What Is mySeaport And How Does It Work? A Review of UNCW’s Web Portal


The University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) utilizes a web-based portal called mySeaport to provide students, faculty, and staff with streamlined access to a variety of applications, resources, and services. With a single sign-on, members of the UNCW community can securely access tools for completing degree requirements, managing employee leave, applying for admission, and more. This comprehensive portal aims to centralize and simplify access to essential platforms in one convenient online location.

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In this article, we will explore the key features of mySeaport, examine the main applications and services accessible through the portal, and analyze the benefits it offers students, employees, and the UNCW community as a whole. Whether you are a prospective, current, or former member of UNCW, understanding how to leverage mySeaport can help you maximize engagement with all the university has to offer.

Overview of Key Features

MySeaport stands out for its breadth of features that aim to provide an efficient and secure centralized platform for the UNCW community. Some of the key features include:

Single Sign-On Access

One of the main conveniences offered by mySeaport is single sign-on access to a wide range of applications and services. Rather than having to log in to numerous platforms individually, users can access all integrated tools and resources using one login credential. This saves time and eliminates the need to juggle multiple usernames and passwords.

Centralized Access Point

MySeaport acts as a centralized access point, or one-stop portal, for essential UNCW platforms and tools. From one dashboard, users can launch applications, view announcements, access support resources, and manage university tasks.

Secure Login

Access to the portal is restricted to authorized users only via secure login. This ensures protection of users’ personal information and enables customized experiences based on their role and permissions.

Mobile Responsiveness

The mySeaport portal is mobile-friendly, adapting for optimal viewing and functionality on smartphones and tablets in addition to laptop and desktop devices. This enables on-the-go access.

Personalized Experience

Based on a user’s status as a student, faculty, staff, or other role, mySeaport delivers a tailored experience with relevant applications, announcements, and resources recommended and accessible.

Key Applications and Services Accessible via mySeaport

MySeaport grants authorized access to a vast array of platforms and tools for learning, working, and engaging at UNCW. While offerings continue to evolve, some of the major applications and services currently available through the portal include:

Canvas Learning Management System

Students and instructors heavily utilize Canvas as UNCW’s learning management system to distribute course content, submit assignments, communicate about coursework, and more. Instructors can also leverage Canvas for online teaching.

Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 suite enables access to email, cloud storage, Office apps like Word and Excel, team collaboration via Microsoft Teams, and more. Students, faculty, and staff use these tools for productivity and communication.

Degree Works Academic Audit

This tool allows students and advisors to evaluate progress toward degree completion. Automated audits track requirements fulfilled and remaining. Students can also explore “What If” scenarios for different majors.

SeaNet and Student Information

SeaNet offers access to student accounts, financial aid information, class registration, grades, transcripts, and more. Students routinely access these resources.

U-Business Financial System

U-Business serves as the university’s financial system for tasks like budgeting, procurement, payment processing, and reporting. Authorized users can access relevant financial tools and data.

Starfish Student Success Platform

Starfish enables students, faculty, and advisors to connect regarding coursework, persistence, and goal achievement. Appointment scheduling, progress surveys, referrals, and kudos can be facilitated.

Employee Leave & Time Tracking

Employees can input leave requests and track time worked via mySeaport. It centralizes vacation scheduling and sick leave for staff and faculty.

Admissions Status Portal

Prospective students can track application status, access admission letters, review next steps, and confirm enrollment via the admissions portal.

These are just a sampling of key platforms accessible through mySeaport that aim to serve major aspects of work and life at UNCW. As more systems and services transition to cloud-based access, the portal is scalable for integrating additional offerings in the future.

Benefits for Students

For students, mySeaport delivers an array of benefits that aim to support success at UNCW:

  • Simplified academics – Degree Works, course registration, online learning via Canvas, and other academic tools. It consolidated for streamlined access. This simplifies the processes of choosing courses, completing assignments, tracking degree progress, and learning online.
  • 24/7 access – Via any device, students can access mySeaport tools and resources any time of day. This enables greater flexibility and convenience.
  • Enhanced advisor engagement – Integrated platforms like Starfish facilitate seamless communication between students and advisors regarding academic goals and performance.
  • Informed enrollment choices – From application to enrollment, the admissions status portal helps prospective students make informed choices when choosing UNCW.
  • Mobile responsiveness – Across smartphones and tablets, mySeaport enables multi-device engagement with university platforms from anywhere.
  • Time savings – Single sign-on access, personalized dashboards, and a centralized platform minimize time spent jumping between multiple application logins and interfaces.

