What Is UGA eLC and Everything You Need To Know


The University of Georgia eLearning Commons (UGAeLC) is a critical online platform that serves as the central learning management system (LMS) used across the university. As an LMS, eLC provides key tools and features to facilitate teaching and learning in the digital space for both students and instructors. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what exactly UGA eLC is, how it works, who uses it, and why it is an essential component of the educational experience at UGA.

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What is UGA eLC?

UGA eLC stands for the “University of Georgia eLearning Commons.” It is the official LMS platform used by the University of Georgia to host online components of courses and supplement in-person classes.

eLC serves as a centralized online location where instructors can distribute learning materials, assignments, assessments, and other course activities. Students enrolled in classes can access eLC to obtain resources, submit work, take quizzes or exams, check grades, and communicate with their instructors and peers.

The eLC system is powered by Brightspace technology and is integrated into the University of Georgia’s information technology infrastructure. It is FERPA-protected to maintain student privacy and can be accessed through the eLC website or directly via the UGA eLC portal using UGA login credentials.

Key Features and Tools

UGA eLC comes equipped with a robust set of features and tools to facilitate teaching and learning:

Course Content Distribution

Instructors can easily upload learning materials like syllabi, lecture slides, readings, multimedia, and more to distribute to students enrolled in their courses. This allows all required learning resources to be housed in one central location.

Assignment and Assessment Creation

eLC enables instructors to create assignments, quizzes, exams, discussion prompts, and other activities. Automatic or manual grading options are available.


A gradebook allows instructors to record and monitor students’ scores and provide feedback on work. Students can also check their standing through the gradebook.

Communication Tools

Discussion forums, chat functions, announcements, and an internal email system facilitate communication between instructors, students, and classmates.

Multimedia Integration

eLC supports integrating video, images, audio, animations, and other multimedia right into course content. External links can also be embedded.

Mobile Accessibility

The eLC mobile app allows students and instructors to access eLC tools and materials on iOS or Android devices. Offline access options are also provided.

Who Uses UGA eLC?

UGA eLC is used by all instructors and students participating in credit-bearing UGA courses. Traditional in-person courses, fully online courses, and hybrid formats typically have an eLC course site to facilitate learning.


Instructors use eLC sites to distribute course content, assign and grade work, monitor student progress, make announcements, and enable communication with and among students.


Students enrolled in UGA courses access eLC frequently to obtain learning materials, review assignments, submit work, take assessments, check grades, and communicate with their instructor and classmates.

University Administration

University administrators and support units also utilize eLC to deliver training content to faculty and to store resources to support teaching.

Accessing UGA eLC

Students and instructors primarily access UGA eLC by logging into the platform using their UGA MyID credentials.

To log in, visit the eLC website at https://uga.view.usg.edu/ and click “Login” in the top right corner. Enter your MyID and password when prompted.

Once logged in, you will see a list of the eLC course sites you are enrolled in as a student or instructor. Click any course card to access the site.

The eLC mobile app offers another way to access eLC sites and tools from iOS or Android devices. Simply download the “eLC” app and sign in with your UGA credentials.

Getting Help with UGA eLC

The University of Georgia provides tutorial resources and technical support for students and instructors using the eLC platform:

  • Knowledge Base: Search the eLC knowledge base for step-by-step tutorials on using eLC tools and features.
  • Help Desk: Contact the UGA eLC Help Desk by phone or email for troubleshooting and technical support.
  • Workshops: Attend virtual and in-person workshops covering best practices for eLC offered through the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Key Benefits of UGA eLC

Utilizing UGA eLC provides a number of benefits that enhance teaching and learning:

Centralized Learning Space

Everything students need to fully participate in their courses is available in one online location—no more emailed files and links!

Consistent Format

Courses follow universal site formats and navigation so students don’t have to re-learn a new system for each class.

Enhanced Communication

eLC facilitates regular communication between instructors and students as well as student-student interaction.


Students can access learning materials at any time from any location via the desktop site or mobile app.

Improved Outcomes

Research shows the use of LMS technology improves student satisfaction, engagement, and academic performance.

Efficient Course Administration

Automated grading, attendance, calendar, and other tools streamline administrative course processes.


In summary, UGA eLC is the online learning management system that serves as the hub for course content, communication, assessment, and student-teacher interaction. Powered by Brightspace, eLC provides instructors with robust tools to create engaging learning experiences while enabling students to fully participate in courses via an accessible, centralized platform. With strengths in flexibility, consistency, and efficient course administration, UGA eLC is a critical component of teaching and learning at the University of Georgia.

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