Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise

Palworld – The Quirky Paradise Where You Can Befriend and Weaponize Creatures


Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise, The gaming world is filled with all kinds of strange and creative titles, but Palworld stands out for its uniquely bizarre concept. This multiplayer survival game developed by Pocket Pair and published by AMC Games lets players enter a bright, cartoonish world filled with cute creatures that can be befriended – and even armed for battle.

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Welcome to the quirky paradise of Palworld, where the only limit is your imagination. Want to build a farm and peacefully live off the land with your creature pals? Go for it! Feel like raiding enemy camps and engaging in all out war? The choice is yours. With its sandbox style open world and diverse gameplay, Palworld aims to give a one-of-a-kind gaming experience.

Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise
Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise

Overview of Palworld

Palworld has been described as a cross between Pokémon and Rust. Players are free to explore the open world and take on objectives as they please. Here are some of the main features that set this game apart:

Befriend Over 100 Unique Creatures

The stars of the game are the titular Pals – over 100 different creature types each with their own skills and behaviors. Players can befriend Pals by giving them food and care and even have them settle permanently at their home base.

Train Pals for Battle or Labor

Here’s where things take a twisted turn. Not only can Pals be kept as cuddly companions, but they can also be trained as weapons of war. Arm your Pals and bring them into battle against other players or AI enemies. If violence isn’t your style, Pals can also be conditioned to gather resources, farm crops, and take on other laborious tasks.

Craft Weapons and Build Shelters

Like other survival games, players start out with only the most basic of tools and must gather resources to craft equipment like weapons, armor, structures, and more. Base building allows players to establish a more permanent shelter that can be upgraded over time.

Multiplayer Sandbox Gameplay

Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise features a large open world map filled with different biomes and areas to explore. Players can choose to cooperate with others and work together or fight over resources. Raids are a constant threat.

Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise
Palworld First World Paradise

With such an unusual concept, the gameplay opportunities are nearly endless. Now let’s take a deeper look at some of the key features…

Key Features of Palworld

The Pals

The 100+ Pals are undoubtedly the stars of the show in Palworld.

Here’s a breakdown of how they function:

  • Befriending – Players can encounter Pals while exploring the world and approach them peacefully with food to earn their friendship. Once bonded, they will follow the player back to their base.
  • Housing – Special Pal Houses can be constructed to give Pals a permanent home. They will reside at bases and can be assigned jobs.
  • Training – Pals can be conditioned to battle other creatures and players when armed with weapons. They can also be trained for non-combat jobs.
  • Breeding – Certain Pals types can breed to produce offspring when housed together. Players will want to collect rare Pal varieties.
  • Pallium – This special resource can be gathered from Pals. Players will need to manage their Pals’ moods and make ethical choices on how far they are willing to exploit them.

In many ways, the Pals system is reminiscent of Pokémon with its focus on collecting creatures, bonding with them, and pitting them against others in battle. However, the dystopian twist of being able to weaponize and harvest the Pals for resources adds a sinister element.

Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise
Palworld First World Paradise

Crafting & Building

Like any good survival game, players must collect resources and blueprints to craft tools, weapons, structures, and other items.

Here are some of the major crafting features:

  • Weapons – Craft melee weapons, guns, and ammunition. Weapons can be equipped by the player as well as attached to Pals to bring into battle.
  • Armor – Create protective gear for the player as well as Pal Battle Armor to outfit combat units.
  • Buildings – Construct shelters, housing for Pals, storage containers, defenses, and other buildings. Maintain and upgrade structures over time.
  • Resources – Chop trees, mine ores, farm crops in fields, produce materials with Pal labor, and hunt wildlife for resources.

By collecting blueprints, players can unlock new crafting recipes. Gathering sufficient resources allows for crafting increasingly sophisticated tools and technology.

Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise
Palworld First World Paradise

Multiplayer Gameplay

As an online open world game, Palworld creates ample opportunities for both cooperative and competitive multiplayer gameplay:

  • Cooperative – Band together with other players in tribes to build thriving settlements, defend against enemies, and join forces in raids.
  • Competitive – Attack enemy camps to steal resources, abduct their Pals, or just grief them with wanton destruction. Defend your own base against raids.
  • Trade – Build relationships with allies and engage in resource and Pal trading to acquire goods and rare breeds.
  • Wars – The open world map contains limited resources and territory, often provoking large scale battles between rival player factions.

The potential for politically intriguing inter-player dynamics opens many doors for Palworld’s sandbox style gameplay. Will you build alliances and band together against common enemies? Or deceive former friends and stab them in the back?

System Requirements

Palworld 樂土 First World Paradise is still in early access but the current system requirements are as follows:

Minimum Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bit
CPUIntel Core i5-3570K 3.4GHz 4 core
GPUNvidia GeForce GTX 1050 (2GB)

Recommended Requirements

Operating SystemWindows 10 64-bit
CPUIntel Core i9-9900K 3.6GHz 8 core
GPUNvidia GeForce RTX 2070 (2GB)

Note: An internet connection and SSD are also recommended. AMD CPU and GPU may also work but have not been specifically tested.

Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise
Palworld First World Paradise

As expected, Palworld requires hardware sufficient to render expansive environments and simulate many different onscreen creatures. A dedicated graphics card is necessary. Performance should improve as optimization continues up until full release.


With its eccentric concept and diverse survival gameplay, Palworld 始 世 樂土 First World Paradise provides a virtual paradise for those looking to embrace their oddball side. Players can let their imaginations run wild in a bright, cheerful, yet unsettling world. Befriend whimsical creatures and build upon emerging stories through sandbox gameplay.

Palworld may still have some polishing left in early access, but shows great promise already as a platform for unique player-driven experiences. As development progresses toward final release, the number of available Pals, craftable items, and world features will continue expanding.

For anyone burnt out on traditional survival games, Palworld injects some much needed unconventional flair into the genre and could provide that perfect escape into lighthearted absurdity after a long day. It will be exciting to see how the community further pushes the limits of everything this quirky paradise has to offer.

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