For both on-campus and online students, mySeaport aims to optimize the UNCW student experience by aggregating the technology tools that power academic achievement.

Benefits for Faculty & Staff

MySeaport also provides advantages for UNCW faculty and staff members:

  • Efficient workplace systems – Tools for leave management, time tracking, financial management, and other employee-facing platforms are accessible from one hub for improved workplace processes.
  • Enhanced student communication – Starfish, Canvas, and Microsoft 365 enable streamlined communication and support for students across courses and advising.
  • Remote work enablement – Cloud-based access from any device enables faculty and staff to efficiently work remotely via mySeaport’s centralized platforms.
  • Simplified onboarding – New hires can easily get oriented and gain access to all essential systems right from the start through mySeaport.
  • Security – Role-based access ensures faculty and staff gain appropriate permissions while institutional data remains protected.
  • Professional development – Resources like Lynda.com and Skillport offer many self-paced learning opportunities to further develop skills.
  • Institutional announcement access – Important notifications and updates are conveniently accessible from the personalized mySeaport dashboard.

For faculty and staff across departments, mySeaport aims to provide the platforms, resources, and accessibility needed to maximize institutional engagement and workplace productivity.

Enabling the One-Stop Portal Experience

Behind the scenes, mySeaport utilizes modern technical infrastructure to enable its delivery of a comprehensive one-stop portal experience:

  • Cloud-based SaaS model – mySeaport relies on integration with third-party cloud-based software tools rather than local applications requiring on-premises servers. This enables scalability, flexibility, and remote access.
  • Identity management integration – The portal experience ties into UNCW’s broader identity and access management services. This connects users’ credentials across all applications and enables single sign-on.
  • Customized user interface – While relying on third-party systems, mySeaport presents a customized interface tailored specifically for the university’s brand, resources, and common access needs.
  • Responsive web design – The front-end portal interface utilizes responsive web design, enabling an optimal viewing and interaction experience across diverse desktop and mobile device displays.
  • Ongoing integrations – New third-party systems and IT resources can be continually integrated into mySeaport. To expand its offerings over time while maintaining a consolidated perspective.
  • Usage analytics – Backend analytics help inform decisions for enhancing experiences, integrating new tools, and optimizing system performance based on real user behaviors and portal activity.

By leveraging modern technical approaches like cloud computing and identity management, mySeaport aims to deliver simple, unified access to the growing landscape of essential digital platforms across UNCW.


In summary, mySeaport provides tremendous value as a centralized gateway for students, faculty, staff, and other members of the UNCW community to securely access the technology resources that empower learning, working, and engagement at the university. Its breadth of features aim to drive efficiency, productivity, communication, and institutional alignment for diverse stakeholders. While new digital platforms and capabilities are continually emerging, mySeaport represents an evolving nexus point through which the UNCW community can tap into institutional knowledge, tools, and connections.

Table 1: Summary of Main mySeaport Features and Benefits

Single Sign-On AccessOne login for all integrated platforms eliminates password fatigue
Centralized AccessOne-stop portal converging many essential UNCW services
Secure LoginRole-based access protects personal/institutional information
Mobile ResponsivenessCross-device accessibility enables on-the-go usage
Personalized ExperienceTailored access by user role, status, and needs
Canvas LMSSimplified learning, coursework, and online education
Microsoft 365Email, cloud storage, Office apps, team collaboration
Degree WorksTrack degree progress and audit remaining requirements
SeaNetAccess student accounts, registration, grades, and more
U-BusinessUniversity financial system access for budgeting, procurement, payments
StarfishConnect students with faculty/advisors for success support
Leave & Time TrackingManage employee vacation, sick leave, and hours worked
Admissions Status PortalView application status and next steps as a prospective student

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