What Is Pelismart And How Does It Work?


Pelismart is a term that refers to two different applications – PeliSmart, an entertainment app developed by Cacique Devs, and Pelismart Peliculas, which was involved in a piracy operation. This article will provide an overview of both apps, their purpose, features, and legality.

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PeliSmart is a free entertainment app for Android devices that allows users to access a variety of content including games and apps. On the other hand, Pelismart Peliculas facilitated access to pirated movies and TV shows before being shut down due to copyright infringement.

Overview of PeliSmart


PeliSmart, also known as PeliSmart, is an entertainment app developed by Cacique Devs. The purpose of PeliSmart is to provide users with a platform to access and enjoy various content, including games and apps.

Some of the key goals of the PeliSmart app include:

  • Offering users an enjoyable and engaging experience with its diverse selection of content
  • Providing a user-friendly interface that makes navigating and accessing content simple
  • Catering to diverse user preferences with a wide range of titles and genres to choose from
  • Allowing free access to games and apps


PeliSmart comes with several features that enable it to effectively serve its purpose.

These features include:

  • Simple and functional design: The app has a clean interface that allows users to easily browse through and select content.
  • Wide range of titles: PeliSmart offers a variety of games and apps across different genres and categories that appeal to different users.
  • Free to download: The app is available for free download from the Google Play store.
  • PC compatibility:¬†Users can play Peli Smart on their PCs by using Android emulators like LDPlayer or GameLoop.


Peli Smart is likely a legal app given that it is freely available on legitimate app stores like Google Play and Softonic. There are no indications that it facilitates access to pirated or illegal content. As an entertainment app, Peli Smart conforms with the policies of app distribution platforms.

Overview of Pelismart Peliculas


Peli smart Peliculas facilitated access to pirated movies and TV shows in violation of copyright laws before being shut down. It enabled users to stream and download illegal copies of copyrighted content.


Some of the features that enabled Pelismart Peliculas to achieve its purpose included:

  • User uploads of pirated movie and TV content
  • Options for downloading content
  • Streaming functionality for viewing pirated videos


Peli smart Peliculas was an illegal service that got shut down after the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) reached a settlement agreement with its operator. Under the settlement, the operator had to:

  • Take down all illegal content
  • Transfer domain names to ACE
  • Enter into a legal agreement banning such activities in the future

Therefore, while its exact features are unclear since the service is now defunct, Peli smart Peliculas was certainly deemed illegal under copyright laws.

Playing PeliSmart on PC

One of the features of Peli Smart is its compatibility with PCs when using Android emulators.

Here are the steps to play PeliSmart on a PC:

Step#1. Download an Android emulator like LDPlayer or GameLoop

Step#2. Install the emulator and complete the setup process

Step#3. Open the emulator on your computer

Step#4. Access the LD Store or Google Play Store on the emulator

Step#5. Search for and download the Peli Smart app through the app store

Step#6. Launch the installed Peli Smart app to start using it through the emulator

The main advantage of accessing Peli Smart on a PC is the larger screen and better controls through keyboards and mouse compared to mobile devices. However, system requirements need to be met for seamless performance.

Key Differences Between PeliSmart and Peli smart Peliculas

ParameterPeliSmartPelismart Peliculas
PurposeProvide access to legal games/appsFacilitate access to pirated movies/shows
FeaturesDiverse content genres, free downloads, Android emulator compatibilityUser uploads of illegal content, downloads enabled, streaming available
LegalityLegal appIllegal service now shut down due to copyright infringement
AvailabilityAvailable for download on Google Play and SoftonicNo longer operational after legal settlement


In summary, Pelismart refers to two distinct applications:

  • Peli Smart – A legal entertainment app for enjoying free games and apps
  • Pelis mart Peliculas – An illegal service enabling access to pirated movies and shows that has been discontinued

PeliSmart is a feature-rich Android app that can also be played on PCs using emulators. In contrast, Peli smart Peliculas violated copyright laws by letting users stream and download illegal content before being shut down. This outlines the key differences in purpose, features and legality between these confusingly named apps.

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