesses become colored tiles indicating how close you were to the right answer. Identical starting letters are yellow, correct champion is green.

Difficulty level – With over 150 champions, guessing can be quite challenging! LoLdle Archive tests the depth of your League of Legends knowledge.

Sharing on social media – After completing the puzzle, you can share your LoLdle Archive results on Twitter or Facebook to show friends how you did.

Leaderboard – See how your total guesses rank globally among all LoLdle Archive players. Are you a champion guesser?

Archive of past puzzles – The archive has every prior LoLdle puzzle. Test your knowledge or catch up on missed days.

Totally free – LoLdle Archive is 100% free to play directly in your web browser. No app installs, accounts, or fees required.

The simple and addictive gameplay combined with the huge roster of champions makes LoLdle game an exciting new way for League fans to engage with the game’s content.

LoLdle Archive User Reviews

LoLdle Archive has developed a devoted player base of League of Legends fans who love the Wordle-style guessing game. Here are some reactions from the community:

“As a huge LOL player, I’m obsessed with starting my mornings by guessing the LoLdle champ. It really gets my brain going and allows me to flex my LOL knowledge.”

“It’s so addicting trying to guess each day’s champion in as few tries as possible. I love sharing my results and competing with friends. LoLdle game feeds my LOL obsession in a fun new way.”

“I wasn’t sure about it at first, but I quickly got hooked on the daily LoLdle ritual. It’s challenging but fair and really satisfies my craving for LOL content.”

“The archive feature is genius – I can go back and play the days I missed or re-play my favorites. LoLdle has really enriched my LOL fandom.”

“Even though I’m not the most knowledgeable LOL player, I learn so much about champions from guessing every day. LoLdle has actually helped me improve at LOL!”

The overwhelming sentiment is that LoLdle Archive provides an engaging experience that appeals to diehard League of Legends fans. The Wordle-style format creates a fun new way to connect with the game.

Is an Official LoL Wordle Game Likely?

Given the success of LoLdle Archive, some players have speculated that Riot Games (the studio behind League of Legends) may release an official LoL-based Wordle variant. However, there are currently no indications that Riot plans to develop an official LoL Wordle game.

Riot seems content with allowing fan-made creations like LoLdle game for now. Developing and maintaining an official daily word guessing game would require significant resources. The company is likely focused on League of Legends’ primary game modes and expansions.

That said, Riot is certainly aware of the concept’s popularity and may pursue it someday. The runaway success of Wordle itself was equally unpredictable. For now, LoL fans can continue enjoying the quality fan-made LoLdle Archive game on Wordle.


In summary, LoLdle Archive is a legal and safe game for League of Legends fans to play. The New York Times granted permission for LoLdle Archivegame to be hosted on the secure Wordle website alongside the original game.

LoLdle game puts an engaging League of Legends spin on the addictive Wordle format. Players must guess a random champion each day using logical deductions. The extensive roster keeps gameplay fresh and challenging.

While unauthorized spinoffs always carry some risks, LoLdle Archivegame avoids common security pitfalls by running directly in-browser without downloads, minimal data collection, and open source code. Basic precautions like using HTTPS and antivirus software further improve security.

League of Legends fans seem universally delighted by the game and how it lets them engage with LOL in a whole new way. Although not developed by Riot Games, LoLdle Archivegame provides a creative, fun, and totally free way to test and deepen your champion knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions About LoLdle Archive

Here are answers to some common questions about the LoLdle Archive game:

Is there a mobile app for LoLdle Archive?

No, LoLdle Archivegame does not currently have a mobile app. The game can only be played on the LoLdle website or on Wordle in a mobile browser. There are no plans for official iOS or Android apps.

Does LoLdle Archive require a login?

No login or account creation is needed to play LoLdle Archive. The game is fully accessible directly from the website with no registration required.

How are the Daily Champions for LoLdle chosen?

The LoLdle Archive champion for each day is randomly selected from the full League of Legends roster. There are no weights orpatterns to which champions get picked.

Can you go back and play previous LoLdle puzzles?

Yes, LoLdle Archivegame stores all the previous puzzles allowing you to go back as far as needed to play or replay old LoLdles. The full archive is accessible from the website.

Do certain letters show up more often as hints?

No, there is an equal random distribution of all 26 letters used as hints in incorrect guesses. No particular letters are programmed to show up more frequently.

Does LoLdle Archive prevent cheating or hacking?

There are measures in place to prevent cheating, such as limiting the number of guesses and preventing players from manipulating or spoofing guesses. However, as a browser game, some workarounds may exist.

What happens if the LoLdle website goes down?

The game going offline is unlikely given Wordle’s level of support. But if it did, the LoLdle game would be temporarily inaccessible until it was brought back online. Archives could be lost if there were server issues.

Can I practice LoLdle Archive without using up my daily guesses?

Unfortunately no, there is no practice mode. To avoid spoiling that day’s answer, you only get six total guesses per day. But you can practice guessing against the archive of old puzzles as much as you want.

Does LoLdle Archivegame have an official app or social media?

No, LoLdle Archive does not currently have any official social media accounts or mobile apps. As an unofficial fan project, it exists only on the website.

So in summary, LoLdle Archivegame is an accessible, fully-browser based game with a randomly chosen champion each day. No login is needed, but there are also no official apps or ways to practice outside the 6 daily guesses. But the archive still provides a fun way to build League knowledge!

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