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Pokémon GO on iOS 17 iGPSGo, Pokémon GO took the world by storm when it was first released in 2016. The innovative augmented reality mobile game allowed players to catch, battle and trade Pokémon in real-world locations. One of the core game mechanics involved traveling to different places to find and catch new Pokémon. However, this presented challenges for some players who wanted to play but had limited mobility or access to varied locations.

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To address this issue, some players turned to GPS spoofing apps like iGPSGo that allow you to fake your phone’s GPS location so you can “travel” anywhere in the Pokémon GO map without actually going there physically. While tempting, using these spoofing apps comes with risks and violates the game’s terms of service.

What is iGPSGo?

iGPSGo is a GPS spoofing app designed specifically for Pokémon GO on iOS devices. It lets users manually change their phone’s GPS coordinates to any location they want. With iGPSGo, you can make your in-game character walk around neighborhoods, cities, or even different countries without actually traveling there.

The app offers several features tailored for Pokémon GO players:

  • Joystick mode – Use an on-screen joystick to move your character around the map smoothly.
  • Custom speed – Choose your walking, running or biking speed for realistic movement.
  • GPX route import – Import third-party GPX routes to follow real walking trails or paths.
  • Various movement modes – Options like walk, teleport and jump allow you to move naturally in the game.
  • Favorites – Save commonly used locations for quick teleporting.
  • Automatic walking – Set a path for your character to automatically follow.
Pokémon GO on iOS 17 iGPSGo
Pokémon GO on iOS 17 iGPSGo

According to the developers, iGPSGo is designed to be undetectable by Niantic so you can use it safely. However, there are risks involved with GPS spoofing which will be covered later.

Why Use a Spoofing App for Pokémon GO?

For some players, using a location spoofing app provides benefits that allow them to enjoy the game more:

Access to Regional or Rare Pokémon

Certain Pokémon only appear in specific global regions in Pokémon GO. Spoofing lets you “visit” places worldwide to catch region-exclusive Pokémon for completing your Pokédex.

Playing from Home or While Traveling

You can play Pokémon GO from the comfort of home or on a long commute instead of having to physically go out and walk around to move in-game. This allows playing even with limited mobility or when weather conditions make going outside difficult.

Reach PokéStops and Gyms from Farther Away

Spoofing lets you get within range of PokéStops and Gyms that would normally be too far from your real-world location. This provides more items and access to battles.

Hatch Eggs Faster

You can use the joystick to run around which applies distance to hatch eggs faster than you could walk in real life. This saves time grinding for candy or hatching eggs.

Challenging Gameplay

For some players, spoofing provides a fun challenge trying to catch Pokémon from all over the world. It keeps the game exciting once they’ve already explored their nearby locations.

Risks and Downsides of GPS Spoofing

While iGPSGo advertises itself as a way to enhance your Pokémon GO experience, there are significant risks and downsides:

Chance of Ban

Spoofing violates the Pokémon GO Terms of Service. If detected, your account may get terminated or permanently banned by Niantic. Some players have reported bans after using spoofing apps.

Captchas or Human Verification Scams

When an unverified device like iGPSGo changes locations quickly, the game sometimes triggers a captcha challenge. You must match road signs or storefronts to manually verify the spoofer is a human. However, some third-party apps fraudulently add their own “captchas” which are really disguised subscription scams.

Technical Difficulties or Bugs

Location spoofing apps can be glitchy. The fake GPS signal may flicker or suddenly stop working. Some bugs can even cause your real GPS signal to malfunction until restarting your device.

Loss of Enjoyment

For many players, the thrill of the game comes from exploring real-world places. Spoofing can detract from that experience and satisfaction of having caught Pokémon authentically. It eliminates the motivation to go outside and walk.

Social Stigma

Spoofing is frowned upon in the Pokémon GO community. There’s a stigma attached to using cheats for unfair advantages instead of playing by the intended rules. You lose the social component of playing alongside others.

So while iGPSGo opens up new possibilities, the disadvantages often outweigh the benefits for most genuine Pokémon GO players. But those determined to spoof should know the practice comes with definitive risks.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using iGPSGo on iOS

For those who still wish to utilize iGPSGo despite the drawbacks, here is a step-by-step walkthrough on using it for Pokémon GO on iOS:

Install the iGPSGo App

As third-party software, iGPSGo cannot be downloaded directly from the iOS App Store. You’ll need to install the iGPSGo IPA file using a service like Signulous or Apple Betas. Installation requires a paid developer account and some technical know-how.

