Top Smartphone 2022: iPhone And Android In Comparison!

Are you looking for the Top Smartphone in 2022? We bring light into the dark because we have selected the Top iPhone and android Smartphone for you and a budget version for each, which is also recommended.

Admittedly, the smartphone market has become a bit confusing, and it is not that easy to find the Top Smartphone in 2022. But don’t worry; we give you an easy-to-understand overview of the Top smartphones.

The Top Smartphone In 2022!


If you want an iPhone, we recommend the new iPhone 13 . It has a great camera that takes stunning photos even in the dark. The battery also lasts a long time, and the device is lightning fast. The price is currently Euro 834.99. The iPhone se (3rd generation) is the right choice if you want it to be a little cheaper. There are compromises with the camera and the slightly smaller display. However, it currently only costs Euro 516.99.


If you want to choose an android model, then the google pixel 6 is a clear recommendation. It combines state-of-the-art technology, an excellent camera, and software updates guaranteed for five years at a fair price of currently Euro 550.86. The xiaomi note 10 pro can be a good alternative if you want it to be a little cheaper. For now Euro 269.00, you get a top-of-the-line smartphone, where you only have to do without good pictures in poor lighting conditions.

iPhone 13: The Top iPhone in 2022

If you’re looking for a new iPhone and want to ensure it stays current for a few years, then the iPhone 13 is your Top bet. In short, you get:


An excellent dual-lens camera that takes fantastic photos in the dark.


A brilliant display that goes almost to the edge and has an excellent brightness.


With the latest technology, you will also feel the speed.

Battery life:

A battery that lasts all day and can be charged up to 50% in 30 minutes.

Second SIM card:

Ideal if you want to separate work and private life.

The iPhone 13 is on par with the more expensive iPhone 13 pro in terms of speed because the same processors are installed. You don’t have to worry about the battery, because it’s so big that it can easily last a whole day. However, the camera deserves a special mention because it is imposing. The camera cannot be compared to older iPhone models with two lenses for wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle. The night mode is so good that you can get stunning handheld photos in the dark.

The iPhone 13 has also integrated the new 5g network and is therefore prepared for the future. However, the networks have not yet been expanded across the board, so in our opinion, this is not a reason to buy.

IPhone SE (3rd generation) – the cheaper iPhone

If the iPhone 13 is a bit too expensive for you, then the iPhone SE (3rd generation) can also be a good choice for you:


The same technology is used as fast as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro.


Instead of face recognition, you unlock the iPhone se with a fingerprint sensor.


The display is slightly smaller than the iPhone 13. The device is also somewhat more compact and weighs 30 g less.


A wide-angle camera, which is often sufficient for stock photos.

Battery life:

The battery lasts 15 hours of video playback and recharges to 50% in 30 minutes.

With the iPhone se (3rd generation), you don’t have to accept any sacrifices in speed. Because the same a15 processor is installed as in the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro. You only have to make a few compromises: the screen is a bit smaller, and a fingerprint sensor is integrated. In addition, only one wide-angle camera is installed, which does not take as good pictures in difficult lighting conditions as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 pro with night mode. On the other hand, you can get the iPhone se (3rd generation) for around Euro 300 less than the iPhone 13 – which might be enough to make the trade-offs.

Google Pixel 6 – The Top Android Smartphone In 2022

The google pixel 6 is perfect for you if you want a fast android smartphone with an excellent camera and guaranteed software updates but don’t want to pay a fortune.


Large screen that automatically increases the brightness significantly in bright sunlight and enables smooth scrolling.


The google pixel 6 comes with a fast, specially developed chip – the google tensor.

Battery life:

The battery lasts all day and charges 50% in 30 minutes. The extreme power-saving mode can power the pixel for 48 hours.


With its three lenses (wide-angle, ultra-wide-angle, and telephoto), the camera takes stunning pictures, even in tricky light situations or at night.

The google pixel 6 convinces above all with the perfect camera, which can take excellent photos even in the dark. The almost borderless display will convince you if you also like to be outside. Because when used outdoors, it is exceptionally bright and ensures that you can still see everything well, even in bright sunlight. With a 120hz refresh rate, scrolling is so smooth it feels like the page is glued to your finger. Also on board is the latest android version, which has been provided security updates for five years. At around Euro 570, the google pixel 6 is only half as expensive as the samsung galaxy s22.

Xiaomi Note 10 Pro – The Cheaper Android Smartphone

If you are looking for an android smartphone with the latest technology at an attractive price, then the xiaomi note 10 pro might be ideal for you:

Battery life:

The phone lasts 12 hours and can be charged to 50% in 30 minutes if required.


The display is large and bright enough to see something even in sunlight.


A good camera for everyday snapshots. Less suitable in low light.

With the xiaomi note 10 pro, you get a well-equipped smartphone at a fair price. The display is excellent, and the battery life of around 12 hours is also something we only know from high-end smartphones. The show also has a screen refresh rate of 120 hz, ensuring that scrolling works smoothly and animations look even smoother. The camera also takes good photos of everyday life. The only drawback: if the lighting conditions are complex, the photos are noisy and only suitable as a mediocre snapshot. If that’s not a problem for you, you get a high-quality smartphone at a low price.

Top Smartphone 2022 – That’s What Matters When Buying

The search for the Top smartphone in 2022 is not primarily about the technically Top device but the Top price-performance ratio for different device classes. However, nowadays there are so many mobile phones that it is almost difficult to choose. We have put together the most important criteria for you:


The cameras on all smartphones are now at an excellent level. However, there are differences in difficult lighting conditions. The new iPhones and the flagship smartphones with android still have the edge. In addition, the more cameras are installed, the more expensive the smartphone is. It allows you to choose between ultra-wide-angle and a telephoto zoom.


The battery has separated the wheat from the chaff. Nowadays, even cheaper smartphones have high-capacity batteries. When buying, ensure it has at least 5,000 mah to get you through the day.


Screens have gotten bigger and bigger over the years. Today, expensive and cheap devices have an extensive and equally high-quality collection. There are differences in the refresh rate. Scrolling only actually appears smooth from 120 hz. So you have the feeling that the page almost sticks to your finger when scrolling. Whether you need it, however, is another question.


The processors in smartphones will still ensure the speed in 2022. The faster the processor, the smoother the smartphone works. While this only applies to games, the processors are now being used more and more often for image processing or other tasks on the cell phone.

Storage size:

With android smartphones, you can continually expand the storage space with an sd card. You can’t do that with an iPhone. So make sure you select enough storage space.


In the past, price was usually the decisive factor for high quality. With the Top smartphones in 2022, however, this is not necessarily the decisive factor. After all, the high-end models often only differ from cheaper devices in terms of functions that not everyone necessarily needs in everyday life.


Which is the Top smartphone in 2022 depends on the wallet. If you are looking for the latest technology and like to take photos even in difficult lighting situations, then the iPhone 13 or google pixel 6 are an absolute recommendation. On the other hand, if you want to spend a little less, then the iPhone se (3rd generation) or the xiaomi note 10 pro can be a good choice. Are you interested in the topic, or do you have any questions? Then feel free to write to us in the comments.

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