What Is mysavvastraining And How Does It works? [Review]

MySavvasTraining is an online platform developed by Savvas Learning Company that provides training and support for teachers, administrators, and students using Savvas educational programs. With MySavvasTraining, users can access training resources, collaborate with colleagues, and utilize powerful digital tools to enhance teaching and learning. In this article, we’ll take a comprehensive look at what MySavvasTraining is, how it works, and the key features and benefits it offers educators and students.

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Overview of MySavvasTraining

MySavvasTraining is a unified digital platform that brings together training and support resources for various Savvas Learning programs under one roof. It aims to provide a personalized, on-demand learning experience that enables users to master Savvas programs quickly and effectively.

The platform provides role-based learning paths with curated content tailored to different users’ needs. For example, teachers can access training on implementing Savvas programs in their classrooms, while IT administrators can find resources to support technical integrations and setup.

Some of the major Savvas Learning programs supported on MySavvasTraining include:

  • enVision Mathematics
  • myPerspectives English Language Arts
  • myView Literacy
  • myWorld Social Studies
  • Elevate Science
  • Imagine It! Foundational Skills Kit
  • and many others

By consolidating training content for these programs in one place, MySavvasTraining makes it easier for users to learn the ins and outs of the curriculum, platforms, and tools needed to get the most out of them.

Key Features and Tools

MySavvasTraining provides a robust set of features and tools to facilitate personalized learning and collaboration. Some of the key capabilities include:

Personalized Learning Paths

Based on their role, users are presented with a tailored learning path that guides them through relevant training content. This helps them focus on the information needed for their specific responsibilities.

Savvas Realize Platform Integration

For programs like enVision Mathematics, myPerspectives ELA, and others, MySavvasTraining provides deep integration with their Realize digital platform. This allows users to experience the platforms hands-on as they learn.

Messaging and Collaboration

Users can communicate with each other through direct messaging and community discussion boards. This facilitates collaboration and information sharing.

Resources Library

A comprehensive library of training materials, including videos, documents,live sessions, and more. Users can search and filter to find the most relevant resources.

Progress Tracking

As users complete items along their learning path, their progress is tracked. This allows them to self-monitor and focus their efforts.

Badging and Certification

Users can earn badges and certifications as they meet learning milestones. This helps validate their proficiency with different aspects of Savvas programs.

Technical Support Resources

Quick access to technical guides, live support, and contact information makes it easy to get help when needed.

Key Training Content Areas

MySavvasTraining covers a vast range of training topics tailored to educators’ needs when implementing Savvas programs. Some of the major content areas include:

Get Started Guides

Introductory walkthroughs provide step-by-step guidance on getting set up with Savvas platforms and tools. Helpful for new users getting started.

Instructional Best Practices

Resources focused on pedagogy and best practices for program implementation in the classroom. Strategies for teaching key concepts.

Assessment and Data

Learn how to assign and customize assessments, access real-time data, and use analytics to inform teaching.

Digital Tools and Features

Training on utilizing all the digital tools and platform features. e.g. Realize Reader, Practice, Game Center, Write-To-Learn, and more.

Remote and Blended Learning

Content tailored specifically for remote and hybrid learning environments. Tools for taking programs online.

Leadership and Administration

Specialized training for school and district leaders on monitoring implementation, supporting teachers, and driving continuous improvement.

Special Populations

Learn differentiation strategies and platform features to help meet the needs of special education students, English language learners, and gifted students.

Technical Help

Troubleshooting platform issues, managing user accounts and rostering, integrating with district SIS/LMS, and more.

As you can see, MySavvasTraining encompasses extensive training resources focused on using Savvas programs successfully in both face-to-face and digital environments.

Benefits for Educators and Students

There are many benefits MySavvasTraining offers users involved in implementing Savvas Learning programs:

Increased Efficiency and Skill

The platform saves time by bringing key training resources together in one place. Learning paths allow users to hone the exact skills they need more efficiently.

Platform Mastery

Hands-on practice with Savvas digital tools leads to greater mastery and comfort leveraging the platforms to enrich instruction and assessment.

Improved Collaboration

Messaging and discussion forums facilitate better collaboration and idea sharing among users and colleagues.

Higher Student Engagement

As teachers become more adept with programs, they can deliver instruction and leverage digital tools more effectively to boost student engagement.

Personalized Learning

The tailored learning paths and self-paced model allow users to direct their own learning and focus on the most relevant topics.

Continuous Improvement

Progress tracking tools and administrator dashboards allow for monitoring usage trends and supporting continuous training.

Ongoing Support Access

Quick access to live support, contact resources, and technical help content empowers users to resolve issues independently.

Validated Skills

Badging and certifications earned validate users’ proficiency and provide recognition of their training achievements.

In summary, MySavvasTraining provides powerful training resources and support tools that lead to more skilled, confident users who can maximize the value of Savvas programs for teaching and learning. The platform facilitates collaboration, personalized learning, and ongoing improvement.

MySavvasTraining for Revision Assistant

One of the key Savvas Learning programs deeply integrated with MySavvasTraining is Revision Assistant. This writing tool leverages artificial intelligence to provide customized feedback to students on their writing assignments. Here is an overview of how MySavvasTraining supports training on Revision Assistant:

Getting Started Guides

Step-by-step tutorials cover signing up for a Revision Assistant account, setting up classes and rosters, and assigning licenses to students.

Product Overviews

Learn about key features and how Revision Assistant’s AI technology works by evaluating writing meaning, style, and conventions.

Instructional Implementation

Training on integrating Revision Assistant into the writing process. Strategies for revisions, peer review, and delivering feedback.

Assessment Applications

How to use Revision Assistant to support writing assessment. Options for drafting, revising, grading with rubrics, and monitoring student growth.

Usage Analytics

Learn to leverage Revision Assistant dashboard data to identify student strengths, gaps, adoption trends, and inform instruction.

Differentiated Instruction

Resources on using Revision Assistant tools to personalize instruction and scaffold writing support for diverse learners.

Technical Support

Quick guides and articles addressing account management, roster syncing, single sign-on, and other technical topics.

With this robust Revision Assistant training content integrated into the platform, educators can master leveraging the program to elevate writing instruction in their classes.


In summary, MySavvasTraining is an invaluable platform that empowers educators and administrators to get the most from their Savvas Learning programs. Its combination of consolidated training content, personalized learning paths, collaboration tools, and hands-on platform practice accelerates proficiency building and leads to the best implementation outcomes. For writing instruction, MySavvasTraining provides deep training resources to help users leverage Revision Assistant to its fullest potential in enhancing student writing skills. With the support of MySavvasTraining, users can gain confidence and skill to provide transformative learning experiences amplified by technology.

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