Meghan Trainor Shed 60 Pounds After Pregnancy

Meghan Trainor revealed she was in a “really sad place” after the birth of her son Riley last year. She was “like, over 200 pounds when I C-sectioned him out,” the “Made You Look” singer said.

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So, here’s how I put it: “I wasn’t feeling well. Since I’ve never had sutures before, the prospect of a C-section scar has left me feeling quite down, and I’d like to improve my mood for the sake of my son.

Weight Loss: Meghan Trainor’s Secret

Trainor said that she lost almost 60 pounds due to a change in her diet and exercise programme. She realised, “If I can make it through a C-section, I can make it through anything.” She then went on to say that she had challenged herself daily and worked hard.

I gave it my all, and after a couple of weeks I could feel the pounds disappearing. What I meant to convey was, “I’m battling,” and that was that.

“I also learned what portions indicate and that I do like wholesome meals,” she concluded.

She learned firsthand on the trip how exercise can boost one’s mood.

Both Trainor and Sabara are in their thirties, but they only just shared the news that they are expecting their second child together.

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