Pelismart Review – Is It Legal and Safe Platform?


Pelismart Review is a free movie streaming Android app developed by Cacique Devs that offers users access to a wide range of movie titles on the go. With its simple yet functional design, extensive movie library, and features like watchlists and filters, it seems enticing for movie buffs. However, there are concerns regarding the legality and safety of using this platform.

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This article reviews Pelismart – its features, legal standing, safety considerations, and how it compares to other top movie streaming apps. The goal is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of what Pelismart offers, the risks involved, and alternative legal streaming options.

Features of Pelismart

Pelismart comes with several useful features for an on-the-go movie streaming experience:

  • Extensive movie library: Access to a wide range of movie titles across genres like action, comedy, drama, etc.
  • Intuitive interface: Simple and functional interface allows for easy navigation and access.
  • Personalization: Users can save movies to a personal watchlist for later viewing.
  • Discovery: Browse through different categories and filter movies by release date, popularity, genre etc.
  • Latest and popular movies: Quick access section for newest and most popular movie titles.
  • Mobile-first: Being Android-exclusive, the app is optimized for streaming movies on the go.

This wide range of features makes Pelismart convenient for users to access and discover new movie titles from anywhere at any time. The intuitive interface coupled with robust library shows promise for an excellent movie streaming experience.

Legal Concerns Around Pelismart

Despite its enticing features for movie lovers, Pelismart’s legal standing remains questionable at best.

Technology blog Blogg recommends using legal streaming platforms only to avoid legal repercussions. Additionally, as per the Pelismart app page on Softonic, national laws concerning use of such apps vary across countries. Many question the safety of the platform amidst ads and links to unauthorized content.

Without explicit legal approval, users risk facing consequences like fines or legal prosecution in some countries for streaming possibly copyrighted content via Pelismart. The wise approach is to err on the side of caution and avoid using apps with legal concerns.

Safety Concerns Around Pelismart

Apart from the legal aspects, safety remains a key concern around apps like Pelismart that offer free access to paid content.

Following are some of the key risks identified:

  • Presence of intrusive ads: Aggressive ads can frequently popup leading to unwanted activity if clicked incorrectly.
  • Risk of malware/spyware: Free apps often increase risk of malware infection leading to compromised privacy or even device security.
  • Phishing attacks: The app could redirect users to fake “free” streaming websites with a goal to steal your personal information.

Without more transparency on Pelismart’s safety standards and policies, users remain vulnerable to such cyber risks that could have greater implications in the long run. Hence, it may be advisable to opt for more trusted paid streaming platforms instead.

How Pelismart Compares to Other Streaming Apps

Pelismart offers a free convenient way to access and stream movies on the go. However, from legality and safety standpoint, paid streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ rate better.

See the comparison below:

AppContent LibraryOriginal ProgrammingSafetyLegalityCost
PelismartExtensiveNoQuestionable due to ads/linksCopyright issues in some countriesFree access
NetflixVery largeYes (Numerous)Very SafeLegal approval obtainedSubscription charges apply
Amazon Prime VideoLarge collectionSomeGenerally safeHas country-specific distribution rightsSubscription charges apply
Disney+Focused on Disney owned contentSomeSafe for familiesCountry-specific streaming rightsSubscription charges apply

The above apps invest heavily in safety and have explicit legal permission for content distribution via subscriptions across countries. Pelismart misses on these aspects despite offering free access. Users must determine priorities – cost, content, safety, and legality before selecting the best app for their movie streaming needs.


Pelismart offers an easy way to stream movies from a vast online library for free. However, lax safety standards and questionable legal status make it a risky choice in many countries. A wise approach is to opt for more trusted paid alternatives like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that are approved as legal distributors along with ensuring a safe viewing experience. While cost is Pelismart’s advantage, it may come at the expense of exposing users to cyber risks or even legal consequences depending on their country’s laws. Discretion and vigilance are vital if choosing to use the application.

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