Accessing the MyCoverageInfo Agent Direct Secure Portal: A Guide for Agents and Policyholders

MyCoverageInfo agent, is an online insurance platform that allows agents, carriers, and policyholders to manage insurance information and documentation. The Direct Secure Portal on MyCoverageInfo gives agents and policyholders secure access to review policy details, update insurance evidence, check payment status, and submit new documentation. This comprehensive guide will walk through how to access the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal and take advantage of its features.

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Overview of MyCoverageInfo

MyCoverageInfo serves as a central hub for insurance policy management. The platform aims to improve communication between agents, carriers, and policyholders by providing a shared system for insurance documentation.

Some key features of MyCoverageInfo include:

  • Document storage – Agents, carriers, and policyholders can upload insurance documents like policy declaration pages, ID cards, vehicle registrations, and more. All documentation is stored securely on the platform.
  • Real-time updates – When new documentation is added or policy details change, updates are reflected on MyCoverageInfo in real-time. This keeps all parties aligned on the latest insurance information.
  • Status tracking – Users can check the status of payments, policy changes, document reviews, and other updates. This transparency helps resolve issues quickly.
  • Alerts – Automatic email or SMS alerts can be configured to notify users of important updates like policy expiration, cancellation notices, etc.
  • Reporting – Users can generate reports on demand to analyze policy inventories, document expirations, and other insurance insights.
  • API integration – MyCoverageInfo has APIs to allow easy integration with insurance agency management systems, carrier policy systems, and other platforms.

The Direct Secure Portal provides the gateway for agents and policyholders to unlock these features.

Accessing the Direct Secure Portal as an Insurance Agent

Insurance agents can access policy information and manage documentation for their clients through the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and click on the “Agent” tab.
  2. Enter your MyCoverageInfo username and password and click “Log In”.
  3. You will be directed to the Agents Dashboard. This overview page displays open tasks, important notifications, and quick links.
  4. To view policy details, click “Policies” from the left navigation menu.
  5. Use the policy search bar to lookup a specific policy by client name, policy number, VIN, or other details. You can also filter and sort policies.
  6. Click on a policy to access the Policy Overview page. Here you can see all documents, check status, add notes, and more.
  7. To update a policy, click “Update Policy” and upload new documents or adjust policy details.
  8. The activity feed will show real-time updates as changes are made to policies.
  9. Use the alerts icon to configure email or SMS notifications for key policy events.
  10. Click your name in the top right and select “Account” to update your user profile or change password.

Following these instructions provides full access to the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal for insurance agents. This allows efficient policy management in one centralized platform.

Accessing the Direct Secure Portal as a Policyholder

Policyholders can also access MyCoverageInfo to view their policy documents, check status, and submit updates.

Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and click the “Policyholder” tab.
  2. Click “Register” if this is your first time on MyCoverageInfo. Enter your email, name, and create a password.
  3. Check your email for a confirmation link and click to complete registration.
  4. On the policyholder dashboard, click “Add Policy” in the right sidebar.
  5. Enter your policy details including carrier, policy number, VIN, effective date, and expiration date.
  6. Upload your current policy documents like the declarations page, ID card, and vehicle registration.
  7. Click “Submit” and your agent will review the details. Once approved, you will have access.
  8. To return in the future, just log in at and your policy will be listed on the dashboard.
  9. Click on your policy name to view documents, check status, add notes for your agent, and receive alerts.
  10. To update the policy with new documents or details, use the “Update Policy” button.

This allows policyholders to have full transparency into their policy and simplifies management. Communicating with your agent through MyCoverageInfo helps ensure proper policy coverage.

Key Features and Tools on the Direct Secure Portal

The MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal provides robust tools for managing policies online.

Key features include:

  • Document storage – Agents, carriers, and policyholders can upload insurance documents in one centralized platform for easy access. Supported formats include PDF, JPG, PNG, and more.
  • Collaboration – The portal enables real-time communication between all parties through messaging, notes, and document sharing.
  • Reporting – Users can generate reports on policy inventories, expiring documents, liability gaps, and other analytics.
  • Tasks – Assignable tasks to carriers, clients, or staff help track processes and ensure completion of policy updates.
  • Notifications – Configure SMS or email alerts for policy expirations, cancellations, endorsements, and other critical events.
  • API integration – MyCoverageInfo offers APIs to integrate the Direct Secure Portal with external systems used by agencies and carriers.
  • White labeling – Agents and carriers can white label the MyCoverageInfo platform with custom branding and messaging.
  • Access controls – Manage user roles and permissions to control access to sensitive policy information and tools.

Leveraging these robust features enables optimized insurance policy management through the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal.

MyCoverageInfo Portal Terms of Use and Security

As part of accessing the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal, it’s important to understand the platform’s Terms of Use and security controls.

The Terms of Use outline appropriate use of the portal and user responsibilities.

Key terms include:

  • Requiring lawful use of the platform and adherence to its policies.
  • Prohibiting sharing of user login credentials.
  • Disclaiming warranties provided by MyCoverageInfo.
  • Agreement to indemnify MyCoverageInfo of third party claims.
  • Consent to communicate via phone, email, text for service messages.
  • Allowing MyCoverageInfo to maintain and use collected data per privacy policy.

Agents and policyholders should read and consent to the full Terms of Use when accessing the portal.

For security, MyCoverageInfo leverages:

  • Encryption of sensitive personal data, documents, and financial information.
  • User authentication requirements including multifactor authentication options.
  • Role-based access controls to limit data and tool access.
  • Monitoring to detect suspicious activity combined with regular auditing.
  • Secure cloud hosting and backups to prevent data loss.
  • Industry standard compliance including SOC-2.

The Terms of Use and robust security measures allow clients, agents, and carriers to confidently use the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Direct Secure Portal

Many agents and policyholders have questions when first accessing the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Q: Is there a cost to use MyCoverageInfo?

A: MyCoverageInfo offers free limited access to view policies. Full document management capabilities require paid plans for agents and carriers. Policyholders access is free.

Q: What web browser is required?

A: The MyCoverageInfo portal works on modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Q: Can the portal integrate with my agency management system?

A: Yes, MyCoverageInfo offers APIs to integrate with most major agency systems like Applied, HawkSoft, Vertafore, and others.

Q: Who owns the data and documents uploaded?

A: All data and documents remain the property of the uploading agency, carrier, or policyholder. MyCoverageInfo simply hosts the platform.

Q: Is mobile access available?

A: Yes, MyCoverageInfo offers native iOS and Android apps to access policies on-the-go. Simply download from your device’s app store.

Q: Can users be deactivated?

A: Agency and carrier admins can deactivate user accounts through the access controls panel if employees leave or need to be removed.

Q: What support options are available?

A: MyCoverageInfo provides email and phone support during business hours. Live chat and support ticketing are coming soon.

These are just some common questions about the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal. Feel free to contact the support team with any other questions.


The MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal provides a powerful platform for agents, carriers, and policyholders to optimize insurance policy management.

Key takeaways include:

  • Access for agents and policyholders through secure login at
  • Tools for document management, status tracking, reporting, and collaboration
  • Configuration of alerts and notifications for critical policy events
  • Integration options via API with external agency and carrier platforms
  • Support for modern browsers and mobile devices
  • Security measures like encryption safeguard sensitive data
  • Free access for policyholders and affordable paid plans for agencies/carriers

Leveraging the portal streamlines communication, provides transparency into policies, and helps ensure proper coverage. Both agents and policyholders are encouraged to register and take advantage of the benefits of the MyCoverageInfo Direct Secure Portal.

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