Who is Luke Sandoe? Why Did He Die?

The stories of very young bodybuilders and wrestling people dying due to a lot of unknown reasons are troubling those who are fans of this activity and game. Luke Sandoe is a very young, energetic, vibrant individual who gained a lot of fans in a very short period with this excellent, sculpted body, but what goes behind the quick bodybuilding of these wrestlers is what forms the major question of the hour. 

It is generally advised to not harm your internal organ mechanism in the process of building your body.

Who is Luke Sandoe?

Luke Sandoe is one of the top and successful bodybuilders who are based out of the United Kingdom. Luke’s dream of entering into bodybuilding arena began when he was around 20 years old. However, the seed for inspiration was sown during his teens when he went in awe looking at the muscular sculpted bodies of superheroes in the comic books. In his early twenties, Luke started training himself and took up a lot of supplements to get the body he had dreamt of.

Luke always believes that consistency is the key to growing your muscles and abs. He always prioritises heavy exercises. One could find a lot of pictures of Luke floating around in health magazines. He is around 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs around 115 kgs. Luke is only 30 years old and was married to his girlfriend and they have two kids, a son, and a daughter. 

Though he is separated from his wife, he loves to spend time with his kids. He takes them on adventure trips. Apart from bodybuilding, Sandoe also loves dogs and playing drums. 

On the professional side, Luke has won many awards and medals. He bagged first place at the south coast in 2012.Juniors championship. He made it to first place at Men’s 100 kg Welsh Grand Prix. 

Speculations behind Luke’s death

On May 7th, 2020, Luke Sandoe was reported to be dead. He was only 30 years old when he died. There were a lot of speculations behind the untimely death of this excellent bodybuilder. 

The mortal remains of Luke were found at his residence in the UK. Most of his fans assumed that his death could have been caused due to severe steroid abuse that led to health complications and eventually it led to death. 

Some media sources reveal that a few of his friends have commented on his mental health being disrupted very badly that he was battling with inner demons that eventually made Luke commit suicide to end his life, but it is not officially confirmed that Luke has committed suicide and ended his life. 

There are a lot of media outlets, which stated that his family members have let out the news that Luke has died due to a massive heart failure. 

When one could spot a lot of reasons floating around, it is indeed a huge loss to the bodybuilding fraternity to have lost such an amazing bodybuilder. 

Why do bodybuilders die from heart-related issues and heart attacks?

 The most common question which is triggering everyone is how could someone who rigorously exercises to maintain health dies of heart-related ailments and issues. Generally, a heart attack is caused due to plaque formation and the artery damage leads to bleeding. 

When bleeding occurs for a prolonged period, clotting occurs, which blocks the blood flowing via that artery. The heart muscle is supplied by the respective artery and the supply of oxygen gets disrupted.

The rigorous exercise can help in stabilizing plaques but it cannot prevent them from forming. 

A healthy diet does not aid in the formation of plaque. But when the bodybuilder consumes a lot of steroids, it leads to a lot of plaque formation; sometimes enlargement of the heart also occurs which leads to irregularity in a heartbeat that eventually causes death. 

Bodybuilders not only die due to heart attacks. They also died due to a lot of other reasons, like organ failure. Bodybuilders build a physique by carrying heavyweights and they undergo a lot of intense workouts and they push their body to certain limits which demand more supply of oxygen and it is a well-known fact that it is found in our blood. 

The heart is required to pump the blood at high speed and it has to do it at twice the speed of the bodybuilders. The heart is made of muscles. 

Excessive exercises cause some strain on these muscles as well. If you take X-rays of a person with no athletic or bodybuilding history, and a person with a bodybuilding background, you could see quite a difference in the shape and structure of the heart, which is not a healthy sign.

Why do regulations need to be in place for bodybuilders?

 A lot of deaths are seen these days due to the unhealthy consumption of growth hormones by bodybuilders, which is leading to their death. A rules-based body to regulate Bodybuilding activity has to be in place to prevent these kinds of mishaps. 

Just like how the athletes are made to undergo tests as to whether they have consumed steroids or not, to better up their performance, a similar test should also be conducted for the bodybuilders to know if they have consumed steroids or not. 

Luke Sandoe is a very good human and his loss has created a huge vacuum in the fraternity of bodybuilding. The budding youngsters have taken a lot of clues from his life as to what one should do and should not do.


Did Luke hire a personal trainer?

Luke Sandoe had a combination of both personal training and professional training. He generally prefers personal training. 

Was bodybuilding the only source of income for Luke?

No, Luke had other interests like music and adventure sports. He made his living by playing drums before entering into bodybuilding. 

What are the other activities Luke is known for? 

Luke constantly promotes a healthy lifestyle by providing a lot of valuable content to health magazines. 

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