How To Return & Refunds Purchases Apple

You bought the wrong app and want to return it? With the apple refund, that’s no problem. Here you can find out how to do it.

With the apple refund, you can quickly reverse a lousy purchase. It doesn’t matter whether you shopped in the app store, itunes store, or apple books. There can be many reasons for exchanging a product, for example, if an app is not working well or you bought the wrong music album. In this article, we’ll show you how to return your purchased content from apple in no time.

Apple Refunds On Apps, Games, Movies, And More

With apple refund, you can return various digital content, such as games, movies, music, and general apps. It works very quickly via the browser, but you can also use the refund function directly on your ios devices, such as iphones or ipad. With this function, you can easily cancel your wrong purchase from the “app store.” it is also straightforward:

  • To report a problem with a purchase, go to apple’s official website:
  • Sign in with your apple id. It must be the apple id you used to purchase the product.
  • Click on the “i would like…” selection from the drop-down menu. Then select “request a refund.”
  • Give a reason why you didn’t want to buy the product/app/movie. The option “i didn’t want to buy this” is also possible.
  • Finally, click “send,” and your request will be forwarded.

You can use these refund steps for different digital products.

Please note: you shouldn’t use apple’s refunds too often; however, only use them when necessary. Misuse may result in a feature ban, preventing you from returning apps.

How Do I Get The Money Back?

After you request a refund, it is usually processed very quickly, and the support usually processes your request within two days. If the proposal goes through, you will get the money for the app back. Exactly how long this takes depends on your payment method.

With itunes credit:

If you paid with itunes credit, you’d usually get your apple refund within 48 hours. This method is the fastest.

Direct debit:

With an immediate debit payment, apple’s refund process can take much longer. Here you may have to wait up to 30 days.

Via the mobile phone bill:

In the app store, you can also enter the mobile phone bill as a payment option. If you specify this option, the apple refund can take up to 60 days.

Apple Refund For App – How Long Do I Have?

Of course, you can’t wait forever to get a refund, and you can claim a refund for your purchase within 90 days through apple refunds. However, the app can only be canceled within 14 days without further justification, i.e., within the statutory cancellation period.

If you request an apple refund for an app after 14 days, you must have good reasons. In this case, apple may reject your request.

Can’t Request Apple Refund – Why Is That?

The apple refund is quick and, in most cases, straightforward to do via the official website. Still, it can get complicated because of specific reasons. We took a closer look at the matter and summarized the most common justifications for you.

Pending charge:

If your account or payment method hasn’t been charged for the app purchase, you can’t request a refund yet. First, wait for the amount to be debited from the app and then request a refund.

Pending payment:

If you haven’t paid for the app yet, you can’t request a refund from apple. Make sure that nothing stands in the way of the payment and update your payment details if necessary.

Account charged for unknown purchase:

Not sure why your account was set for an app purchase? Then also check the assets of your family members. Mainly if you use apple family sharing, a wide variety of investments will appear on your apple id. You can see purchases made using the shared payment method by going to apple id > all. If you want to learn more about apple family sharing, this article is for you.


You can request a refund from apple in just a few steps. Your request will usually be processed quickly, and you will get the money back for incorrect purchases. It could be an unusable app or the wrong music album. Do you have any questions? Then leave us a comment!

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