Excel: Create An Hourly Stundenrechner – How It Works

Excel: Create An Hourly Stundenrechner – How It Works

If you create an hour Stundenrechner in Excel, you can use it to calculate the difference in hours from two times. It would help to distinguish between a Stundenrechner that takes date changes into account and a simple Stundenrechner for times within a day.

Excel: Create a simple hourly Stundenrechner without changing the date

A simple hour Stundenrechner is sufficient to calculate the difference between two times on the same day. In this example, we calculate the difference between the times entered in cells A2 and B2 and output the result in C2.

  • Highlight cells A2 through C2, click on them, and choose “Format Cells.”
  • Select the “Numbers” tab and select “Custom” under “Categories.”
  • In the “Type” field, enter “hh: mm.” “hh” stands for hours and “mm” for minutes.
  • Confirm with OK”.
  • In cell C2, enter “=B2-A2” and confirm with joining.
  • Now enter the times to be calculated in the “hh: mm” in cells A2 and B2. It will give you the difference in cell C2.
  • You can copy the formula and formatting to the cells below by selecting the three compartments and dragging down the small black square in the lower-right corner of the selection.

Excel: Hour Stundenrechner With The Date Change

To use Excel to calculate the difference between two times that are not on the same day, you need a more complex calculation command. Again using the example above, we use cells A2 through C2.

  • Highlight cells A2 and C2, right-click on them, and choose Format Cells.
  • Under “Numbers,” select the category “User-defined” and enter “hh: mm” under Type. Confirm with OK”.
  • Now enter the formula “=IF(B2>A2;B2-A2;B2+1-A2)” in cell C2 and press Enter.
  • You can now enter your times in fields A2 and B2, and you will receive the difference in C2, even if you enter times that span several dates.

Video Tutorial: Fix The Top Row In The Excel Spreadsheet

If you have a long list of data, you can freeze the top row and scroll down without the column labels disappearing from view. In our video, we show you how to do it.

We will show you how to insert the date and time in Excel in our next practical tip.

Overtime Stundenrechner’s last changes

Timesheet (overtime Stundenrechner) – Excel template was last updated on January 4th, 2021, and is available for download here.

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CHIP conclusion on timesheet (overtime Stundenrechner) – Excel template

Practical work simplification to record your working hours.

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