Snakebird Complete For Nintendo Switch And iOS

Snakebird Complete: The Definitive Puzzle-Solving Experience Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Snakebird Complete is the ultimate package for fans of clever and challenging puzzle games. This enhanced version combines the original Snakebird game with its more difficult sequel Snakebird Primer into one comprehensive experience filled with brain-teasing fun. Releasing November 2023 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, Snakebird Complete offers the perfect opportunity for first-time players and veterans alike to test their skills against 120+ fiendishly designed levels.

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An Extraordinary Puzzle-Solving Adventure

At its core, Snakebird is a puzzle game that tasks players with maneuvering snake-like creatures to safely reach a designated exit point. Seemingly simple in concept, navigating the tiny birds from start to finish requires some real out-of-the-box thinking. Each level presents a new challenge to overcome, whether it’s manipulating a series of platforms, activating certain triggers, or strategically using each bird’s unique abilities. Solving even one of these puzzles can be immensely satisfying.

Snakebird Primer ups the ante by introducing more complex mechanics, smarter enemy placements, and an array of tricky obstacles to trip up unsuspecting players. While the original Snakebird eased participants into the experience, Primer throws convention to the wind. It’s a true test of mental fortitude akin to playing a fast-paced game of cerebral chess. Snakebird Complete packages both entries together to create the ultimate puzzle-solving adventure. Gamers can work their way up the difficulty scale at their own pace.

Hints Allow For An Accessible Experience

What sets Snakebird Complete apart from previous versions is the inclusion of an all-new hint system. For the first time, players can get optional visual guidance to nudge them in the right direction. Hints start off vague, indicating potential paths or strategies to consider. Should users still feel stumped after the initial clue, successive hints get more explicit by highlighting specific objects to interact with.

The addition of hints transforms Snakebird into an accessible experience for gamers of all skill levels. Newcomers can ease themselves into the challenging progression of puzzles without fear of frustration. Snakebird veterans can also take advantage of hints as a last resort if they happen to get stuck. Alternatively, experts can ignore this feature entirely to get that authentic unassisted gameplay feel. With adjustable guidance, Snakebird Complete accommodates different playstyles.

Table of Contents

  • An Extraordinary Puzzle-Solving Adventure
  • Hints Allow For An Accessible Experience
  • Quality-Of-Life Upgrades
  • Over 120 Fiendishly Difficult Levels
  • Physical or Digital – Purchase Options for All
  • Snakebird Primer – The Next Puzzle Challenge
  • Conclusion

Quality-Of-Life Upgrades

On top of the new hint functionality, Snakebird Complete also bundles in an assortment of quality-of-life improvements. The biggest upgrade is the introduction of an overworld map allowing for swift fast travel between worlds. Players can now jump instantly to whichever world or level they choose rather than navigate through each stage manually. Modern touches like this really enhance the overall experience.

For the Nintendo Switch version specifically, Snakebird Complete offers optimized touch controls for portable and tabletop play. Users can seamlessly transition between Joycons and the touch screen. There is also support for HD rumble and video capture sharing. Little enhancements like these emphasize how well-implemented this classic puzzle game is on Nintendo’s platform. Whether at home or on the move, Snakebird Complete plays wonderfully.

Over 120 Fiendishly Difficult Levels

With both Snakebird and Snakebird Primer combined, Snakebird Complete boasts an enormous collection of brain-busting content. The package contains over 120 hand-crafted levels split across 4 distinct worlds. From tropical beaches to snowy peaks, the gorgeous scenery perfectly complements the mellow ambient soundtrack. But make no mistake – the adorable art style hides relentless challenges just waiting around every corner.

Long-time fans can look forward to experiencing familiar puzzles from Snakebird alongside new challenges developed exclusively for Snakebird Primer. Locations contain parallel dimensions offering alternate takes on certain levels with different layouts to solve. Completionists will have plenty to see and do here. Optional collectibles add another layer of replay value for those seeking additional accomplishments beyond merely beating each stage.

For first-timers just diving in, Snakebird Complete eases players into the basics before dialing up the difficulty. The learning curve feels fair even with so many stages available. Gamers can also skip ahead to later worlds or revisit previous levels whenever they desire thanks to the streamlined world map system. With countless puzzles to solve, Snakebird Complete has enough content to keep eager brains occupied for hours upon hours.

Physical or Digital – Purchase Options for All

Snakebird Complete launches November 2023 as a digital release on the Nintendo eShop for $24.99. This provides instant access to download the full game directly to your Nintendo Switch system. Note – the digital version requires 960MB of free storage space to install.

Physical media fans can also purchase a physical cartridge from online and high street retailers. Copies come enclosed in a stylish eco-friendly game case featuring vibrant box art. The launch edition also includes an exclusive sticker sheet perfect for customizing laptops, phones, game consoles and more.

For collectors who want bonus physical goodies, a special limited release Snakebird Complete: Origins Edition is available directly from the publisher’s online store. Only 5,000 copies exist worldwide, each priced at $39.99. Origins Edition contains a physical copy of the game, sticker sheet from the standard edition, exclusive metal collectible pin, dynamic theme download code, and commemorative numbered certificate. Act fast before stock runs out!

Regardless of how you purchase Snakebird Complete, the same exceptional puzzle-platforming gameplay awaits inside. Go digital for convenience or physical for goodies – the choice is yours!

Snakebird Primer – The Next Puzzle Challenge

Bundled alongside the original Snakebird game, Snakebird Primer serves up the next cerebral challenge. As the name suggests, Primer teaches players more advanced techniques to add to their skillset. This sequel requires mastering new mechanics like switches, ghosts, cloning, and more. Relying solely on basics from Snakebird won’t cut it here.

To stand any chance of beating Snakebird Primer, entrants must grasp multi-step solutions, spatial reasoning skills, and think expansively outside normal parameters. Applying logic while identifying patterns is key to progression. Primer constantly challenges expectations by changing rules, dynamics, and obstacles just as you grow comfortable. Stay alert to have any hope of surviving through all 40 stages.

Despite formidable challenges, Primer crucially retains Snakebird’s trademark serene atmosphere. Mellow music accompanies players while pondering your next move. The adorable protagonist also helps reduce tension so the experience feels more contemplative than frustrating. Find your zen state, take a deep breath, and give your brain space to discover inventive workarounds.

Thanks to Snakebird Complete, fans can enjoy both the original test of wits alongside Snakebird Primer’s advanced trials. Newcomers have ample content to ease themselves in while experts can truly push their limits. With adjustable guidance settings and optimized gameplay, Snake bird Complete lives up to its title by offering the definitive version of this lovably quirky puzzle-adventure series.


Snakebird Complete bundles together the hugely popular Snake bird puzzle games into one must-have package for Nintendo Switch. This enhanced version adds an optional hint system, quality-of-life upgrades, and 120+ fiendishly tricky levels to beat. Available November 2023, the bundle launches with digital and physical purchase options plus neat limited edition extras for collectors. Now anyone can enjoy Snakebird’s mental workout at their own pace thanks to difficulty settings and accessibility options tailored for all skill levels. If you love cerebral puzzle games, then Snake bird Complete belongs in your Nintendo Switch collection.

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