Climbing a tower which even regressors couldnt conquer!

Climbing a Tower Which Even Regressors Couldnt Conquer! Are there any other manga or novels similar To It

Introduction Climbing a tower

“Climbing a tower which even regressors couldnt conquer” is an exciting new manga that has captured the attention of many fantasy and action fans. The story follows the protagonist, Jinwoo, as he is mysteriously transported to a massive tower and forced to climb it, facing deadly trials and challenges along the way. What makes this premise so intriguing is that even the most powerful of “Regressors” – people with the ability to reverse time after death – have failed to fully ascend this enigmatic tower. Will Jinwoo be the first to succeed where so many others have failed?

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Story and Setting

The setting of the manga is an enormous, mystical tower that stretches up into the sky farther than the eye can see. The origins of the tower are unclear, but it is filled with traps, monsters, and challenges on each floor that prevent most climbers from progressing upwards.

Jinwoo, an ordinary young man, suddenly wakes up at the base of the tower one day with no explanation of how he got there. He quickly realizes the only way out is up, and so he begins ascending the tower’s floors, using his intelligence, agility, and determination to pass each test.

Along the way, he meets other “climbers,” some friendly, and some dangerous rivals. The world inside the tower has its own mysterious ecology and rules that Jinwoo slowly uncovers as he gets higher. The trials only get more difficult, from complex puzzles to monstrous guardians, pushing Jinwoo to his limits.

Main Characters Climbing a tower

  1. Jinwoo – The protagonist determined to be the first person to fully climb the tower. He has no special powers but makes up for it with courage and ingenuity. His stubbornness and refusal to give up drive him onwards and upwards.
  2. Yuri – A female climber Jinwoo meets early on. She’s one of the few climbers not competing against others. Her experience and skill help guide Jinwoo in the right direction.
  3. Red Mask – A sinister climber wearing a red mask. He will stop at nothing to reach the top first, regarding everyone else as an enemy. His bloody rampages up the tower leave many dead in his wake.
  4. Master Swordsman – A legendary climber who came the closest to reaching the top but ultimately failed. His lingering will appears at times to dispense wisdom or aid Jinwoo.

Key Themes

Perseverance in the face of difficulty

A core theme is Jinwoo’s determination and perseverance to keep climbing despite all the tower throws at him. Even when facing exhaustion, injuries, or superior foes, he stubbornly pushes forward through sheer willpower.

The corruption of power

As climbers gain new skills and strength from ascending higher, many become corrupted. Their pursuit of power twists them, driving them to committing dark acts against fellow climbers. But Jinwoo manages to cling to his morality.

Friendship and teamwork

While only one person can ultimately reach the top, Jinwoo realizes that forging bonds and cooperating with others is key to overcoming the tower’s trials. He helps others while also accepting their aid, showing trust and friendship can prevail.

Why It Appeals to Fans

Thrill of discovery

There is a sense of mystery and discovery as more of the tower’s secrets and inhabitants are uncovered floor by floor. Fans are hooked by the teases of greater revelations the higher Jinwoo climbs.

Clever protagonist

Unlike some manga heroes that succeed through strength alone, Jinwoo’s intellect is his greatest asset. Readers enjoy following along as he creatively solves complex puzzles and outwits deadly traps.

Imaginative challenges

The tests on each floor are wildly diverse, from giant lava mazes to mystical portals that warp space and time. The author’s boundless imagination keeps the obstacles novel and engaging.

Underdog appeal

Jinwoo has no special powers, lineage, or abilities like other climbers. Fans root for him as an underdog beating the odds through determination and wits alone.

Critical Reception

Climbing a tower which even regressors couldnt conquer has garnered mostly positive reviews since its debut:

  • “A fast-paced, inventive page-turner that injects fresh excitement into the tower climb genre.” – Anime Select
  • “A protagonist that wins through smarts rather than brawn makes for a welcome change of pace.” -_ Manga Reader Monthly_
  • “The mysterious slowly unfolding backstory provides a compelling hook to keep fans guessing.” – Otaku Review
  • “Some of the side characters feel underdeveloped, but the protagonist is engaging enough to make up for it.” – Manga Critic
climbing a tower which even regressors couldnt conquer
climbing a tower which even regressors couldnt conquer

FAQs Climbing a tower

How many chapters are currently released?

As of October 2023, there are currently 80 chapters released. The manga is still ongoing.

How often do new chapters release?

The manga is on a weekly release schedule, with new chapters coming out every Thursday.

Is an anime adaptation planned?

No anime adaptation has been announced yet, but fans are hopeful an anime will be produced given the manga’s popularity.

Is the manga available in English?

Yes, an official English translation is being published and is up to Volume 8. It’s licensed by Viz Media in North America and simulpub digitally.

Are there any spin-off works?

Not yet, but the unique setting and characters provide plenty of potential for future side stories, prequels, or sequels if the manga continues successfully.

The Future of the Series

Climbing a tower which even regressors couldnt conquer is still early in Jinwoo’s ascension, with many floors and challenges left to overcome. New allies and enemies are sure to emerge over the course of the story. There are still countless mysteries left surrounding the tower’s origins and purpose.

Fans speculate that the manga is roughly halfway through the overarching narrative based on story progress so far. The climax will likely culminate in an epic final confrontation at the tower’s summit, where the truth of the tower will finally be revealed.

The strong reception and ratings suggest this manga has a bright future ahead. There is certainly plenty of room for the tale to escalate in scale and continue captivating readers. The author clearly has an extensive, multi-layered narrative planned that will keep fans guessing and eagerly awaiting each new chapter weekly.


Climbing a tower which even regressors couldnt conquer has proven to be one of the most addictive and exciting new manga series in recent years. With its refreshing protagonist, imaginative worldbuilding, and thrilling action, the manga has captivated audiences. The story has only just begun, and fans eagerly anticipate joining Jinwoo for the rest of his vertical adventure up the mysterious tower. If the premise intrigues you, jump aboard now while it’s still early in the climb!

Table of Key Characters

JinwooOrdinary young man mysteriously brought to the tower. The stubborn protagonist determined to reach the top.Main protagonist
YuriFemale climber who aids Jinwoo with her experience and skills.Ally and guide
Red MaskSinister masked climber who will stop at nothing to be #1.Rival antagonist
Master SwordsmanLegendary climber who made it farthest before falling. His wisdom sometimes aids Jinwoo.Spiritual guide

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