Mike Lindell Net Worth 2021, Age, Wife, & Career

There are a lot of lesser-known American politicians who have created a niche for themselves and provided the best they could for their fellow citizens. Mike Lindell is also known as Michael James Lindell was born in the year 1961. He is fondly called My Pillow guy. Mike has several feathers on his hat like a businessman, political activist, and theorist. 

The reason why he’s called My Pillow Guy is that he founded My Pillow, which is a pillow manufacturing company. 

Apart from this, Mike also runs a non-profit organization by the name Lindell Foundation. The core aim of this organization is to help drug addicts to come out of their addiction by the provision like treatments and other kinds of services. 

Mike wanted to bring about this foundation because of his past experiences with his addiction and how he connected himself with god that helped relieve himself from this drug addiction. 

Mike Lindell Wife 

Mike got married and got divorced after having 2 kids. He entered into a prenuptial agreement before marrying his partner with whom the marriage didn’t last even 2 years. 

Why is Lindell on the news? 

Lindell has always been a very ardent supporter of the former United States President, Donald Trump. After Trump got defeated in the year 2020, Lindell played a very vital role in financing and supporting the part of Trump and in overturning the election results. He spread a lot of conspiracy theories without having any proper evidence and spread the news about electoral fraud of that respective election. Lindell is also being an active ambassador for the Oleandrin which is seen as one of the top alternative medicine cures for Covid-19.

Career and professional achievements

Lindell launched a lot of small businesses like lunch wagons, carpet cleaning, bars, and restaurants in and around Minnesota. 

Lindell began his venture My Pillow in the year 2004 and ensured that his business grew into a very huge Minnesota pillow manufacturing firm. In the year 2017, Better Business Bureau reclaimed the accreditation provided to My Pillow thereby it lowered its rating among the buyers. 

The company regained the customer base by announcing a buy one; get one offer which became a very usual sight at this particular store. In the year 2021, a lot of retail outlets stop selling My Pillow products. Lindell ensured that his son Darren took over the position of Chief Operating Officer due to his political ambitions. 

Frank website

In 2021, around March, Lindell was into launching a social media platform which he says is a cross between Twitter and YouTube. He named this particular website Frank. Frank was launched in 2021 around April, but it was experiencing a lot of technical issues. Their website has very few to no social networking options. 

Lindell reveals that he has spent a lot of money on developing the website. A lot of media outlets say that Lindell had pulled in a lot of money into developing this particular website, just to spread his conspiracy theories. 

Philanthropic activities

When his company, My Pillow was doing well, Lindell made a lot of donations to the Salvation Army and other kinds of organizations. Lindell also founded Lindell Foundation, a nonprofit organization that works towards eliminating the lives of former drug addicts. They get treated and avail all the services offered by this particular foundation grew immensely over time. In the year, 2019, the Lindell recovery network was launched to help drug addicts.

This particular network allows people to find out the right mentor by entering details like age. The recovery network has connections with over 3500 centers. 

Lindell revealed that instead of focusing on pointing out and telling a person is a drug addict, he wants to emphasize the fact of healing the drug addicts. 

Political Career of Lindell 

The political career of Lindell began around President Donald Trump’s election in the year 2016. Lindell and Trump met and Lindell became an ardent supporter of the Prez. Lindell can’t stop himself from calling Trump one of the most amazing presidents America has ever seen in history. This statement was put out after Trump won the elections in the year 2016. They are 2016. 

Lindell actively participated in the presidential debate in Las Vegas. He voiced out at the Trump campaign in Minnesota in 2016. Trump and Lindell spoke very highly of each other ever since they happen to pose together for media outlets. In the year 2019, Lindell wanted to bring a stop to the increasing opioid crisis. 

Since Lindell was actively involved in bringing a full stop to drug addiction, he joined hands with Lindell to bring an end to opioid addiction didn’t come as a huge surprise. In the year 2020 Lindell’s pillow manufacturing company had revealed that they are into manufacturing face masks. Lindell appeared alongside President Trump at a press conference. 

Mike Lindell Net worth

Mike Lindell net worth is around 100 million U.S. dollars. He has expanded his products and ensured it has a good reach among the buyers. His company generates around 200 million U.S. dollars in revenue per annum. 

My pillow products are widely used among US households owing to their quality and less price. A lot of people have doubts as to whether the net worth of Mike went down after he was convicted of a lot of false news spreading and banned from Twitter. Mike Lindell supporting President Donald Trump has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. 

Lindell constantly voices that Trump’s defeat was planned and his victory was stolen from him. This led to a lot of defamation lawsuits being famed against the person and he was banned from Twitter. Lindell also heads Phoenix biotechnology, a company that is into producing Oleandrin, an alternative cure for covid-19. 

Around 1.3 billion US Dollars was the amount fixed as fine in the election campaign. 

A lot of media Outlets say that Mike Lindell just uses his political persona to double up his business. Even the false election campaign conducted by him is a gimmick to boost his business revenue and enhance the marketing for his company. 


Did Lindell hold any designation under the presidency of Donald Trump? 

No, Mike never held any designation under President Donald Trump party. But he was seen actively participating in a lot of events and conferences hosted by the president. 

Did Lindell use his political ambitions to boost his business?

Lindell’s company was already doing well before he ventured into politics, however, mixed reviews are seen as to whether the political image has helped him upending his business. 

Did Mike Linville completely come out of his addiction?

Yes, Mike reveals that he is sober ever since 2009. 

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