MySCAD blackboard and the SCAD login parents account provide important access to academic and financial information for Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) students and their parents. However, it is crucial that these online portals are accessed securely to protect sensitive data. This article will provide an overview of MySCAD blackboard, the SCAD login parents account, and tips for securely accessing both platforms.

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Overview of MySCAD Blackboard

MySCAD blackboard is an online portal that provides SCAD students with access to various academic tools and resources.

Key features of MySCAD blackboard include:

  • Course registration – Students can view course catalogs and register for classes through the portal.
  • SCAD webmail – The SCAD webmail system is accessible through MySCAD. This is where students can access their SCAD email accounts.
  • Financial services – MySCAD provides access to tuition bills, financial aid information, and payment options.
  • Academic records – Students can view grades, transcripts, and degree audits via the portal.
  • School announcements – Important notices and messages from professors and school administration are posted on MySCAD.

MySCAD uses Central Authentication Service (CAS), a secure access system, for user login. Students use their SCAD email address and password to access their individual MySCAD portals.

Overview of SCAD Login Parents Account

The SCAD login parents account is a separate portal specifically for parents of SCAD students.

With this account, parents can:

  • View tuition bills and make payments
  • Access academic records like grades and class schedules
  • Receive important school announcements and messages

The parents portal provides a way for parents to stay updated on their student’s academic progress and finances. However, it contains sensitive information, so security is vital.

Tips for Secure Access

When logging into MySCAD blackboard or the SCAD login parents portal, it’s important to follow security best practices:

  • Use a strong, unique password – Don’t use simple or reused passwords which are easier for hackers to guess. Create a complex password specifically for these SCAD portals.
  • Enable two-factor authentication – Add an extra layer of security by requiring both your password and a one-time code generated by an authenticator app or sent via text.
  • Avoid public Wi-Fi – Only access SCAD portals on trusted networks to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks stealing login credentials. Use a VPN if necessary.
  • Watch for phishing scams – Be vigilant against fake login pages trying to steal your SCAD username and password. Type URLs directly rather than clicking links.
  • Keep software updated – Maintain the latest security patches on your devices and use antivirus protection to avoid malware.
  • Log out when finished – Don’t stay permanently logged in to SCAD portals. Log out after each use to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Contact SCAD IT for help – If you have any problems accessing MySCAD or see suspicious activity in your account, promptly contact SCAD technical support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reset my SCAD portal password if I forget it?

A: Go to the MySCAD login page and click “Forgot Password?” You can then reset your password after verifying your identity.

Q: Can I access MySCAD blackboard on my mobile device?

A: Yes, MySCAD has a mobile-optimized version accessible from smartphones and tablets. This allows you to check grades, emails, etc. on the go.

Q: Should I be concerned about a data breach compromising my SCAD portal account?

A: SCAD takes data security very seriously and has no reported breaches. However, it’s still smart practice to use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication just in case. Monitor your account for suspicious activity.

Q: Is there a way for me to recover my SCAD portal username if I forget?

A: Contact the SCAD IT help desk if you forget your MySCAD or parents portal username. They can assist with account recovery. Provide personal identifying details for verification.

Q: How can I confirm a SCAD portal website is legitimate and not a phishing scam?

A: Carefully check the URL (it should contain, and look for the padlock icon indicating an encrypted HTTPS connection. Hover over questionable links to inspect their actual URLs before clicking.


MySCAD blackboard and the SCAD login parents portal allow students and parents to conveniently access academic, financial, and school information. However, it’s extremely important that security best practices are followed when logging into these platforms. Using strong unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, avoiding public Wi-Fi, watching out for phishing scams, and contacting SCAD IT for assistance are all critical for keeping your accounts secure. With proper precautions, SCAD students and parents can safely use these online resources for their intended purposes.


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Table of Tips for Secure Access

Use a strong, unique passwordCreate a complex, exclusive password for your SCAD accounts. Don’t reuse passwords.
Enable two-factor authenticationAdd an extra layer of security by requiring a code from an authenticator app or text message.
Avoid public Wi-FiOnly access SCAD accounts on secure networks to prevent snooping. Use a VPN if needed.
Watch for phishing scamsCheck URLs closely and don’t click suspicious links. Type URLs directly.
Keep software updatedMaintain the latest security patches and use antivirus protection.
Log out when finishedDon’t stay logged in permanently. Log out after each portal session.
Contact SCAD IT for helpSeek assistance from tech support if you have login problems or notice odd account activity.