Does Palworld Pokemon Mod Need To Apply Or Already Has a Pokémon Mod?


Palworld pokemon mod, the quirky life simulation game that lets players manage creatures called “pals”, has recently seen a major modding project that introduces Pokémon into the game. Created by YouTuber ToastedShoes, this ambitious total conversion mod allows Palworld players to live out their Pokémon trainer fantasies. But does this mod need to be applied by players, or does Palworld already have integrated Pokémon mechanics? Let’s take a closer look.

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Overview of Palworld and Pokemon

For those unfamiliar, Palworld is a newly released simulation game for PC. It gives players control over a group of bear-like creatures called “pals” who can be ordered to perform various tasks like mining, logging, and fighting. The pals have needs like hunger that must be managed, and they can evolve into new forms over time.

Pokemon, of course, is the hugely popular monster collection franchise spanning video games, cards, shows, and more. Players take the role of Pokemon trainers, catching different creatures and battling them against other trainers. Each Pokemon has unique types, stats, moves, and evolutions.

palworld pokemon mod
palworld pokemon mod

While Palworld’s pals share some similarities with Pokemon, the two franchises are very different at their core. Palworld focuses on managing pals and using them for labor, while Pokemon centers on building a battle-ready collection.

Details of the Palworld Pokemon Mod

The Palworld Pokemon mod, created by a YouTuber known as ToastedShoes, aims to bridge the gap between these two franchises. It’s an extensive overhaul that transforms Palworld into a fully Pokémon-themed game.

The mod introduces nearly 100 different Pokémon into Palworld, replacing all of the standard pals. Everything from the starter choices to wild encounters features popular Pocket Monsters like Pikachu, Torchic, and Garchomp. The Pokémon behave similarly to pals, but have types, moves, evolutions, and other characteristics true to the Pokemon games.

Capturing, training, and battling the Pokémon are all key parts of the modded Palworld experience. Players can build teams, collect badges, and even take on the Elite Four and Champion. Mini-games like Pokémon Contests have also been added.

In essence, this mod allows Palworld to be played as a brand new open-world Pokémon RPG. It’s an incredibly thorough overhaul developed over many months of work.

Is the Mod Already Integrated into Palworld?

To answer the initial question – no, the Pokémon mod does not come integrated into Palworld. The base game only includes the standard creature types and does not feature Pokémon without modding.

The Palworld Pokémon mod is a standalone project that must be manually downloaded and installed by players interested in the crossover concept. It cannot be accessed through normal means in the unmodded Palworld.

The mod does not involve the original Palworld developers and is entirely fan-made. As such, it exists as an optional add-on rather than an official game mode. Players have to apply the mod themselves to experience Palworld as a Pokémon title.

How to Install the Palworld Pokémon Mod

palworld pokemon mod
palworld pokemon mod

Since the Pokémon mod is not built into Palworld natively, players looking to try it out will have to manually install it.

The process involves a few simple steps:

Step#1. Download and install the Nexus Mod Manager called Vortex. This mod manager will handle installing and running the Palworld mod.

Step#2. Visit the Nexus Mods website and search for the Palworld Pokémon mod. The files can then be downloaded through Nexus Mods.

Step#3. Add the downloaded mod files into the Vortex mod manager. Vortex will now control the mod.

Step#4. Activate the Palworld Pokémon mod within the Vortex mods tab. This will enable it.

Step#5. Launch Palworld through Vortex and the mod will automatically load. You’re now ready to dive into Pokémon Palworld!

The mod creator ToastedShoes has prepared a helpful installation guide video as well demonstrating the process visually. With Vortex set up, applying the ambitious Pokémon overhaul only takes a few minutes.

Key Features of the Pokémon Mod

Transforming Palworld into a Pokémon game is no simple task, but this mod delivers the full experience.

Here are some of the key features that allow players to live out their Pokémon trainer dreams:

  • Over 90 catchable Pokémon – All the fan favorites are available to collect from the original Red & Blue days to modern creatures. Everything from Pikachu to Lucario can be caught.
  • Gyms and Elite Four – Take on Palworld’s gym leaders to collect badges before challenging the ultimate Elite Four and Pokémon Champion.
  • Pokémon battles – Battles use the same systems as the core games with types, moves, stats, status effects, and more. Local multiplayer also enabled.
  • Poké Jobs – Send your Pokémon out to work just like pals, gathering resources and money.
  • Mini-games – Special activities like Pokémon Contests and Secret Bases add extra fun on the side.
  • Custom Poké Balls – Craft specialty ball types like Great Balls, Ultra Balls, and Master Balls to aid in catching Pokémon.
  • Online trading and battling – Thanks to Palworld’s online features, players can trade and battle others remotely.

This sums up the most exciting features that essentially transform Palworld into a brand new Pokémon adventure. It’s a full-fledged experience made possible by the hard work of the modding creator.

Is the Pokémon Mod Free to Download?

An important question surrounding this ambitious Pokémon mod is whether or not it comes at a cost. As of right now, the mod is available to freely download from Nexus Mods without charge for all Palworld players.

The original creator, ToastedShoes, developed the mod as a passion project for the community. While he could have monetized it, he has instead opted to release it gratis for all to enjoy.

This could always change in the future, but for the time being the epic Pokémon Palworld mod is completely free. All you need to access it is a PC copy of Palworld and the desire to catch ’em all in this creative hybrid game.


In closing, Palworld does not natively include Pokémon, but an enthusiastic modder has put in the hard work to make the crossover a reality. The ambitious Pokémon mod must be manually installed, but completely transforms Palworld into an open world Pokémon RPG. With tons of creatures to catch, gyms to conquer, and battles to be fought, it’s a comprehensive mod that delivers a stellar Pokémon experience. Best of all, this mod is currently available entirely for free for all Palworld players. So if you want to be the very best Palworld Pokémon master, go grab this mod and start your journey today!

Summary Table

Does Palworld have integrated Pokemon features?No, Pokemon content requires mod installation
Who created the Pokemon mod?YouTuber ToastedShoes
How is the mod installed?Using the Vortex mod manager
Is the mod free right now?Yes, available free through Nexus Mods
Key features90+ catchable Pokemon, gyms & Elite Four, battles, jobs, and more

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