How To Access StaffLinQ Through the Secure Web Portal, Android App, and Apple App

StaffLinQ is a powerful workforce management system that allows employees to view schedules, request time off, pick up shifts, and communicate with managers. There are three main ways to access StaffLinQ: through the secure web portal, the Android app, or the Apple iOS app. This comprehensive guide will provide step-by-step instructions for accessing StaffLinQ through each method.

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Accessing StaffLinQ Through the Secure Web Portal

The StaffLinQ web portal provides full functionality and is optimized for use on a desktop or laptop computer. It’s the best way to get the complete StaffLinQ experience. Here’s how to access StaffLinQ through the secure web portal:

Step 1: Go to the StaffLinQ Website

Open your preferred web browser and go to This is the login page for the StaffLinQ web portal.

Step 2: Enter Your Login Credentials

On the StaffLinQ login page, enter your username and password. These credentials should have been provided to you by your manager or administrator. If you don’t have login credentials, contact your manager.

Step 3: Select Your Location

After logging in, you will be asked to select your location. Choose the appropriate location from the dropdown menu.

Step 4: You’re In!

Once you’ve entered your credentials and selected your location, you’ll be taken to the StaffLinQ web portal homepage. From here, you have access to your schedule, time-off requests, shift trades, messages, and more.

Web Portal Features

The StaffLinQ web portal provides the full range of features, including:

  • Viewing your schedule and shifts
  • Trading shifts with coworkers
  • Bidding for open shifts
  • Requesting time off
  • Setting your availability
  • Sending messages to managers
  • Getting notifications

You can take advantage of all these features and more through the intuitive web interface. The web portal is optimized for completing complex tasks like managing your availability and planning time off.

Accessing StaffLinQ via the Android App

StaffLinQ also offers a free Android app that allows quick access from any Android device. Here’s how to get set up with StaffLinQ for Android:

Step 1: Install the Android App

On your Android device, open the Google Play Store. Search for “StaffLinQ” and install the app published by StaffLinQ Inc. Alternatively, click this link to go directly to the app:

Step 2: Open the StaffLinQ App and Log In

Once installed, open the StaffLinQ app. On the login screen, enter the same username and password you use for the web portal.

Step 3: Select Your Location

After logging in, select your work location. Then you’ll be taken to the home screen.

Android App Features

The StaffLinQ Android app makes it easy to:

  • View your upcoming schedule
  • Pick up open shifts
  • Drop shifts
  • Request time off
  • Get notifications about schedule changes
  • Read and send messages

The Android app provides convenient access for many daily tasks like checking the schedule or communicating with managers.

Accessing StaffLinQ via the Apple iOS App

Staff LinQ also provides an iOS app for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. Here’s how to get started with StaffLinQ’s iOS app:

Step 1: Install the iOS App

On your Apple device, open the App Store. Search for “StaffLinQ” and install the app by Staff LinQ Inc. You can also use this direct link:

Step 2: Open the StaffLinQ App and Log In

Once installed, open the Staff LinQ app. On the login screen, enter your username and password.

Step 3: Select Your Location

After logging in, choose your work location. Then you’ll be taken to the home screen.

iOS App Features

The Staff LinQ iOS app allows you to:

  • View schedules
  • Pick up, drop, or swap shifts
  • Request time off
  • Set availability
  • Get notifications
  • Communicate with managers

The iOS app is optimized for iPhones and iPads, giving you on-the-go access to schedules, shift trades, and messaging.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accessing StaffLinQ

Here are answers to some common questions about accessing Staff LinQ through the web portal, Android app, and iOS app:

What if I forget my StaffLinQ password?

Contact your manager or administrator to reset your password. You can also use the “Forgot Password” link on the login screens.

Is the mobile app or web portal better?

The web portal provides the full range of features and is best for complex tasks. The mobile apps are great for quick access and notifications. Use both to get the full experience!

What if I don’t see my location available?

Double check with your manager that your location was set up properly in StaffLinQ. If it wasn’t, contact your administrator to fix this.

Do I have to download both mobile apps?

No, you can just use whichever app works best for your mobile device – Android or iOS. There’s no need to get both.

What do I do if I’m locked out of my account?

If you enter the wrong password too many times, your account may be temporarily locked for security reasons. Contact your administrator to unlock your account.

Can I access Staff LinQ on multiple devices?

Yes, you can access your account through both the web portal and mobile apps. Your schedule, requests, and data will sync across devices.

Is there a way to use Staff LinQ offline?

No, you need an internet connection to access Staff LinQ through the web or mobile apps. There is no offline mode available.


Staff LinQ offers employees an easy way to manage schedules, shifts, time off requests, and work communication. By using the secure web portal, Android app, or iOS app, employees can access Staff LinQ from anywhere at any time.

Key takeaways include:

  • Use the web portal on a desktop or laptop for full access to features.
  • Download the Android app from the Google Play Store for convenient mobile access.
  • Download the iOS app from the Apple App Store to use Staff LinQ on iPhones or iPads.
  • Log in to all versions with your standard username and password.
  • The apps and web portal sync, so your information is consistent across platforms.

With these simple steps, you can start leveraging the power of StaffLinQ to better manage your work schedule and communication. Convenient mobile access ensures you stay up to date no matter where you are. Take control of your schedule with Staff LinQ today!

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