vShare.eu/pair: Full Pairing Process For Kodi Step by Step

Are you a Kodi user? Searching for a platform to watch an unlimited number of shows, movies, and entertainment series? If yes, you have come to the right place then.

vShare.eu is a Kodi addon that allows the user to watch unlimited content for free. Today I am going to share in detail about vShare.eu/pair error.

Everyone likes free stuff and so do you and me. Why spend your hard-earned money if you can get anything for free? Agree? Adding a Kodi addon to your system or Firestick is always a cakewalk but to add a vShare.eu/pair addon is pretty tricky because you might get pairing errors. So today I am going to share various ways to resolve those pairing errors in depth(step-by-step approach)

When you will get the vshare.eu/pair error?

Most of the users are facing the pair stream authorization error from the vshare.eu/pair. This occurs when the user trying to play any video on your Kodi. If you have been choosing the option of switching the server to the vshare.eu/pair, then you are lucky to read this article. Read till the end and know a number of ways to solve interruptions and errors.

Below are the steps depicting when you get the error message.

  1. Open Kodi on your streaming device.
  2. Here you will see a lot of Kodi addons.
  3. Search for vshare.eu and click on add-on.
  4. To start using the Add On, search for a movie to watch.
  5. As soon as you click “video to play”, You will see a message box pop up on your screen. THis is the error message. Now th main task is to resolve this error. Below are the ways.

Methods to resolve vhsare.eu/pair error

There are three methods to resolve this error:

  1. Stream Authorization Method
  2. By Using The URL Resolver
  3. Hosters With Captchas

Now we will discuss each one of them in detail.

Stream Authorization Method

Step 1: Try to Pair

Open Kodi and Then open the Covenant Addon. Choose any type of movie that you want to see from the available list. And then try to pair VShare.

Step 2: Authorization Error Occur

When you try to do that you should see a vshare.eu Stream Authorization error. This is the error we have been referring to here. Open a web browser of your choice.

Now in a web browser, type vshare.eu/pair and press enter.

Step 3: Authorize Yourself

As you hit Enter button, you will be navigated to a website.

There authorize yourself, and check the box saying “I am not a robot”. (captcha test)

The check box will have a green tick once you verify that you are not a bot.

Step 4: Actual Pairing

Now click on the option that says Activate streaming.
And you get a message like “Your Device Paired Successfully”.

Now go back to Kodi’s home screen and try to play the video.

URL Resolver Method

Step 1: Add Source

Go to Firestick settings and open Kodi -> Kodi settings. Move to the “File Manager” tab from the menu and press the “Add Source” option and select the “None”. After that, Enter https://fusion.tvaddons.co/ in the first box and Universal URL Resolver in the next text field.

Step 2: Install Script Module

After completing Step 1, go to the home screen -> settings ->Add-ons. Then click on Install from the zip file. Select the “URL Resolver” and open Kodi Scripts Folder.

Enter script.module.urlresolver-5.0.61.zip. Wait a while till you get notified.

Step 3: The actual process

Now go to firestick settings and open Kodi ->Kodi settings -> system settings ->expert mode. Proceed to addons section -> “Manage Dependencies”

From the list of addons, search for  “URL Resolver” and open it.

Select configure from addons. From the list of URL resolvers, search for vshare.eu and disable it.

This is all!

Disabling Hosters and Captchas

Step 1: Add addon

Open Addons and select Video addons from the list. Click one addon of your choice.

Step 2: Disable

Go to Settings-> “Playback Settings” -> click on “Hosters with Captchas” and disable it. And you are done! This might slow down your internet connection.

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