What Is MyHCL

MyHCL space simplifies your formalities and your medical follow-up or that of your child in connection with the Hospices Civils de Lyon: admission formalities, online appointment booking, access to your reports and examination results, follow-up of your symptoms in connection with caregivers, reminders related to your care pathway.

How Do I Change My Email, Phone Number, And Password? Unsubscribe?

Click on the button at the top right and select the desired section:

  • You have received your MyHCL login credentials.
  • Enter your email address and type your password on the virtual keyboard, then click on “Connect.”

What should I do if I have lost my password?

  • Click on “forgotten password” and follow the procedure to reset your password.
  • Enter the temporary access code received by SMS, then click on “Validate.”

By creating your MyHCL account, you will be able to:

  1. Make appointments at the Hospices Civils de Lyon
  2. Access your medical reports and test results
  3. Transmit your symptoms or the documents valid for your follow-up to the caregivers
  4. Save time by no longer going through the admissions office each time you come
  5. Update your health insurance and any change in the situation

Create Your Account In Just A Few Clicks:

  • Have your email address and your visit number ready (present on the label has given on entering the establishment).
  • From your smartphone or computer, connect to the site https://MyHCL.sante-ra.fr/ or use an electronic terminal present in the waiting room or at the admissions office.
  • Click on “Create an account”.
  • Answer the various questions and enter the information requested.

Congratulations, your account has been successfully created!

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How To Receive My Access Code By Email?

Click on the link “I do not receive my temporary access code”.

The access code is sent by SMS by default if you provide a mobile number when registering.

MyHCL, My First Steps

1. Open your private MyHCL area

2. Click on the menu then on the Appointments page

3. Click

4. Research the professional or discipline

5. If necessary, filter on an establishment to reduce the number of responses

6. Create the appointment request

7. You will be notified in MyHCL inbox when your request is processed.

Your Appointment Will Be Visible On The Appointments Page.

Before each of your consultations and hospitalizations, your rights to social security, mutual insurance and coverage are checked; if a supporting document is no longer up to date or missing, your e-admission risks being refused.

The designation of your attending physician is also checked; remember to declare it!

1. Open your private MyHCL area

2. Click on the Social page

3. Fill in the different sections

4. Scan and attach your supporting documents

If your address has changed

1. Click on the Identity page

2. Then, on the Coordinates tab

Do not forget to declare your attending physician

1. Click on the Contacts page

2. Click then click

3. Find and add your doctor

Registration for MyHCL is possible for all patients who have been to the least once at the Hospices Civils de Lyon.

1. Go to the MyHCL website: https://MyHCL.sante-ra.fr

2. Click

3. Answer the proposed questions according to your situation

4. Enter the requested information regarding your visit.

5. Enter the connection information you wish to use, then click on

6. After verifying the information entered, the account will be automatically created.

Registration concerns your child.

If you already have a MyHCL account, fill in your account’s email address when registering your child. A private space with the latter’s name will then be added to your account.

When your child reaches the age of majority, access to his private space will be automatically withdrawn. He will have to make a new registration to manage his account himself and will find all his data.

Registration is for a parent.

If a parent wishes to let you manage their MyHCL account, and you already have a MyHCL account, fill in the email address, telephone number and password of your account when registering.

If you have already come to the HCL and you have a label or an invoice issued by the Hospices Civils de Lyon.

Can we request an appointment for someone who does not have a MyHCL account?

Yes! On the home page of the MyHCL website: https://MyHCL.sante-ra.fr, click on Make an appointment.

Follow the steps of the appointment request. Choose to receive the response by email or by MyHCL.

What is an e-admission?

E-admission allows you to avoid going to the admissions office before your next appointment.

Who can benefit from the e-admission service?

E-admission is possible if you are affiliated with a security regime

Social insurance from the Sésam-Vitale* group and if you have either mutual insurance or 100% charge. For the list of social security schemes of the Sésam-Vitale group, consult the MyHCL FAQ.

Which appointments are affected by e-admission?

Consultation and imaging appointments in departments where MyHCL is used.

Attention! Not all services are affected.

Where can I get my labels?

If your administrative data is up to date, your administrative file will be created, and your

the consultation service will print labels.

An email or an SMS will be sent to you to tell you whether or not you should go to the admissions office before your appointment.