Enable Developer Settings on iPhone

To allow sideloading unofficial apps, you must enable a few developer settings on your iPhone. Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Developer Mode and toggle on “Allow apps downloaded from App Store and identified developers”.

Trust the Enterprise Certificate

Open Settings > General > VPN & Device Management, find the developer profile for iGPSGo and tap Trust. This verifies the certificate so your iPhone will open the app.

Open iGPSGo and Grant Permissions

Launch the iGPSGo app and grant the requested permissions when prompted. This includes allowing location access, motion calibration and notifications to run properly.

Enter Coordinates or Search for a Location

You can manually enter GPS coordinates or search for a place name. The map will center on that location. Alternatively, import a GPX file for a predefined walking route.

Activate Joystick and Teleport

Tap the joystick icon to enable it, then tap the teleport button to instantly move your character to the set location in Pokémon GO. The joystick will now move your character around on the map.

Adjust Walking Speed and Use Other Options

Customize your movement speed to simulate walking, running or driving. Take advantage of other features like Favorites to save locations, automatic walking along a path, or jumping from spot to spot.

Catch Pokémon and Spin PokéStops

With your character now “moved” elsewhere virtually, you can search for Pokémon, grab items from PokéStops, take over gyms and more – just as if you were physically at the spoofed location.

And that’s the basic process for how to use iGPSGo to play Pokémon GO from any fake GPS position. Keep in mind the risks that come with spoofing before utilizing this tool.

Frequently Asked Questions About iGPSGo

Here are answers to some common questions players have about using the iGPSGo spoofing app:

Is iGPSGo safe to use?

While unlikely to directly damage your device, iGPSGo does carry risks of account termination and technical issues. It cannot be fully endorsed as “safe” since it violates Pokémon GO’s TOS. Use at your own discretion.

Does iGPSGo work on Android?

No, iGPSGo only works on iOS devices. Similar GPS spoofing apps are available for Android like GPS JoyStick though they come with the same risks.

Will I get banned for using iGPSGo?

There is always a chance of getting banned. However, iGPSGo claims to be undetectable if used correctly. Don’t teleport long distances too quickly or you’ll risk raising suspicion.

Why was I asked to verify captcha or ReCaptcha?

Frequent location changes via spoofing can trigger bot verifications. Complete them manually, don’t enter your info for fake “human verification” scams.

Can I walk on real paths using iGPSGo?

Yes, you can import GPX routes to make your character walk trails or paths anywhere in the world. This looks more realistic than joystick movements.

Does iGPSGo auto-walk work well?

Auto-walk along a set route can be glitchy. The joystick gives you more precision. Use auto-walk cautiously as it may sometimes break the spoofing if GPS signal drops out.

Is there an iGPSGo free version?

No, there is no free version. iGPSGo costs $5 per week, $20 monthly or $70 lifetime after a 3-day trial. Subscribing also verifies the app certificate.

Can I get Unown using iGPSGo?

Yes, teleporting to coordinates where Unown spawn is a common use case for spoofing apps. But this is high-risk since Unown are so rare.

Verdict on iGPSGo for Pokémon GO

In summary, iGPSGo does offer powerful functionality to enhance the Pokémon GO experience through location spoofing. Features like joystick movement, GPX route support and teleportation give new ways to play the game from anywhere in the world. However, while tempting, IGPSGo comes with inherent risks of punishment, technical issues and loss of enjoyment for many players. Responsible Pokémon GO trainers should carefully weigh the pros and cons before utilizing apps that violate the spirit of the game by falsifying GPS data. But for those determined to try spoofing, iGPSGo provides robust tools to do so – just be mindful of Niantic’s ban policies when teleporting around the globe.


Pokémon GO sparked a global phenomenon by bringing beloved Pokémon into the real world through augmented reality mobile gameplay. For some players, spoofing tools like iGPSGo unlock new possibilities by allowing their character to virtually travel and catch Pokémon anywhere on the map. However, GPS spoofing defies the intent of exploring real-world locations. While providing potential benefits, using unauthorized apps like iGPSGo could result in account discipline, technical headaches, and undercut the rewarding feeling of natural gameplay for many enthusiasts. Trainers should thoughtfully weigh these factors when deciding if location spoofing aligns with their personal enjoyment of Pokémon GO or detracts from the special experience of hunting Pokémon authentically in their own neighborhoods alongside fellow players.

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