Tactacam Prm-ums Under Scope Rail Mount For Crossbow

Get the Perfect View: Exploring the Tactacam PRM-UMS Under Scope Rail Mount for Crossbow

Tactacam Prm-ums Under Scope Rail Mount For Crossbow, Hunting with a crossbow provides a thrill like no other. There’s something primal about taking down prey with a modern version of a medieval weapon. Yet crossbow hunting also requires more advanced techniques and tools to be successful in the field. That’s where accessories like the Tactacam PRM-UMS Under Scope Rail Mount come in handy.

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Overview of the Tactacam PRM-UMS

The Tactacam PRM-UMS Under Scope Rail Mount is a specialty mount designed specifically to attach the Tactacam trail camera securely to a crossbow’s scope rail. This smart mount helps crossbow hunters capture high quality videos and photos of their hunts right from their weapons.

[H2] Key Features and Benefits

The Tactacam PRM-UMS Rail Mount delivers important functionality for crossbow hunters:

  • Designed for 32mm or 40mm scope rails
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • Securely holds camera in place during firing
  • Adjustable to allow optimum camera angle
  • Made of high grade aluminum for durability
  • Only 4.4 oz weight keeps balance
  • Compatible only with Tactacam cameras

This specialized rail mount offers hunters key video and photo capabilities without weighing down the crossbow or disrupting the crucial balance. Its ability to angle the camera provides flexibility in capturing the ideal point of view. Constructed of lightweight but durable aluminum, the mount also withstands heavy crossbow firing forces.

What Is the Tactacam Camera?

Before delving further into the rail mount, it helps to understand what the Tactacam camera brings to the table. This innovative camera delivers premium quality trail camera abilities in a tiny, mountable package built for weapons.

The Tactacam includes essential stats like:

  • 1080P Resolution
  • 5-10 second trigger speed
  • 16GB memory
  • Low light sensitivity
  • IP67 weatherproofing
  • Lithium ion battery

With ambient light sensor technology, extended time lapse mode, and an ultra wide 150 degree lens, this mighty mini camera captures crisp, vivid media without intrusive size. The PRM-UMS Mount gives crossbow hunters an ideal platform for harnessing the Tactacam’s capabilities in the field.

[H2] Mounting & Using the Tactacam PRM-UMS

Installing and using the Tactacam PRM-UMS Under Scope Rail Mount demands careful attention to product directions. But once properly set up, the mount offers a streamlined system for recording hunts.

Mounting Steps

Proper mounting guidelines include:

  • Confirm crossbow scope rail dimensions before purchase
  • Use included tools and hardware pieces
  • Tighten camera plate screws evenly on both sides
  • Check balance and camera angle
  • Use lock tight glue if desired for permanent install

By confirming scope rail size, meticulously installing the mount and camera, and testing balance, the PRM-UMS provides reliable performance shot after shot.

Using the Tactacam PRM-UMS

Employing the Tactacam camera on the under scope mount takes a few easy steps:

  • Power on the camera
  • Optionally connect a display device using the WiFi network
  • Load memory card and ensure correct camera mode
  • Charge battery if needed
  • Test firing first without memory card
  • Insert memory card prior to hunt
  • Power on camera and verify functionality

With the ability to connect a smartphone or tablet, hunters can view and frame shots remotely. This helps optimize positioning prior to firing at game.

Advantages Over Typical Crossbow Setups

While regular scopes and sighting systems work perfectly fine for aiming, the Tactacam PRM-UMS brings additional, game-changing advantages to the hunt:

Enhanced Shot Analysis

The video capturing power of a Tactacam camera allows detailed analysis of each shot far beyond static sight pictures. Hunters can review factors like draw length, release smoothness, arrow speed and arc, and more.

Total View Recording

A fixed scope only shows the narrow aiming view down the bolt’s path. But the Tactacam mounted below records the full perspective in front of the crossbow for more insightful footage.

Slow Motion Capability

By filming at 60 fps or higher, the Tactacam enables smooth slow motion video of the exact moment the arrow contacts the target.

Long-Term Time Lapse

Time lapse mode allows hunters to capture hours or days worth of images compressed into shareable videos for scouting game patterns.

Durable Construction

The CNC machined aluminum Tactacam and mount handle heavy crossbow recoil shot after shot.

For hunters who want richer media from their crossbow expeditions, the Tactacam PRM-UMS system fulfills those needs at a budget-friendly price.

[H2] Purchase Locations & Pricing

Interested buyers can obtain the Tactacam PRM-UMS Under Scope Rail Mount from several major retailers:

  • Amazon: $35.75 base price
  • Wilderness Sports: $24.95 per listing
  • Tractor Supply: Price not listed
  • Walmart: Listing shows product but no price

As with any specialty gear, it pays to shop around for potential sales or promo pricing. But even at MSRP, the mount’s performance and flexibility add value to crossbow setups.

Frequently Asked Questions

Those new to crossbow mounted cameras may have additional questions:

Does it affect accuracy or arrow speed?

No. Correctly balanced, the lightweight camera and mount do not hinder accuracy or bolt speed.

Do I need a display to view video?

The Tactacam transmits a WiFi signal for mobile devices to connect and display video. But it’s not required – video saves to the memory card for later viewing.

Can it record sound too?

Yes, the Tactacam microphone enables audio capture along with video.

Is it safe to leave on my crossbow full time?

The mount is designed to stay affixed long term. But the battery powered camera should be removed between uses for charging and storage.

What SD card capacity is best?

With HD video capture, larger cards 128GB+ allow reasonable storage for multiple hunts before offloading media.

Now that you’re familiar with the purpose and abilities of the specialized Tactacam PRM-UMS Under Scope Rail Mount, it’s easy to see why crossbow enthusiasts are attaching them en masse this season. The power to record the thrill of the hunt – and review every exciting detail later – keeps hunters coming back eager and ready for more with crossbow in hand.

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