How RTSports Features Help Manage Football and Baseball Teams


RTSports is a leading platform for fantasy sports, providing features to help manage football and baseball teams. With over 20 years of experience, RTSports offers team owners customizable tools to have full control over their fantasy leagues. This article will explore the key features RTSports provides to make running a football or baseball team easy and enjoyable.

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Live Scoring

One of the most useful features RTSports offers is live scoring for football and baseball games. As soon as a play happens on the field, it is logged and reflected in the fantasy team scores. This allows team owners to track their players’ performance in real-time without having to watch the game. Live scoring ensures team owners always know how their fantasy team is doing compared to their opponent.

Trading Options

RTSports provides team owners with trading options to improve their rosters.

There are four different trading options available:

  • Player for Player Trades
  • Player for Draft Pick Trades
  • Player for Waiver Money Trades
  • 3 Team Trades

Having versatile trading options allows team owners to get creative and strategic with trades. They can trade current players for future draft picks if their team is out of playoff contention. Or package multiple players together in a 3 team trade to get the superstar they want. RTSports trading options help team owners construct their ideal rosters.

Waiver Wire

The waiver wire system on RTSports allows team owners to pick up unowned free agents to improve their rosters. Team owners can drop players no longer useful to their team and replace them with free agents that fill a need.

RTSports has one of the most advanced waiver wire systems available for free. Team owners can set custom waiver rules like waiver days, blind bidding, and waiver order determined by reverse order of standings. This waiver wire gives every team owner a fair chance to get new players.

Player News and Notes

Staying up-to-date on player news is crucial for team owners to make informed roster decisions. RTSports provides latest player news and notes to keep team owners in the loop. News like injuries, depth chart changes, and role changes are provided as soon as they are reported.

Detailed player notes give team owners insider info and analysis from RTSports fantasy experts. With notifications for breaking news and regular player notes, RTSports keeps team owners informed.

Injury Reports

Injury reports contain vital information for team owners determining who to start in upcoming games. All the latest injury news and practice participation is compiled into a simple report.

RTSports injury reports make it easy to see which players have injuries affecting their status. Team owners can check these reports leading up to games to adjust lineups if needed. Keeping track of injuries is made simple with RTSports injury reports.

Customizable Scoring

Every fantasy league has different scoring preferences. RTSports allows team owners to customize their league scoring to fit their exact needs. Scoring tweaks like changing passing TD value from 4 pts to 6 pts or fractional kicker scoring can be made.

In addition to stat scoring, team owners can also enable scoring bonuses like bonuses for 100 yard rushers or 300 yard passers. There are dozens of scoring options to customize to each league’s liking. RTSports scoring flexibility allows for diverse league formats.

Weekly Lineups

RTSports makes managing weekly lineups effortless. Team owners can set their ideal starting lineup before each matchup. As game time approaches, lineups can be adjusted if news comes out that should warrant a change. Lineup deadlines prevent last minute changes unfairly affecting matchups.

With the RTSports companion mobile app, lineups can be managed on the go. Team owners can optimize matchups while out of the house and make needed changes if players get hurt or ruled out. RTSports lineup features allow team owners to field their best team every week.

Draft or Auction

There are two popular ways fantasy leagues select their players – through a draft or auction. On RTSports, team owners can choose to have their league use either option.

For draft leagues, RTSports offers live online drafts, email drafts, and offline drafts. So drafts can be done live online, slowly over email, or offline in person.

For auction leagues, RTSports provides nominating and bidding functionality for a live online auction with league members. Custom auction budgets and rules can be configured.

RTSports makes it easy for leagues to have their ideal player selection process – whether that’s a live online draft or auction.


Making trades is an exciting aspect of fantasy sports. RTSports enables team owners to trade with any other team in their league. Owners can propose trades which the other owner can choose to accept, decline, or counter.

Trades are an important tool for improving rosters and balancing depth across positions. RTSports trade proposal and voting system enables leagues to have full control over trades and keep them fair.

Message Board

RTSports provides a built-in message board for league communication. Team owners can create posts visible to the entire league to spark discussion. Great for topics like potential rule changes, trade proposals, trash talk, and more.

The message board keeps conversations organized in one place rather than scattershot across texts or emails. It’s the hub for league members to connect.

View Player Notes

Player notes provide valuable fantasy analysis and insider information straight from RTSports experts. Team owners can browse notes filtered by date range or search for specific players.

Player notes help guide difficult start/sit decisions, point out rising/falling players, identify waiver wire targets, and more. They deliver actionable fantasy advice tailored to RTSports leagues.

View League Scoreboard

RTSports makes it easy to track league standings with an interactive scoreboard. Team owners can see where their team ranks in the league, check other teams’ scores, and see upcoming matchups.

The scoreboard lets owners quickly analyze how their weekly performance affects the standings. They can identify which teams they need to chase down or hold off to secure a playoff spot.

View Standings

Standings provide an always up-to-date look at where each team ranks in the league. RTSports standings are further organized by division if the league uses them. Standings factor in categories like points for, points against, and division record.

Owners can check the standings to see their pace for making the playoffs. If they have a losing record, the standings motivate them to make improvements to turn their season around.

View NFL, MLB, and NBA Scores & Box Scores

RTSports allows team owners to view live scores and box scores for NFL, MLB, and NBA games. This provides more context about how their fantasy players are performing.

Owners can check scores to see which games are high or low scoring affairs affecting their players. The box scores show full statistical production and fantasy point breakdowns. Having pro scores and stats enriches the fantasy experience.

Companion Mobile App

RTSports offers iOS and Android mobile apps so team owners can manage their teams on the go. The apps provide quick access to lineups, rosters, standings, league activity, and more.

Owners can rely on the mobile apps to optimize lineups, propose trades, view live scoring, and get news alerts. The convenience of the mobile experience makes RTSports easy to manage anywhere.

Full Season Commissioner Service

For team owners wanting the ultimate customized league, RTSports offers Full Season Commissioner service. With these premium leagues, RTSports assigns a personal commissioner to handle league management and resolve issues.

The commissioner will work with the league to codify custom rules and settings into official league bylaws. During the season, the commissioner interprets rules, approves/vetoes trades, and resolves disputes. Full Season Commissioner service takes fantasy leagues to the next level.


RTSports provides fantasy team owners all the tools they need to have a successful and fun football or baseball season. With fully customizable platforms, knowledgeable commissioner service, and easy-to-use mobile apps, RTSports has been an industry leader for over 20 years. Their unmatched features simplify fantasy league management while offering endless customization possibilities. Any fantasy player looking for a great experience should choose RTSports.

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