Healthcare is hands down one of the most important aspects of a country’s economy. Not only is medicine improving with the advent of new technologies and infrastructure, but the use of digital or telemedicine is on the rise too.

MyPennMedicine is an online portal for the patients enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. The digital system enables the patients to have a unified platform that enables them to keep up with their reports, and healthcare needs and even get quicker resolutions for any medical concerns along the way.

This post will discuss more MyPennMedicine, its features, and why it is such a coveted platform among the patients.

What are the Services offered on MyPennMedicine?

As we mentioned, MyPennMedicine is an online portal for the Penn Medicine online care for its enrolled or registered patients. It caters to every patient that has either been admitted to the hospital or received any form of healthcare from the hospital at a certain point in time.

Some of the important services offered at MyPennMedicine include:

Direct contact with the care team

If you are a patient at Penn Medicine who is under high scrutiny for your well-being, having direct access to the care team solves a lot of the problems. Besides urgent resolutions, the direct digital contact with the care team via this online portal also enables the patients to get quick resolutions to their queries from the comfort of their homes.

No longer will you have to leave your house and visit the hospital for a common query or complication that you are experiencing.

Schedule doctor appointments

With the world shifting to more and more digital services, it isn’t surprising that the need for booking online consultations is the need of the hour. With MyPennMedicine, patients can create their account using the patient ID and then book follow-up appointments for the future, right from the application.

No longer will you have to stay at the hospital, and wait in the queue to get your next appointment. Besides online booking, users can also check in online to cut their hospital visits short and directly see their doctor upon entering the hospital premises.

Access health information

It is often very messy and unorganized to have hard copies of different prescriptions, reports, etc. With MyPennMedicine, users can easily create their accounts on the platform and have direct access to all their subjective patient information without any questions asked.

This enables the patients to maintain an organized digital compilation of their medical history at Penn Medicine, so the next time you see your doctor, you can have all your reports and prescriptions sorted out in one place for future reference.

Get test results and prescriptions

Besides having direct access to health information, another standout factor of MyPennMedicine that makes it a worthy online portal is because it keeps a cumulative platform for all the test results and doctor’s prescriptions. If you got a test done recently at Penn Medicine whose reports will take a few days, you don’t have to drive down to the hospital to collect the reports anymore.

With MyPennMedicine, you get direct access to the test results once they are ready. They are uploaded to the patient’s account and the patient will get a notification alert once the reports are ready to be viewed. The same goes for the doctor’s prescriptions that you get after your appointment.

Make online payments

People are switching to digital payment modes because they are reliable and hassle-free. No longer will you have to worry about paying with cash or your card because MyPennMedicine enables easy online payments via their online portal.

This comes a lot in handy in the long run, especially if you are particular about paying for your doctor’s appointments, hospital bills, and other statements from the comfort of your home. No longer will you have to worry about the payments any further.

What makes MyPennMedicine a valuable online healthcare portal?

Penn Medicine isn’t the only hospital in the area offering digital portals for patients. There are others in the area too. So, what makes MyPennMedicine such a secure platform?

Easy to use

The first and most important highlight of the MyPennMedicine portal is its UI. It is clean, minimal, and very responsive. With faster page loading speed, you won’t ever have to worry about using the platform in the future. Also, the online portal has easy-to-read fonts and features that make it easier to use for beginners as well.

Secure platform

If you are worried about your privacy while accessing MyPennMedicine, you won’t have to worry about that. The online portal is encrypted and developed to cater to the patient’s needs. So, every single piece of information, including patient’s information and linked bank accounts is secure.

100% free

Despite enabling you to book appointments, and maintain an online directory of your medical records, MyPennMedicine is 100% free for use. If you are a patient at the hospital, even if you get a basic check-up in the outpatient facility, you can use the portal to keep a check on your medical reports, doctor’s prescription, etc. – all free of charge.

If you are a patient at Penn Medicine and you weren’t aware of their online portal, we hope this comprehensive guide gives you all the details. Ideally, we’d recommend using the portal as an online directory for all your medical records for easy future access. Also, ensure that you directly contact the admins at the hospital in case any of your reports or prescriptions aren’t updated on time.


How do I sign up for MyPennMedicine?

MyPennMedicine is for the patients of Penn Medicine. So, if you were admitted or you had a doctor’s appointment at the hospital, you can use the patient ID on your prescription to sign up for the online portal.

Is MyPennMedicine for non-patients?

No, the online portal can’t be accessed by non-patients of the hospital, especially because the registration process needs the patient ID.

Can I contact customer service using MyPennMedicine?

Yes, MyPennMedicine has a separate section that directly connects the patients to the customer service of the hospital.