Is Solarmove Shut Down Due To Illegal And Copyright Contents Stream or Download? [Review]


solarmove was a popular website that allowed users to stream and download movies and TV shows for free. At its peak, Solarmovie was one of the most visited streaming sites on the internet. However, in 2018, users were met with a message stating that Solarmovie was shut down. This led many to wonder – was Solarmovie shut down due to issues around illegal streaming and copyrighted content?

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In this article, we’ll review whether solarmove was closed because of copyright and legal issues around its free movie streaming model. We’ll also look at the consequences of streaming copyrighted content illegally. Finally, we’ll explore some legal alternatives to Solarmove for watching movies and TV shows online.

Overview of solarmove and Its Free Streaming Model

Solarmove first emerged in 2011 and offered users a large catalog of movies and TV shows to watch for free. It built up a library of high-quality movies and shows primarily through embedded videos from third-party hosts. Users could search for titles, select a source, and stream them directly on Solarmovie.

Like many free streaming sites, Solarmove did not have the rights or licenses to distribute this content. Instead, it relied on third-party hosts and links to provide access to copyrighted material. As a result, Solarmovie inhabited a legal gray area. Its free streaming model was frequently questioned for facilitating potentially illegal access to copyrighted content.

Solarmove Shutdown – Was it Due to Copyright Issues?

In 2018, solarmove was shut down abruptly.

Users visiting the site were met with a message stating:

“The domain has been seized by the government. The owner of has been arrested on copyright infringement charges.”

This led many to conclude that copyright infringement claims likely played a major role in Solarmovie’s shutdown.

According to reports, the movie studios were not happy with free streaming sites like Solarmovie distributing their copyrighted content without permission. Consequently, the studios likely filed complaints, leading to domain seizures and arrests of site owners.

While details on specific charges are unclear, Solarmove’s free streaming model almost certainly violated copyright law. Without licenses, Solarmovie facilitated access to movies and shows it had no legal distribution rights to. Ultimately, this copyright infringement appears to be why the site was taken down.

The Consequences of Illegal Streaming and Downloading

Although using sites like solarmove may seem harmless, streaming or downloading copyrighted material without permission has serious legal consequences:

  • Criminal charges: The Protecting Lawful Streaming Act, passed in 2020, makes illegally streaming copyrighted content a felony. Offenders can face up to 10 years in prison.
  • Civil lawsuits: Copyright holders can sue infringers for illegally distributing their content. This can involve heavy fines.
  • DMCA takedown notices: Companies send DMCA takedown notices to websites illegally hosting copyrighted content, demanding its removal. Non-compliance can lead to legal action.
  • Bans from ISPs: Internet providers may ban users who frequently engage in illegal streaming or torrenting. This can lead to loss of internet access.

Essentially, both streaming and downloading movies from sites like Solarmovie without permission violates copyright law. Those caught doing so may face both criminal charges and civil lawsuits.

Legal Alternatives to solarmove

Rather than risk legal issues on sites like Solarmovie, there are many legal streaming options to watch movies and TV shows online:

  • Netflix: The most popular on-demand streaming service with thousands of titles available for a monthly fee.
  • Hulu: Provides both on-demand streaming and a live TV option including major networks. Ad-supported and ad-free plans are available.
  • Amazon Prime: Included with an Amazon Prime subscription, Prime Video offers a large selection of movies, shows, and original content to subscribers.
  • Disney+: Features movies and shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and more.
  • HBO Max: Provides access to HBO shows and movies, DC movies, TCM content, and more for a monthly subscription.
  • PlutoTV: An entirely free streaming service with on-demand movies and TV shows as well as live TV channels. Supported by ads.

The services above provide legal alternatives to access a vast catalog of movies and shows without having to worry about copyright infringement claims. Although not completely free, they offer reasonable monthly subscription rates for unlimited on-demand streaming. For those looking to cut the cord, several services even provide live TV functionality.


In the end, it seems likely that solarmove was shut down primarily due to copyright holders filing complaints about its unlicensed distribution of movies and TV shows. Streaming from sites like solarmove that lack broadcast rights is very likely a form of copyright infringement. This can lead to serious legal consequences like criminal charges, lawsuits, and bans from ISPs. For a safe and legal viewing experience, it is best to use on-demand streaming services that have the appropriate licenses, even if they come with a monthly fee. With plenty of excellent and affordable streaming options today, there is no need to take the legal risks associated with sites like Solarmovie anymore.

Table: Comparison of Legal Streaming Services

ServiceMonthly CostContent OfferingsNotable Features
Netflix$9.99 – $19.99Movies, TV shows, Netflix originalsRecommendation engine, profiles, mobile apps
Hulu$7.99 – $14.99TV shows, movies, Hulu originals, live TVNo ads on some plans, live TV, mobile apps
Amazon Prime VideoIncluded with $14.99/month Prime membershipMovies, TV, Amazon OriginalsAvailable on Fire TV, mobile apps
Disney+$7.99Disney movies and shows, Marvel, Star Wars, moreOriginal shows and movies, mobile apps
HBO Max$9.99HBO shows and movies, Studio Ghibli, DC ComicsOriginal content, mostly ad-free
Pluto TVFreeOn-demand movies and shows, live TV channelsFree with ads, web and mobile apps

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