If you have booked a trip with MYAIDA, you can log in to MyAIDA online at any time. We tell you how the registration works and what options you expect in this practical tip.

MyAIDA Login & This Is How It Works.

  • Open the following MyAIDA Login website web browser.
  • Sign in here with your full name and booking number.
  • Alternatively, you can also switch to the “Login with MYAIDA Club profile” category.
  • Here you can log in with your username and password. If you are not yet an MYAIDA Club member, you can create a new account here and access the following functions even without a booking number.

MyAIDA Register

  • Once you have successfully logged into MyAIDA, you have access to numerous options for your booked trip. Among other things, you can reserve excursions on-site or tables on the deck.
  • Before starting the journey, you must fill out the so-called ship’s manifest with your details. It also works online via MyAIDA.
  • Information about your booking, your cabin, the route, and the ports of your trip is also available.

We will tell you what helps against travel sickness in the following practical tip.

MyAIDA: Login Does Not Work – That May Be The Reason

If the login for MyAIDA does not work, you can usually fix this error quickly. We have summarized all the information in this practical tip for you.

Login Does Not Work With MyAIDA – You Can Do That.

  • You can find the login for MyAIDA on this page.
  • You can log in with your first and last name and the appropriate booking number to log in.
  • Alternatively, you can use your MYAIDA Club profile. If you have forgotten your password, you can quickly request a new one.
  • When entering your data, make sure that no typos have crept in.
  • If there are further problems with the login, contact MYAIDA customer service.
  • Note: Activate cookies in your browser so that the login works correctly.

In our next practical tip, we have all the information about registering with MyAIDA.

Dream of cheap vacations: Secure MYAIDA Black Week offers now

Please start thinking about your next vacation now: With MYAIDA cruises, you can now book your next vacation relaxed and at a reduced price during Black Week and look forward to it.

There is nothing better than planning your next holiday in the dreary, calm, and dark autumn and winter season: in a place where it is warm, the sun is shining, and you can have a good time. Imagine exploring the pearls of the Mediterranean on a cruise ship or experiencing the fascination of the Orient. With MYAIDA cruises, this can now come true. As part of Black Week and Black Friday, MYAIDA offers you cruises at fantastic prices from November 22, 2021 (10 a.m.) to November 29, 2021 (10 a.m.).

MYAIDA Cruises: Discover fantastic offers now

Set course for fascinating faraway places and exciting excursion destinations, and enjoy your next holiday at sea:

Offers from the MYAIDA Black Week: November 22, 2021, to November 29, 2021


The 7-day persian gulf from dubai. Bookable for december 2021 to february 2022 from 399 euros per person.

The canary islands and madeira:

7 days canary islands from tenerife. Bookable for january 2022 to february 2022 from 449 euros per person

The canary islands and madeira with la palma:

7 days canary islands. Bookable for december 2021 to january 2022 from 399 euros per person

Pearls of the mediterranean:

7 days western mediterranean from mallorca. Bookable for january 2022 to february 2022 from 399 euros per person.

Major cities from hamburg:

7 days northern europe from hamburg. Bookable for december 2021 to march 2022 from 449 euros per person

Special black friday offer:

26/11/2021 to 29/11/2021

Short trip to rotterdam:

4 days from 349 euros per person. Bookable for february 2022.

A quick trip to great britain:

4 days from 499 euros per person. Bookable for march 2022 to april 2022.

Those who are enthusiastic about these travel destinations can learn more about the black week offers from myaida and maybe even book their first or next cruise directly.