Is Netflings com Secure and Safe for Dating or a Scam? [Review]


Online dating has become extremely popular in recent years, with millions of people turning to dating websites and apps to find romantic connections. However, with the rise in popularity of online dating, there has also been an increase in scams and catfishing attempts on these platforms.

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Netflings com is one such dating website that has received mixed reviews from users. While some claim it is safe and legitimate, others argue it could be a scam. This article will provide an in-depth and unbiased review of Netflings com to help determine if it is a secure platform for dating or an untrustworthy scam.

Overview of Netflings com

Netflings com is a dating website launched in 2009. It claims to have over 2.4 million members globally, with most coming from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

The website offers both free and paid memberships. Free members can create a profile, search for matches, and send predefined flirts. Paid members gain access to features like unlimited messaging, the ability to see who has viewed their profile, higher visibility in search results, and more.

Netflings uses personality tests and matchmaking algorithms to recommend compatible singles. Profiles feature photos, basic demographic info, and personality quiz results. Members can interact via email-style messaging as well as live chat if both members are online simultaneously.

Review Criteria for Safety and Security

To comprehensively evaluate whether Netflings com provides a safe and scam-free dating platform, this review will examine several key criteria:

  • User Reviews – Are former and current users reporting positive or negative experiences? Do reviews indicate scam attempts or safety issues?
  • Privacy Protections – Does the site have adequate privacy policies and safety tips? Can users easily control who sees their profile and how they are contacted?
  • Transparency – Is the website upfront about its pricing, features, and ownership/location? Are there any signs of being purposefully misleading?
  • Scam Warnings – Are there any scam alerts or warnings about Netflings from watchdog sites?
  • Status of Company – Is the company legally registered and operating a genuine business?

By thoroughly evaluating these criteria, we can judge if Netflings com is a legitimate dating platform that takes steps to protect user safety and privacy or an unsafe scam operation.

User Reviews of

One of the best ways to gauge the safety and reputation of a dating site is by examining user reviews from those who have experience using it.

Here is an overview of Netflings com reviews from various sources:

  • SiteJabber – 2 out of 5 stars based on 29 user reviews. Positive reviews mention easy signup and navigation. Negative reviews cite fake profiles, being unable to delete accounts, and poor customer service.
  • Consumer Affairs – 1 out of 5 stars based on 17 reviews. Most reviews allege the site is overrun with fake profiles and scammers, making it impossible to find a real match. Some mention difficulties canceling memberships.
  • Review Sites – Reviews on sites like and paint Netflings negatively. Users report scammers, inactive accounts, fake profiles, and an inability to delete profiles.
  • App Store – The Netflings app has a 2.1 out 5 stars based on 94 ratings. Users largely complain about the poor quality of matches and large numbers of inactive profiles/scammers.

Overall, user reviews from a variety of credible sources point to consistent issues with fake profiles, scammers, and inactive accounts on Netflings. While a few positive reviews exist, the majority of experiences reported are negative. This raises red flags about the safety and legitimacy of using this platform.

Privacy Protections and Safety Tips

For an online dating site to provide a secure user experience, it must implement adequate privacy protections and provide safety recommendations.

Here is an overview of the policies and tips Netflings has in place:

  • Privacy Policy – Netflings does have a posted privacy policy detailing their data collection and sharing practices. Users can choose to opt-out of data sharing with third parties.
  • Photo Privacy – User photos are protected and can only be viewed by matched members after mutual consent. Members can also choose to have private photo albums only visible after additional consent.
  • Safety Tips – Netflings provides basic safety tips like not sharing personal contact info in profiles and reporting suspicious users. However, the safety advice is limited compared to other dating sites.
  • Blocking/Reporting – The site does allow for blocking and reporting other users. However, multiple reviews cite that blocked users can still view profiles and that reporting fake profiles is ineffective.
  • Sharing Contact Information – Netflings recommends users do not share contact information like phone numbers, emails, or social media in their profile. This can help avoid moving too quickly off the platform with someone who may not be genuine.

In summary, Netflings implements some basic privacy options and safety tips that are standard in the online dating industry. However, based on user reviews, these protections may not be adequately enforced or effective at removing fake accounts from the platform.

Transparency of Business Practices

A transparent dating website is upfront about its business practices, pricing, and ownership details so users can make informed decisions.

Here are some important details about Netflings:

  • Pricing – Pricing and subscription options are clearly listed. They offer free membership as well as packages from 1-12 months, which is common among dating sites.
  • Features – The features included in free versus paid subscriptions are detailed plainly on their pricing page. However, some user reviews allege core features like messaging are actually limited even for paying users.
  • Contact Details – Netflings does not provide a company address, phone number, or customer support email on its website. The only contact method is via an online contact form.
  • Ownership – Specific owner or corporate details are not shared publicly. The website is registered privately through DomainsByProxy, LLC which hides the owner’s identity.
  • Location – The website does not share details on where its parent company is physically located or operated from. Based on the .com domain, it is likely located in the United States or North America.

In summary, the transparency of Netflings’ business practices is mixed. While pricing and plans are explained, contact information and ownership details are obscured. Combined with user reviews claiming features are misrepresented, this creates some doubt about the trustworthiness of the business side of this platform.

Scam Warnings and Alerts

Several online scam detection tools and watchdog sites have posted warnings advising caution towards Netflings:

  • ScamDetector – Rates Netflings as “Unknown” and a potential scam risk. Its detection algorithm flags the website as medium risk.
  • ScamAdviser – Gives Netflings a very high 75% scam score. Notes suspicious privacy practices and profile data sources.
  • PissedConsumer – Multiple reviews reporting Netflings as a scam website overrun with fake dating profiles.
  • ConsumerAffairs – Lists Netflings as one of the Top 5 fake dating websites in their scam alert article. They advise extreme caution when using this platform.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) – Netflings currently has an unstable and poor BBB rating due to their marketing tactics and advertising being flagged as exaggerated earnings claims.

