Two years of “private” dating resulted in a covert marriage, according to Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico.

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In 2020, during the Miss Grand International competition, 26-year-old Mariana Varela of Argentina and 22-year-old Fabiola Valentn of Puerto Rico met for the first time. They both placed in the top 10 at MGI.

On Sunday, the 2020 Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico winners made the happy announcement on Instagram that they were getting married.

They shared frequent social media posts about their connection but never discussed anything beyond that.

The two beauty queens published an Instagram Reel announcing their engagement and wedding to their combined 245,000 followers.

Although we made the decision to keep our relationship between us private, we still wanted to make sure they were a part of this special occasion.

Laws legalising same-sex marriage have been passed in Argentina (2010) and Puerto Rico (2015).

Multiple users defended the couple, calling their coupling “the finest that Miss Grand has given us!”

Source: Google Trend