Is Palworld Free To Play On Multiple Platform

Is palworld free to play? Palworld has been gaining a lot of attention lately as a quirky and unique life simulation game where you can befriend, utilize, and even cook cute creature-like Pals. With its Early Access launch right around the corner, many gamers are wondering – is Palworld going to be free to play across different platforms?

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Overview of Palworld Game

For those unfamiliar, Palworld is an upcoming open world adventure game developed by Pocket Pair and published by Oizumi Amuzio. The game is set in a vibrant, cartoonish world inhabited by cute, monster-like creatures called Pals. As a human inhabitant of Palworld, players can befriend Pals, put them to work, breed them, and even cook and eat them if they wish.

The gameplay hasbeen described as a mashup between monster taming games like Pokémon and farming/life sims like Stardew Valley. You can explore the open world, gather resources, build structures and machines, and generally live out a quirky second life. Of course, your Pals are a core focus, being helpful companions you can nurture – or exploit if you prefer a more villainous playstyle.

is palworld free to play
is palworld free to play

Will Palworld Be Free to Play?

The short answer is no, Palworld will not be free-to-play across any of the announced platforms. It is a premium paid game that you will have to purchase upfront.

Palworld is scheduled to launch in 2023 on Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC via Steam and Microsoft Store, and Game Pass for Xbox and PC. The developers have not announced plans for a free-to-play or freemium version of Palworld on any platform so far.

However, there will be a free trial available for the game on Xbox and Windows PC via Microsoft Store.

Palworld Free Trial Details

While Palworld won’t be fully free, Xbox and Microsoft Store versions will offer players a 60 minute free trial. This will give you a decent amount of time to try out the basic gameplay, explore the world, and get a feel for the quirky Pals system.

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you’ll get full access to the Early Access version of Palworld without having to purchase it separately. However, the free trial and Game Pass access are only available for Xbox and Microsoft Store versions so far.

The Steam version will not have a free trial option based on current information from the developers. You’ll have to straight up purchase the game if you want to play it on Steam.

Palworld Pricing on Different Platforms

Since Palworld isn’t a free game, here is a breakdown of the pricing on each platform:

  • Steam (PC): $9.44 USD during Early Access
  • Xbox Series X/S (Xbox): $29.99 USD
  • Microsoft Store (PC): $29.99 USD

The Steam Early Access pricing is discounted compared to the Xbox and Microsoft Store pricing. However, the developers have said that the final 1.0 version launching in 2023 will be priced at around $29.99 USD on all platforms.

So in summary, while Palworld is not free, Xbox and Microsoft Store users can test it out with a 60 minute trial. And Xbox Game Pass members get full free access. But ultimately it is a premium paid game that will cost around $30 USD upon final launch.

What to Expect from Palworld as Early Access Approaches

With Palworld’s quirky premise and the lack of major free-to-play options, what can players expect as its anticipated Early Access release approaches in 2022?

Based on developer updates and interviews, here are some key things to look forward to:

  • A sizable open world region to explore: The initial Early Access launch will include a good portion of the Palworld map, with more added later.
  • Focus on befriending and exploiting Pals: Catching, training, breeding, farming, and cooking Pals seems to be a major highlight.
  • Crafting system: Build various structures, inventions, and contraptions using resources gathered in the world.
  • Customizable player house: Make your own home where you can store items, rest, and plan adventures.
  • Strange story hints: The developers tease there is a deeper mystery and background lore to uncover.
  • Quirky art style and humor: Palworld’s premise lends itself to humorous and light-hearted moments mixed into the exploration and Pal adventures.
  • Mod support: The game will support player-made mods from the start, enhancing replay value.
  • Multiplayer possible: Online multiplayer may be added later in Early Access based on player feedback.

While the initial Early Access launch may be limited in scope as a proof of concept for the full experience, it should give players a good introduction to the bizarre and whimsical world of Palworld.

Those interested can wishlist the game on Steam, Xbox Store, and Microsoft Store in anticipation of its 2022 Early Access launch across PC and Xbox platforms.

The Bottom Line

Palworld aims to deliver a fresh and quirky take on life simulation, monster taming, and crafting games when it releases in 2023. While not free-to-play, Xbox and Microsoft Store users will be able to try the game with a 60 minute trial. And Xbox Game Pass members get full free access through the subscription service.

Otherwise, Palworld is a premium title priced at around $30. But for fans of simulation games and stylized monster adventures, it may prove to be an entertaining and hilarious open world to dive into when it hits Early Access soon. Its oddball premise and mod support could give it strong long-term replay value beyond the main story.

We’ll have to wait and see if Palworld lives up to expectations, but it should at least provide something different from standard multiplayer live service games. For an offbeat, more narrative-focused experience, Palworld will hopefully deliver on that front.

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