The consensus from scam detection sites is that Netflings exhibits multiple high-risk indicators such as lack of transparency, inflated claims of member numbers, and suspected fake profiles. These credible sources recommend exercising extreme caution and skepticism when using this dating platform.

Status of the Company

To better understand the legitimacy of the company operating Netflings, we can examine its legal registration status and place of operations:

  • Business Address – Netflings does not share an official address or corporate headquarters. The website is registered privately so the address is obscured.
  • Company Registration – There is no clear information available on what entity legally owns or operates the Netflings website or where they are incorporated as a business.
  • Operational History – Domain registration information shows the Netflings com domain was created in 2009. This aligns with their reported launch date, indicating over a decade of operation.
  • Employee Information – There are no employee profiles or information available on who actually builds and manages the Netflings platform.
  • Social Media Presence – Netflings does maintain active social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. However, these are primarily used for marketing rather than transparency.

In summary, there is a significant lack of verifiable information on the legal business registration, ownership, and operations behind the Netflings website and company. This opacity is concerning in assessing trust and business practices.

Is Netflings Safe? Key Takeaways

By examining multiple criteria like user reviews, privacy protections, scam warnings, and company reputation, we can make some evidence-based conclusions about the safety and trustworthiness of using

  • Many Negative Reviews – The majority of user reviews from across the web report negative experiences and claim Netflings is unsafe for dating. Repeat issues include scammers and fake inactive profiles.
  • Questionable Privacy Protections – While Netflings does have privacy policies in place, user reviews indicate these are ineffective or fail to protect their personal data from misuse.
  • **High Scam Risk **- The site exhibits multiple red flags for scams according to scam detection sites, including lack of transparency, inflated user numbers, and suspected fake profiles.
  • Unknown Company Status – Very limited verifiable information is available on the legal business registration and ownership behind Netflings, harming its trustworthiness.

Overall, there are considerable grounds to approach use of Netflings com with extreme caution and skepticism. The preponderance of evidence suggests there are significant risks to users in terms of privacy, safety, and the likelihood of encountering fake dating profiles or outright scams.

Other more transparent dating platforms with better reputations may be safer options for finding relationships online. Individuals should be cautious sharing personal information quickly on Netflings and report any suspicious activity.

Tips for Safely Using Online Dating Sites

While tools like Netflings are risky, there are steps you can take to date online more safely:

  • Thoroughly research any dating site using reviews and scamdetection tools before joining. Only use reputable, well-known platforms.
  • Do not share personal contact information like phone number, email, or address in your dating profile. Keep communications on the platform.
  • Conduct reverse image searches on profile pictures to detect fake accounts using stock or stolen photos. Ask for additional photos/videos that would be hard to fake.
  • Use video chat early on to validate who you are talking to matches their profile and mannerisms. Do not send money to online-only relationships.
  • Look for signs of scammer behavior like quickly claiming strong feelings, tragic life events, overseas locations, or requests for financial help.
  • Monitor your privacy controls and report fake accounts or suspicious behavior. But have realistic expectations that no site is perfect at preventing scams.
  • When meeting in person, pick a public place and tell friends/family your plans. Don’t drink anything that could be tampered with.

Following these tips diligently can help you have safer experiences and interactions on legitimate dating platforms. Always use good judgment since scammers regularly evolve their tactics.


Finding love and connections online comes with both opportunities and risks. Unfortunately, Netflings com exhibits numerous red flags through negative user reviews and high-risk scam factors that make its safety and legitimacy highly questionable for users seeking relationships.

While no dating site can prevent all risks, those with more transparency, safety protections, and positive reputations are more likely to provide positive experiences. Given its concerning indicators, extreme caution is warranted for those considering using Netflings com compared to more reputable alternatives. Stay vigilant and put your safety first when navigating the world of online dating.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions related to the safety of

Q: Is Netflings com completely free to use?

A: Netflings does offer free membership, but capabilities are limited. To use features like unlimited messaging and see full profile photos, a paid subscription is required. Packages range from 1-12 months, costing $30-360.

Q: Does Netflings do background checks on members?

A: Unlike some dating platforms, there is no evidence Netflings conducts background checks or formally verifies the identity of its members beyond requiring an email address to sign up.

Q: Can I safely give out my personal contact information on Netflings?

A: No, cybersecurity experts warn against sharing personal contact information like phone numbers, social media profiles, email addresses or home addresses within online dating profiles as it can facilitate stalking, harassment, or identity theft if shared with bad actors.

Q: Does Netflings share my personal data with third parties?

A: Netflings does share certain user data like age, gender, and location with third party advertisers as detailed in their Privacy Policy. Users can opt-out but some data sharing still occurs by default upon signing up.

Q: How do I delete my Netflings account?

A: In Account Settings, you can select “Delete Account” which claims to erase your profile and data. However, multiple concerning user reviews report still being able to access deleted accounts, indicating this may not work properly.

Q: Can I get a refund if I don’t find any real matches on Netflings?

A: The website does not guarantee users will successfully match or meet romantic partners. Their refund policy states payments are non-refundable once an account is created regardless of match outcomes.

Table: Summary of Safety Criteria Ratings for

User ReviewsNegativeMost reviews cite scams and fake profiles
Privacy ProtectionsWeakContact info sharing is allowed and common
TransparencyLowOwnership and location obscured
Scam WarningsHigh RiskFlagged by multiple scam sites as unsafe
Company LegitimacyUnverifiableNo registered legal business info available

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