What Is txrhlive and How To Get User Access [Review]


Txrhlive is an online portal created by Texas Roadhouse for its employees. It allows Texas Roadhouse staff to access their employee accounts, view pay stubs, manage time sheets, complete training, and more – all from the comfort of their own homes. This article will provide an overview of Txrhlive, explain how to get access, and review some of the key features available through the portal.

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What is Txrhlive?

Txrhlive, also known as TXRH Live, is the official employee login portal for Texas Roadhouse. It serves as a hub for Texas Roadhouse employees to manage their work information and access important documents online.

Specifically, Txrhlive enables employees to:

  • View pay stubs and tax documents
  • Access schedules and request time off
  • Track training progress and hours
  • Manage direct deposit
  • Access company news and announcements
  • Contact Roadie Support for help

Essentially, it allows employees to take control of their employment information without having to contact a manager or visit a Texas Roadhouse location. Everything can be accessed remotely through the secure employee portal.

How to Get Access to Txrhlive

Getting access to Txrhlive is simple if you are an employee of Texas Roadhouse. Here are the steps to get started:

1. Get Your Employee ID

First, you’ll need your unique Texas Roadhouse employee ID number. This 6-digit number can be found on your paystubs.

2. Go to the Txrhlive Website

Visit www.txrhlive.com and click on “Create Account” in the top right corner.

3. Enter Your Employee ID

On the account creation page, you will need to enter your employee ID number. Make sure to enter it exactly as it appears on your paystubs.

4. Complete Registration

Fill in some basic personal information such as your name, email address, and phone number to complete registration. Be sure to choose a secure password.

5. Access Your Account!

Once registered, you can now log in any time using your new username and password. You will then have full access to the Txrhlive portal and all its helpful features.

So in summary, provide your employee ID, register online, and then log in anytime to use Txrhlive. Reach out to your manager or Roadie Support if you have any trouble accessing the portal.

Key Features of Txrhlive

Txrhlive provides Texas Roadhouse employees with a wide range of useful features. Here are some of the key things you can do through the portal:

View Pay Information

One of the most useful parts of Txrhlive is the ability to view your pay information. You can see your past pay stubs, tax documents, and pay history. If anything looks incorrect, you can contact your manager or payroll right away.

Manage Timesheets

Through Txrhlive, you can view your upcoming schedule, swap shifts with coworkers, and request time off. Managers will review and approve any schedule change requests.

Track Training

As a Texas Roadhouse employee, you need to complete ongoing training programs. Texas roadhouse live allows you to track your progress and view which training courses you still need to finish.

Access Company News

Stay up-to-date on company announcements, news, promotions, and events. Texas roadhouse live posts important broadcasts from Texas Roadhouse corporate.

Contact Roadie Support

Need help with the portal? Have an employment or payroll question? You can submit support tickets to Roadie Support right through Texas roadhouse live.

Update Contact Info

Keep your personal contact information, including your address and phone number, up-to-date. That way Texas Roadhouse can always reach you.

Manage Direct Deposit

Set up and manage direct deposit for your paychecks through the convenient Txrhlive portal. You can add, update, or change bank accounts.

So in summary, Texas roadhouse live allows employees to view pay details, manage timecards, complete training, get company news, contact support, update personal details, set up direct deposit, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about Texas roadhouse live:

Q1. How do I reset my Txrhlive password?

If you forget your password, click the “Forgot Password” link on the Txrhlive login page. You can then reset your password after entering your username and answering some security questions.

Q2. Can I access Txrhlive from my mobile device?

Yes, you can access Texas roadhouse live from a smartphone or tablet. Simply visit www.txrhlive.com in your device’s web browser and log in with your username and password. There is no special mobile app needed.

Q3. Is Txrhlive safe to use?

Yes, Txrhlive uses industry-standard encryption and network security measures to keep your data safe, secure, and private. Only you have access to your employee account.

Q4. What do I do if Txrhlive is down?

The portal is designed to be always available, but occasionally maintenance or technical issues can cause temporary outages. If Texas roadhouse live is down, try again later. If issues persist, inform your manager or contact Roadie Support.

Q5. Can my manager edit my Txrhlive account?

No, managers cannot access employee Texas roadhouse live accounts. They can only view limited data that employees provide access to, like schedules and time-off requests. Your account and personal data remain private.

Q6. Who can I contact for Txrhlive help?

If you have any trouble accessing or using Texas roadhouse live, reach out to Roadie Support. You can submit a support ticket through the Txrhlive portal itself or call 1-855-698-7446.


In summary, Txrhlive is an invaluable portal for Texas Roadhouse employees. It allows you to view your pay details, manage your schedule, complete training, get company updates, handle direct deposit, and more – all online from your home!

To get access, simply provide your employee ID when registering at www.txrhlive.com. Then log in anytime to manage your work information. With helpful features and responsive support, Texas roadhouse live makes it easy to stay connected to your Texas Roadhouse employment.

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