Four years ago, opioid overdose nearly killed Matthew Perry

Four years ago, Matthew Perry was in grave danger.

In an interview, actor Matthew Perry discussed his battle with substance misuse, including an overdose on opioids that nearly took his life four years ago. The actor, now 53 years old, opened out about his battles with substance abuse in an interview with the most current cover story of People.

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His biography Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing is about these experiences.

Perry almost died at the age of 49 when his colon burst due to opiate addiction, as he describes in the opening chapter of his memoir. In addition to his two weeks in a coma and five months in the hospital, he said he had to use a colostomy bag for the next nine months.

The patient went on to claim, “The physicians told my family that I had a 2 per cent chance to live,” referring to the prognosis he was given by medical professionals during his initial hospital admission. My condition necessitated the use of an ECMO machine to support my failing heart and lungs.

His drinking troubles began when he was 24 years old and cast on Friends in the early 1990s. I think I’d be able to handle that. Still, by the time I was 34, I had gotten myself into a number of tight spots. Specifically, Perry made the remark. Still, there were times when I was completely sober at the moment. The final season of the show aired in 2002, and Perry referred to that year as “the year that I remained sober the whole way through.” “I bet you can’t guess when I was nominated for best actor! I assumed that meant something because of that.

At his lowest point, the actor weighed 128 pounds and consumed 55 Vicodin a day; he has been upfront about his struggles with addiction throughout his time on the show. In his own words, “I didn’t know how to stop,” Perry explained. If the police came to my home and said they were going to arrest me if I drank tonight, I’d start packing right away. My disease and addiction were progressive, so there was no way for me to stop. As a result, the condition worsens over time.

According to Matthew Perry, his fellow cast members couldn’t have been more encouraging. Members of the cast included Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc. I guess they’re like penguins. In the wild, if one of the penguins gets hurt or sick, the others will rally around it and help it get back on its feet. They will continue to avoid the penguin until it is mobile on its own. Some of that work was done for me by the cast.

If he’s being completely honest, all he really wants is to see tomorrow. His reasoning was that he didn’t want to revert to anonymity, so he waited to tell you till then. In order to put these thoughts to paper, I had to be pretty safely sober and no longer aggressively fighting alcoholism and addiction. Additionally, I thought it would be helpful to other people.

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